Tolerating the Intolerable

It is well past the time that America should stop tolerating the intolerable and refuse to be intimidated any longer by Islamic terrorist front groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) working furiously to distract attention away from the Islamic intolerance of America with the phony narrative of American intolerance of Islam.

The unconscionable Islamic terrorist attack perpetrated on the young fans of pop star Ariana Grande in Manchester highlights yet again the intolerance of Islam towards everyone in its fanatical pursuit of spreading the Islamic caliphate and establishing sharia law throughout the world. Not even innocent children are off limits when it comes to spreading its message of intolerance through intimidation and fear as representatives of ISIS rushed to take credit for the premeditated attack carried out with a device far more technically sophisticated than the abilities possessed by the Islamic terrorist by whom it was detonated.

The shock of such a brutal terrorist attack was immediately followed by calls from Islamic terrorist front group CAIR for increased tolerance of Muslims as part of their blatant attempts to shift the narrative from Islamic intolerance to intolerance of Islam. CAIR and its ilk seek to cast Islam as the victim each time intolerant Muslim terrorists victimize the public with their cowardly terrorist attacks.

America was founded upon religious tolerance by Pilgrims fleeing the religious intolerance of their native England, and tolerance of other religions and ideologies has been a hallmark of America woven into its very fabric from the beginning. Americans have tended to overlook attributes traditionally persecuted by the Old World countries of Europe stuck in their rigid class structures and recognized more productive attributes such as hard work, honesty, and thriftiness when sizing up strangers during a chance encounter. Americans tend to be tolerant of others in the expectation that others will be tolerant of them.

Tolerance has its limits and was never intended to be practiced against those who are unwilling to reflect that tolerance. Our laws readily recognize the right of Americans to defend themselves from assault by criminals who wish to do them harm. The law does not admonish Americans to be tolerant of criminals who are obviously unwilling to be tolerant of those who abide by the law, and it is treasonous for our leaders to urge us Americans to be tolerant of the Islamic ideology of hatred that seeks the unconstitutional destruction of our rights as free people. Even in Christianity, while Jesus urged Christians to go the extra mile and turn the other cheek, He never intended for Christians to meekly allow themselves to be victimized to the point of death, and He admonished Christians to judge evil and refrain from its practice. The Christian message of love does not give others a license to abuse Christians and is intended to demonstrate tolerance only up to a certain point.

Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion that spews hatred toward anyone not professing belief. When encountering a nonbeliever, Islam teaches that a Muslim must either convert or kill a non-Muslim, or, if killing is not an option, impose a jizya tax upon nonbelievers known as dhimmis. Islam makes no exceptions to these three options for anyone, ever, and any attempts to downplay this fact by declaring the existence of “moderate” Muslims is merely part of the Islamic practice of taqiyya whereby Muslims are encouraged to lie and deceive to perpetuate the spread of Islam.

Ever since America suffered the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11 back in 2001, there has existed an orchestrated effort to portray Americans as intolerant of Muslims despite the overwhelming lack of any evidence indicating American intolerance of Muslims. This campaign has been pushed by the Islamic terrorist front group CAIR with active and open support from the highest levels of American government to create the entirely false narrative that Muslims are being victimized by Americans when exactly the opposite has clearly been taking place. Each Muslim terrorist attack is met by calls from CAIR representatives to government leaders urging them not to allow Americans to attack and bully Muslims who only seek to live in peace. This false narrative seeks to convince Americans that there is widespread American intolerance of Muslims even as most Americans are wondering where all of this supposed bullying and intolerance is occurring.

The fact is that there is absolutely no campaign of American intolerance against Muslims living in this country, and the bewilderment of Americans is the natural result of their everyday experience not aligning with the narrative they are hearing from CAIR through the leftist media. The only intolerance being experienced by Americans is that coming from intolerant Muslims carrying out Islamic terrorist attacks against these tolerant Americans. This false narrative has been supported by our leaders through such deceptions as the existence of peaceful and moderate Muslims when a study of the Quran and Islam reveals no tolerance whatsoever towards nonbelievers euphemistically known by Muslims as infidels. Our leaders castigate us Americans as intolerant following Islamic terrorist attacks in a galling acceptance of a narrative we know to be untrue, and their continued adherence to this false narrative is beginning to turn Americans against Muslims in a way that would not occur were our leaders willing to be honest with us and not become stooges in service to these Muslims seeking our enslavement to their ideology.

Years of being accused of intolerance where there has been no intolerance is convincing Americans that tolerance is a losing proposition similar to the experience of years of being called racist has led Americans to cease paying much attention to such an overworked cliché. A man constantly told he is wrong soon stops worrying about being wrong because he realizes that his best efforts to be right are wasted and his bitterness soon morphs into an uncaring cynicism. Americans are becoming desensitized to being labeled as intolerant of Muslims and are resenting the presence of Muslims who are the cause of this resentment. Charges of intolerance by Americans against Muslims will become a self-fulfilling prophecy as Americans begin to lash out at a group constantly terrorizing them while accusing them of intolerance.

We Americans have endured the unwillingness of the Bush administration to recognize the evil of Islam and the naïve hope that it could be appeased with softened language meant to soothe its hatred. We’ve also endured the Obama administration’s overt advancement of the Islamic agenda along with assisting in Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons as it destabilized the Mideast into a cauldron of seething hatred aimed squarely at the West. President Trump has set out to repair the ineptitude of the Bush administration and the intentional evil of the Obama administration with the reassertion of American power in an attempt to stabilize the region and prosecute the fight against Islamic terrorists.

We Americans have bent over backwards to be tolerant of those who seek our destruction and enslavement, and we have pretty much reached our limit! We’re sick of watching our government make excuses for these intolerant terrorists while accusing us of being intolerant when they lash out at us through their murderous attacks. We’ve come to expect the fecklessness of Europeans with their history of appeasement and unwillingness to confront intimidation, but, by God, we expect a whole lot more out of our leaders and are sick of not seeing a strong confrontation with the evil of Islamic ideology.

It has long been past the time for the world to identify Islam as the ideology of hatred that it is and forcefully confront its evil instead of offering lame appeasements for its intolerant behavior rightly seen by Muslims as the weakness that it belies. An ideology of conquest such as Islam only respects strength and exploits weakness from its enemies whenever that weakness is displayed through attempts at appeasement. President Trump is a man of integrity seeking to display the strength and resilience of America which has served her well for over two centuries. In this, President Trump seeks to emulate President Reagan’s philosophy of peace through strength by refusing to cede any space to these Islamic terrorists and confronting them whenever and wherever he finds them.

Contrary to the false narrative promoted by the left, it is not incumbent upon Americans to be tolerant of those who refuse to demonstrate tolerance for us and our way of life. Just as Christians are admonished to judge evil and avoid it, so too are we Americans admonished to judge the intolerant and refuse to tolerate their continued existence as an unnecessary irritant to our country and way of life. Since Muslims have demonstrated an overwhelming intolerance for American values and Americans, so too should we refuse to tolerate their presence and refusal to condemn the despicable attacks perpetrated in the advancement of their intolerant ideology.

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