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The Big Lie

The Big Lie is that worldly concept perpetuated by those seeking short-term advantage by any means available, and we are constantly confronted with either choosing the truth or allowing ourselves to be seduced by the Big Lie and surrendering to … Continue reading

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Huckabee Calls Out the Establishment

Mike Huckabee issued a stern warning to the establishment GOP leadership that he fully intends to leave the Republican Party to become an independent if the GOP capitulates on the issue of gay marriage and continues to abandon social issues … Continue reading

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Stacked Deck

The progressive Democrats have stitched together a coalition of disparate voting blocs coalesced around the common theme of victimhood with a card for each to be played either to excuse their outrageous behavior, or to silence critics of their outrageous … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience

As the progressives have secularized our society through their control of the government, it is time for us conservatives to develop our own institutions and drop out of participating in the state-sanctioned institutions that assault our Christian values. 

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Saving Traditional Marriage

Hearing two cases this week concerning the legal status of traditional marriage between a man and a woman, SCOTUS asked for compelling reasons to protect this institution to the exclusion of homosexual unions. 

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The Thin Veneer of Civilization

Americans have glimpsed the erosion of the all-too-thin veneer of civilization in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy as victims scrambled to acquire the supplies needed for survival by reverting to the human instinct for preservation of oneself at … Continue reading

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