Peter Pan

Being liberal means never having to grow up and face reality as one exists in the carefully constructed fantasy world of Neverland where immaturity is allowed to reign supreme. 

Youth is a magical time when we see only the possibilities while conveniently ignoring reality. We marvel at reality and wonder why with no inkling of adult concepts such as ego, power, wealth, and evil. Our thoughts are centered on changing the world when we get the chance, and we plot these changes with understanding limited by our naiveté as children. Meandering along the path of childhood, we eventually grow up exposed to the harshness of worldly reality which tends to hasten our maturity through experience. The gullibility of inexperienced youth gradually gives way to the cynicism of worldliness.

Some react to this loss of innocence by becoming informed realists seeking preparation for the challenges of life while others retreat into the cocoon of youthful immaturity as insulation from a harsh existence. Conservative efforts are channeled into building institutions designed to deal effectively with the harsher aspects of life while liberals busy themselves with the destruction of these institutions they see as an unwelcome intrusion to their faux reality. Liberals prefer the contentment of a self-absorbed childhood spent glorifying in the selfishness of satisfying their every self-centered whim. Their narcissism stands in stark contrast to the conservative ideas of humility and self-sacrifice in support of the greater good.

To liberals steeped in the radical secular progressive mindset, the existence of God represents the ultimate reality that they will face atonement for their choices in life. God must be denied at all costs to preserve the validity of their worldview. This denial is so absolute as to border on the naïve and absurd belief that denial of God’s existence by all people will somehow render Him as having never existed. Liberals seek to expunge God from society through the power of the state using the Constitution’s Establishment clause to promote the fiction that the Founders intended there to be no mention of Him in the public square despite their frequent references to Him in the very documents which established our government. How absurd to assume a nation whose foundation was believed to be blessed by God should endeavor to deny the very existence of God in public.

Yet any cognitive dissonance is possible in a world of one’s imagination. There, one is free to do as one pleases without regard to consequences or irreconcilable differences arising from mutually exclusive possibilities. One can even deny the existence of one’s Creator if one so chooses. Pesky reality is banished beyond the boundaries of Neverland. God, in the form of Captain Hook, is battled by Peter Pan liberals who imagine they’ve cut off His hand by forcing Him from the public square.

All fantasies of remaking the world are based on the child’s narcissistic belief in his own omnipotence and require totalitarian control to force everyone into accepting the beneficence of the fantasy. Totalitarian dictators are at their core merely immature children appropriating state power to reinforce the existence of their elaborate fantasy worlds. Unfortunately, they also possess the means to destroy their opposition and bring ruin to the lives of their subjects.

The radical secular progressives controlling the federal government enact rules to reorder society with scant consideration of their effect on the lives of Americans. Green energy schemes are promoted even as they are shown to be ineffective and costly to consumers. Biofuel production is unsustainable without massive government subsidies despite regulations requiring their use as an additive in motor fuels. This insanity has driven up food costs as a portion of the corn crop is diverted to biofuel production despite liberal cries of world hunger from other quarters of the progressive crowd. The EPA continues to require the addition of cellulosic biofuel additives despite their unavailability due to the lack of production facilities. The courts have recognized the insanity of this policy by recently ruling against the EPA mandate.

President Obama continues to promote a fiscal policy of higher taxes and increasing regulation as the cure for our stagnant economy despite overwhelming historical evidence demonstrating the destructiveness of these policies to economic expansion. These policies are demonstrably bad even in the best of economic times, yet they are pursued with a naïve belief in their efficacy.

America’s foreign policy lies in ruins as world leaders recognize the unwillingness of the Obama Administration to support her traditional allies or confront her increasingly belligerent adversaries. They’ve watched us abandon the War on Terror to the point where the administration no longer even recognizes terrorist acts as being the work of terrorists. The traditionally Democrat posture of isolationism has been adopted to elevate the importance of domestic affairs over foreign policy. Like all previous isolationist policy shifts, Americans can expect this shift to result in renewed aggression by our detractors as the precursor to another war. Democrats never seem to learn that a strong defense is the best deterrent to war and that the peace dividend is peace itself.

In the world of Neverland, the progressive elites remain blissfully unaware of the effects their policies have on us ordinary Americans as their immense wealth insulates them from the reality we can’t afford to ignore. They continue to impose their secular progressive fantasies and decry their failures as the meddling of Captain Hook’s crew of conservatives who are intent on destroying Neverland and forcing them to grow up. This is most assuredly a pleasant fantasy and farcical reality.

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