We’re Screwed!

With the reelection of Barack Obama and his radical progressive liberal agenda, America has ceased to be a nation dedicated to the traditional values of hard work to achieve success and instead became a nation of envious freeloaders. 

Back in the Old Testament, when the Israelites continued to disobey God, He would turn away from His chosen people and allow them to suffer the folly of their disobedience. After enduring much suffering, the Israelites would turn to God begging His forgiveness and swearing to remain obedient if He would only save them from themselves.

America was founded as a God-fearing nation with no class system to keep a person trapped in the station of their birth. Americans were free to choose their own path and hard work was the only requirement for one to rise in life. Of course, a little luck has always helped in this endeavor. But the point is that Americans born of humble beginnings could and often did rise to the greatest heights, or at least ended up better than they started out. This was not true in the Old World from which the Pilgrims fled. If you were born a peasant, then you died a peasant and there was nothing you could do to change that fact outside of possibly joining the military.

Conservatives have suffered under President Obama’s vast expansion of the entitlement class watching as his reckless deficit spending has bankrupted our country to enrich his political and business cronies while promising ever more to those who ask only what their country can do for them. We were certain that Americans would be shocked at the greed displayed by their fellow citizens who only ask for more without ever offering to do more. We were wrong.

What can we expect now? Well, the lying will only get worse as cover-ups like Fast & Furious and Benghazi will go unpunished. The deficit spending will get worse as the economy continues to shrink while the takers demand more. It remains to be seen just how far lenders will be willing to continue this charade until they realize there is no hope of ever recouping their money.

America’s military will continue to decline as the progressives neglect to replace equipment worn out by ten years of war and refuse to invest in the technological advantage which has kept America superior in the battlespace. They will argue that this money is needed at home and no one is really threatening us anyway. History demonstrates that this is precisely the attitude in place prior to the surprise attacks we’ve suffered and which have thrown us into major wars for which we were unprepared at the time.

Our allies will continue to distance themselves from us as they can no longer count on America to have their backs in times of crisis. The Israelis are completely on their own in the Middle East, and the wolves circling their door know this. Iran will acquire nuclear weapons while Obama will say that there was really nothing he could do to prevent it. We will get less and less cooperation when we truly need it, and our overspending will compound these limitations with less policy flexibility.

We can expect to pay higher energy prices as the war on fossil fuels will escalate in the misguided belief that renewable sources are ready for prime time. The coal producing sectors went overwhelmingly for Romney last night as they are seeing the effects of Obama’s energy policy in higher unemployment. The EPA will regulate shale gas fracking technology out of existence to shut down this fossil fuel threat to a renewable Utopia.

Most sad of all is the realization that there is probably nothing that Obama can do in a second term that will dim the adulation his followers have for him. Romney repeated the classic Republican mistake of assuming Americans could see the destructiveness of Obama’s progressive policies and ignored opportunities to spell out exactly what was in store for the country down the road. This assumption rests on Americans having the ability to exercise long term thinking when most Americans can’t see past the weekend. Their inability to think long term into the future also means they can’t remember long term meaning Obama will not be seen as the cause of our decline. It won’t do any good for conservatives to say “I told you so,” because we’ll all be going down the tubes together.

The radical progressive gains of Obama’s first term in which Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid saddled us with the unimaginably complicated Affordable Care Act will now be cemented for eternity. Class warfare will continue to rage but from a distance as the wealthy take their leave. College graduates will continue to be dumped into a shrinking job market with no prospects and huge student loans hanging over their heads. Inflation will consume the mighty dollar and we will be shocked by inflation rates worse than when Jimmy Carter was president. In short, we’re totally screwed!

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