2018 Outlook

2018 promises to be an outstanding year for conservatives as President Trump’s agenda kicks in to Make America Great Again, but snowflakes are in for a dismal year as their pathetic attempts to smear President Trump unravel and come back to haunt the lefties in the Deep State who orchestrated them. Continue reading

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Peace and Goodwill

As we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace this Christmas season, let us reflect for a moment on the price He paid to secure peace for our souls and remember that peace always comes at a cost which some are never willing to pay. Continue reading

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Reality Sets In

With his win on tax reform, the reality that President Trump is accomplishing his agenda is beginning to set in with Democrats despite their petty obstructionist tactics. Continue reading

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Enemy of the Deep State

As evidence is slowly pried from the grasp of Deep State players in the FBI and Justice Department, it is increasingly obvious that President Trump is an enemy of the Deep State which attempted to interfere in the election on behalf of Hillary Clinton, then manufacture a fake crime against President Trump to obstruct his administration in a legal quagmire of endless investigations. Continue reading

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Fake News Frenzy

In their zeal to reveal the nonexistent ‘smoking gun’ proving once and for all that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, the biased and corrupt media continue rushing to breathlessly break stories containing false information without checking sources or even having seen the documents purported to be the source of the false information behind these stories. Continue reading

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From Humble Beginnings

The world has savagely attacked Christmas in an attempt to delegitimize Christ by shifting attention away from celebration of His birth to the worldly pursuit of selfish avarice marked by the annual spectacle of shoppers brawling over Black Friday deals for trinkets of temporary value as we’re led to ignore the most precious gift we could ever hope to be given. Continue reading

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Mideast Holy War

The recent movements by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate his political power by rounding up potential rivals in an anti-corruption sweep are indicative of preparations for a war to stop the growing Shiite encirclement of Sunni Saudi Arabia by Iran. Continue reading

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