Domestic Political Spying

The recent revelation that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice ordered the unmasking of Americans’ names from intelligence reports and then ordered subordinates to produce detailed spreadsheets of Trump Team communications is a stunning blow to the constitutional rule of law in America.

Needless to say, this is not Susan Rice’s first political cover up. Her appearance on five political talk shows to advance the discredited Benghazi cover story that the attacks were the result of some obscure anti-Muslim video to distract from the fact that the State Department under Hillary Clinton repeatedly ignored warnings of lax security from Ambassador Chris Stevens which resulted in his and others’ deaths is seared into the public’s memory along with Hillary’s perturbed outburst “What difference, at this point, does it make?” in response to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson during the Senate investigation afterwards.

Susan Rice already had a bad credibility problem, and the revelation that she was behind the unmasking of Trump political operatives in intelligence reports means she has zero credibility in the reasonable doubt column. Rice was a thoroughly partisan operative in the Obama administration willing to humiliate herself repeatedly in service to the regressive agenda. Obama’s move to expand the flow of intelligence to myriad agencies beyond the intelligence community was made to provide cover for Rice’s actions of disseminating these intelligence reports among as many agencies as possible to promote the possibility of them being leaked.

Former President Richard Nixon was forced to resign over allegations that he had abused the office of the presidency to retaliate against his political enemies through the IRS and protect his presidency in the Watergate cover up. Nixon held a profound distrust for the media and the left which had worked against him for years for his part in exposing former State Department official Alger Hiss as a communist spy in the Roosevelt administration. As a member of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), Nixon broke the Hiss spy case with his belief in Whittaker Chambers’ allegations against Hiss and his urging the committee to press on with its investigation.

For his part in exposing Alger Hiss as a communist and detailing the infiltration of communist spies in the highest levels of government, Nixon earned the profound hatred and enmity of the left, and leftists were ecstatic when Nixon was later forced to resign as president. A young Hillary Clinton worked briefly as a staff attorney to the impeachment inquiry, but Jerry Zeifman, chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee, refused to hire her for the permanent committee staff after the impeachment inquiry ended. Zeifman held a very low opinion of Hillary noting that “She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” During this time, Hillary also managed to fail the D.C. bar exam.

We have gone from the appearance of impropriety in the case of President Nixon to actual impropriety in the Obama administration. Yes, crimes were committed by members of the Nixon administration, but Nixon resigned because the mere appearance of wrongdoing was enough to cause his political support in Congress to evaporate. The Obama administration learned well from the Nixon administration in constructing a durable stonewall of denials, flimsy explanations, and humiliating admissions of ineptitude to obfuscate the truth and frustrate investigators by withholding key evidence.

The rule of law only works when citizens believe it is equally applied to everyone, and, in their belief, they generally buy into the proposition that adherence to this system of rules is beneficial to society as a whole and themselves in particular. When citizens see egregious examples of lawbreaking going unpunished due to flimsy excuses which would not be tolerated coming from ordinary citizens, the rule of law gradually loses its ability to reinforce voluntary constraint of behavior as citizens start to ignore inconvenient laws to maximize their benefit over others.

Should Susan Rice be allowed to go unpunished after so egregious a violation of law, especially after Hillary Clinton was allowed to go unpunished after her egregious violations of laws concerning the misappropriation of classified information, America will cease to be a constitutional republic governed by laws and will become just another third-world banana republic with a gradually declining standard of living. It is unthinkable that Rice would not be prosecuted by an attorney general such as Jeff Sessions dedicated as he is to law and order.

Aiding and abetting Rice are the mediacrats whose outlets either refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming mountain of evidence pointing to Rice’s guilt or cynically attempt to legitimize her dishonesty and criminal behavior. CNN anchor Don Lemon stated on the air that the network would not be covering what they considered to be fake news designed to distract from the Russian election hacking scandal. CBS anchor Scott Pelley launched an effort to excuse Rice’s criminal behavior as just a normal part of her job as National Security Advisor in the Obama administration while ignoring reports that Rice directed her staff to compile spreadsheets of conversations between members of Trump’s team. No, what Rice did absolutely was not just a part of her job. She committed a criminal act by spying on political opponents, and she did so in service to former President Obama.

The $64 question now becomes whether Obama sifted through these intelligence reports or summations of them directly, and whether he or members of his administration provided information to the Clinton campaign. It is painfully obvious that the mediacrats will not only be of no help investigating these crimes, but that they will continue running interference for Rice and the Obama administration to obfuscate the truth. This should come as no surprise given the fact that Rice is married to ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron. ABC continues to pointedly ignore the entire Susan Rice unmasking scandal along with a number of other mediacrat outlets.

In its quest to advance the regressive agenda, the left has always been comfortable employing the secular humanist ends-justifies-the-means creed. The Obama administration allowed them the opportunity to reach too far too fast with its concentration of leftist power, and caused Americans to recoil in horror. As their desperation grows seeing President Trump unravel everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve, their partisanship surges to the surface with no tactic beyond the pale. The bitter partisan divide in America stems from their inability to realize the regressive agenda is the antithesis of the Founders’ intentions in drafting the Constitution and must lead to a police state to realize its implementation. To them, truth is whatever they define it to be, and their amorphous truth is defined by the circumstances at hand. In reality, there is only one truth, but their religious focus on the regressive agenda blinds them to this reality.

Susan Rice and every other member of the Obama administration still embedded in the deep state busy opposing President Trump are aware that they will never gain the acceptance of conservatives but will always be seen as heroes to the partisans of the left. Secular humanism’s ends-justifies-the-means philosophy is much like the Islamic tradition of taqiyya whereby lying and deception by Muslims are permissible to advance the cause of Islam. It is of no concern to the left if their tactics happen to cause a constitutional crisis, seriously undermine the rule of law, or bring America to the brink of destruction. This would merely provide them with the opportunity to remake America in their image. Rice and her ilk shrug off conservative shame to bask in the accolades of the left.

It should by now be painfully obvious to any American occupying the political middle that the Obama administration will go down as the most corrupt administration in history given its myriad web of scandals and stonewalling to stymie multiple investigations. The mediacrats have exposed themselves as partisan supporters of the left bent on thought control and in no way interested in being the objective reporters of the news which they portray themselves to be. The crimes committed by Susan Rice and others in the Obama administration are astounding in their audacity, and it is inconceivable why she is not under arrest or at least the subject of a federal investigation. The smoking gun of documentation points the accusing finger squarely at Rice and reveals that the Obama administration spied upon its political opponents in violation of the Constitution. These are the very definition of high crimes and misdemeanors referred to in the Constitution.

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