Let This Be a Warning

President Trump, if you disappoint us conservatives who elected you by shutting out conservative advisors like Steve Bannon in favor of squishy liberals like your son-in-law Jared Kushner to advance an establishment agenda, I can promise you that you will be a one-term president.

We conservatives have been hammered for the last sixteen years by establishment and ultra-regressive presidents while the establishment GOP leadership has morphed from attempting to co-opt our support to openly warring against us as we’ve labored to have our voices heard in protest to their globalist agenda sacrificing America’s national sovereignty. Our manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to other countries while millions of illegal immigrants have been imported to fill those jobs unable to be outsourced. Having been squeezed from both directions, the middle class finally found a champion in your populist message that spoke to our pain and frustration, and we elevated you to the presidency to roll back the damage that has been done.

Make no mistake. You are president because you have a knack for understanding trends the mediacrats refused to acknowledge, and you had the good sense to listen to conservative strategists like Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. Jared Kushner may be your son-in-law, but he is a dangerous neocon undermining your support among us conservatives who elected you based on the agenda you promised to enact. Much like Vito Corleone warned in the Godfather when advising Tom Hayden to give his daughter Connie’s husband a comfortable living but not to involve him directly in the family business, so you too should refrain from involving Jared Kushner too deeply in the family business. Kushner is a closet liberal who has introduced a number of liberal advisors into your administration who will work to undermine the agenda you campaigned on and which we conservatives expect you to fulfill.

When it became obvious to us TEA Party conservatives that the establishment GOP leadership had no interest in us beyond our ability to stuff envelopes and vote, we began to fight back. They went to war with the base of their party, and the base retaliated by defeating their handpicked candidates in the primaries. Your nomination as the GOP candidate for president was the culmination of our efforts to defeat the establishment GOP leadership which had sold its soul to the liberals and acted in collusion with the left to advance the globalist agenda.

You are a pragmatic businessman used to dealing with the person in charge, and you sided with House Speaker Paul Ryan on your first legislative outing because he seemed to be the guy in charge. Ryan pushed an incredibly unpopular bill written by the insurance companies which did not repeal Obamacare as promised, but you figured you would have enough chances to negotiate something much closer to actual repeal during the process. Ryan disappointed you because he was in over his head and failed to win backing for his bill proving that he wasn’t the leader he claimed to be. Now you’re negotiating with the House Freedom Caucus which is proving to be the real power in the House.

As a pragmatic businessman, you are surely aware that one does not screw over the people who brought you into a deal and who hold the power to screw you over if you do. You, of all people, should understand our frustration at having to fight against the mediacrats and the establishment GOP simultaneously as you had to do the same thing in your quest for the presidency. The liberals are not your friends and seek only to co-opt you much like the establishment GOP leadership sought to co-opt us TEA Party conservatives.

You have flirted with liberalism on social issues in the past, but you have pretty much always been a fiscal conservative due to your experience as a businessman. Social issues and fiscal issues are two sides of the same coin, and one can’t be liberal on social issues while pretending to be conservative on fiscal issues because their social liberalism negates their fiscal conservatism. Expansive government addressing social issues it has no constitutional basis funding causes massive distortion of its fiscal order due to escalating deficits to fund these entitlement programs. As a businessman, you are aware of the need to properly manage limited fiscal resources to ensure completion of a project. There is never enough money to fund every option one wishes, and one should never let perfect be the enemy of good enough when it comes to project management. You set a budget based on the funding available and live within that budget to avoid cost overruns that threaten the viability of the project.

Social issues and entitlement programs also undermine the institutions that underpin our society as citizens perceive that hard work is no longer necessary for survival, and their fidelity to institutions such as churches, schools, and civic organizations that strengthen the social fabric falls out of favor. Groups such as Black Lives Matter seek to create no-go zones where the police will avoid for fear of social retribution so they can engage in criminal activity without fear of prosecution much like Muslims have done in Europe with no-go sharia law zones. Driving police from an area is a definite undermining of the rule of law leading to social instability and chaos that threatens the viability of America as a going concern.

If you still harbor any illusions of being liberal on social issues, then you need to have a serious conversation with Steve Bannon and other prominent conservatives so they can explain the destructive effect of social liberalism on America. Saul Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals as a guidebook for community organizing that teaches its adherents to effect change on the system by using the system’s own rules against it to overwhelm it and sow chaos. Hillary Clinton was an Alinsky disciple who wrote her thesis on his work, and Barack Obama began as a community organizer following the Alinsky model in Chicago. Liberalism’s goal is to attack America through its institutions using Alinsky’s tactics to undermine those institutions while spouting nebulous concepts such as social justice with malleable definitions that change to suit the whims of the left.

It is tempting to buy into the utopian concepts of the left, but men of real world experience such as yourself know better than to believe in the fantasies of children still innocently naïve of the harsh reality of the world around them. Just as you would not reveal all of your cards to a business opponent in the hopes that he would reward your honesty by treating you fairly in a prospective business venture, so too should you exercise prudence in dealing with other aspects of the real world.

I can’t stress enough that Jared Kushner does not have your best interests at heart as he pursues his own agenda of liberalism cloaked in the mantle of the GOP. Kushner is your son-in-law, not your blood relative. Always remember that it was Steve Bannon who helped you tap into the angst of the middle class to get you elected, and it is Bannon who continues to have the pulse of us conservatives. We realize you are facing powerful headwinds in the form of Obama acolytes infiltrated deep within the bureaucracy of government, but you should not complicate your situation by allowing into your administration traitorous neocons who worked against your election and publicly declared their disloyalty to you prior to the election. Their presence in your administration is entirely your fault for allowing your subordinates to bring them into their organizations.

We conservatives backed you based on your willingness to take on the entrenched establishment GOP and the mediacrats with whom they conspire at our expense. You made certain promises we fully intend to hold you to keeping. We have been trifled with by the regressives, the mediacrats, and the establishment GOP leadership, and we are in no mood to be trifled with any longer. I cannot stress this point enough! You trifle with us conservatives at your own political peril!

You need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with your cabinet members to let them know in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate their attempts to bring in liberals and neocons who are disloyal to you and your agenda of rolling back the regressive agenda of the Obama administration to Make America Great Again! They should be following an example you set by not allowing liberals into your inner circle to undermine your agenda. You also need to begin seriously purging Obama administration holdovers and acolytes from the government bureaucracy so they can no longer work against you by leaking details of your business to the mediacrats looking to drive wedges in your administration.

President Trump, we have supported you because you have proven yourself a fighter against the entrenched interests that oppose American national sovereignty in favor of globalism at our expense, but if you double cross us by listening to the whispers of closet liberals surrounding you, I can promise you that we will exact our revenge upon your administration at the next election. Remember that it was Steve Bannon’s strategy that got you elected, and it is Bannon who continues to get us.

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