Dreamer Dilemma

President Trump has proposed a path to citizenship for some 1.8 million illegal immigrants brought here by the Obama administration as part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to the consternation of conservatives, but in exchange for fundamental transformation of the immigration system from a family-based admissions system to a merit-based admissions system.

The Obama administration created the DACA program and encouraged the migration of illegal immigrant children into the country as part of a cleverly designed trap to legitimize illegal immigration into America. The thinking was that importing these illegal immigrants as children would create a situation that a successive administration would be forced to resolve. If a Democrat followed Obama into the White House, they would be able to trot out emotional appeals concerning the forced repatriation of these illegal immigrants from the only home they had ever known as a tactic to legitimizing them with an amnesty. In the event of a Republican administration, Democrats could use these same emotional appeals to force an amnesty. It was a neat little trap designed to work with whichever party followed the Obama administration.

The one thing the Obama administration didn’t count on was the election of Donald Trump as president. The Democrats trotted out their emotional appeal tactics as a prelude to forcing an unnecessary government shutdown while President Trump held his ground and refused to be bullied by the bankrupt left, just as he’s been doing since he announced his candidacy back in June of 2015. President Trump then successfully branded the government closure as the Schumer Shutdown and Democrats received full blame for the closure, even from their own liberally biased media outlets. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer caved after three days and much negative press about his receiving nothing in return for his petulant obstinacy in forcing the shutdown. His pathetic attempts to shift blame onto President Trump with fake news stories of rescinding an offer to fund the border wall have fallen on deaf ears as Americans realize exactly how weak and desperate Schumer is as he flails about struggling to regain relevancy.

Reform of the immigration system has always been one of the cornerstones of President Trump’s agenda to transform America by rolling back the destructive agenda of the Obama administration. President Trump emphasized the theme of immigration reform during his announcement speech back in 2015 and campaigned on it to great support from blue-collar Americans tired of unlimited illegal immigration opening the borders to illegals taking their jobs and depressing their wages while receiving government benefits and the sense of illegal immigrants being more entitled to government services than American citizens.

President Trump’s immigration reform has always centered on transforming America’s immigration system from one based on family connections to one based on meritocracy. Instead of allowing immigration based on having family already in the country as the present system does, President Trump wants immigration based on the merits of those wishing to enter America. It’s not enough to merely have family in America. Immigrants should be willing to bring something to the table such as education, skills, or business acumen, and they should demonstrate wholeheartedly their willingness to assimilate into our system with a desire to become Americans.

Democrats resist with every fiber of their beings attempts to transform immigration from family-based to merit-based precisely because they created the present immigration morass to import voters sympathetic to the Democrat Party as a way to dilute the votes of Americans unwilling to support their radical agenda of destruction. They reason that if Americans refuse to elect regressive Democrats, then they’ll just import enough voters who will to negate the voices of the Americans already here. The DACA scheme of the Obama administration was merely one approach used to throw open the borders and get as many illegal immigrants into the country as possible. Paired with the importation of millions of refugees from Islamic countries such as Somalia, intentionally lax border enforcement that looked the other way while millions poured across, and sympathetic encouragement such as sanctuary cities and advising illegals to request political asylum, there are now millions of illegal immigrants residing in America awaiting opportunities for Democrats to take up their unique causes and provide them with amnesty.

Sometimes you find yourself between a rock and a hard place where you’re forced to choose the lesser of two evils. Neither choice is palatable to your principles, but a choice has to be made, so you strive to make the best deal possible extracting as much as you can in exchange for your choice. President Trump is confronting the DACA trap laid by the Obama administration, but he has deviated from their intended script by demanding wholesale transformation of the immigration system as the price for proposing a pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers. Keep in mind that this pathway is gradually phased in over 10 to 20 years allowing the government to determine which of these Dreamers is deserving of citizenship based on the merits of their accomplishments while living here illegally. Those who have become productive citizens either through education or owning a business will be offered citizenship as they have demonstrated merit in line with the immigration system which President Trump has proposed. Those who are criminals or living off government benefits or otherwise refusing to assimilate will be denied citizenship and repatriated as they fail to demonstrate the necessary meritocracy to remain in America.

President Trump has often echoed the sentiment that those wishing to become American citizens should bring some skill to the table and genuinely desire to assimilate into our system to become Americans. Those wishing to become Americans should not cling to their old traditions, continue speaking their language, or demand that Americans change our ways to accommodate their cultural sensitivities. It is these immigrants who must change their ways to accommodate our cultural sensitivities and our laws. After all, it is they who desire to come here, not us who desire to go there. Those residing in the parts of America Democrats derisively refer to as “flyover country” innately understand this while scratching their heads in wonder that coastal liberals can’t seem to grasp this fundamental point. It is chasms such as this which separate Trump supporters from coastal snowflakes and explain why snowflakes can’t grasp reality.

At this point, these DACA children have lived several years in America and become accustomed to our standard of living. While we may contemplate total repatriation in the abstract, that forcible return of millions used to better to the crappy places from which the escaped and in which they probably wouldn’t last long, but reality dictates that the emotional turmoil of this upheaval would play out disastrously on the evening news biased as it is towards Democrats. Ripping out teenagers from small-town America and returning them to the jungles of Central America is not a recipe for conservative success no matter how much the law is on your side. There are some things which just aren’t done regardless of how justified one might be under the circumstances. The Obama administration was keenly aware of this, which is why their trap of importing illegal immigrants as children works so well.

Realizing that total repatriation is a non-starter, President Trump has proposed that we phase in citizenship over a period of ten to twenty years. This will allow time to properly assess these illegal immigrants to determine if they have demonstrated a willingness to assimilate and are on a path to productivity. Those who do will be granted citizenship just as President Trump’s proposed merit-based immigration system transformation is intended to work, while those demonstrating otherwise will be repatriated.

The price demanded by President Trump for signing off on this proposed solution to the Dreamer dilemma is the fundamental transformation of the immigration system from family-based to merit-based as part of a comprehensive immigration reform package. This transformation includes an end to chain migration whereby one immigrant sponsors multiple family members for citizenship regardless of their merit, who then go on to sponsor even more family members regardless of their merit. Additionally, this includes an end to the visa lottery system whereby immigrants are granted citizenship based on the luck of the draw with no regard to merit. And finally, funds would be allocated to build the border wall President Trump promised and which symbolizes America’s seriousness about ending illegal immigration and protecting its borders.

Democrats under Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who not so long ago railed against illegal immigration but now rush to defend it in fits of hypocrisy, are showing their true colors on this issue by again refusing anything President Trump supports just to deny Trump any success and vowing to resist this proposal to the bitter end. If President Trump came out in support of giving Democrats extra votes so they could outvote Republicans in Congress, Democrats would come out against it just because President Trump supported such a scheme. Democrats are showing they care nothing for Americans, nothing for Dreamers, and nothing about the country, but that they care only about scoring political points and making President Trump look bad regardless of the cost to the country. The Dreamers are nothing but political pawns as far as Democrats are concerned, and the only politician offering a solution to their dilemma is President Trump.

Comprehensive immigration reform which transforms the system from family-based to merit-based will favor productive immigrants who bring something to the table and sincerely desire to assimilate and become Americans. These immigrants will tend to be more conservative which bodes well for a conservative political party. Democrats are aware of this and will continue resisting this transformation, but President Trump has shifted the argument and Democrats now have no choice but to get on board or continue exposing their hypocrisy to Americans preparing to vote this November.

The Dreamer dilemma has morphed from being a source of consternation for President Trump to being one for Democrats as President Trump’s blunt advocacy continues to resonate with blue-collar Americans enamored with his refreshing approach and tough language. President Trump continues to Make America Great Again despite attempts by the Democrats, their media acolytes, and their Deep State minions working feverishly against him to obstruct his agenda. Americans are benefiting from President Trump’s tax reform with more money in their pockets while Democrats in high-tax states twist in the wind hatching schemes to defraud the government of tax revenue while seeking to preserve their political futures. Americans are realizing from the success of the Trump tax reform that they will also benefit from the Trump immigration reform. It is exactly this type of success conservatives have long known was possible if only someone would rise to the challenge of confronting the bankrupt, paper-tiger Democrats. President Trump continues rising to this challenge to the consternation of the Democrats and the cheers of his supporters.

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