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Biting The Hand That Feeds Them

The anarchists who’ve descended upon Hamburg, Germany to protest the free enterprise system they derisively label as “capitalism” give nary a thought to the fact that the hotels in which they stay, the clothes they wear to their protest marches, … Continue reading

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The Iranian Bomb

Despite numerous dire warnings and as entirely expected, the fanatical Iranian regime probably already has a functioning nuclear weapon it is prepared to test at such a time that is most convenient for its propaganda purposes, and we’re doomed to … Continue reading

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The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sowed discord in the Ukraine destabilizing the political situation with his hand-picked acolyte Viktor Yanukovych installed as president, and has seized the opportunity to invade the Crimean Peninsula with designs to reabsorb it into the … Continue reading

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Protesting Totalitarianism

The left is fond of pushing the false narrative that some peoples in the world prefer authoritarian government over freedom and democracy, yet anytime and anywhere people living under totalitarian rule get the chance to throw off these oppressive systems, … Continue reading

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Leave the UN

The United Nations has morphed from a mechanism where countries could meet to resolve differences and prevent war to a bureaucracy determined to establish itself as a world government and it is time for the United States to leave this … Continue reading

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