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Leftist Anarchy

The recent attack by a disgruntled radical leftist on Republican congressmen practicing for the annual congressional baseball game highlights the insanity of the left and the attitude of leftists to resort to violence when their radical agenda is rejected by … Continue reading

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, the mainstream media corruptly echoes Democrat talking points with such dedication and focus that they’ve completely missed the fact that is so glaringly obvious to Americans that President Trump is using … Continue reading

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Resistance is Futile

The pathetic antics of the lefty snowflakes dressed up as a resistance movement to lend an air of credibility are doomed to failure as President Trump’s agenda increasingly takes hold and Americans experience the renaissance it unleashes to Make America … Continue reading

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Slaying the Bureaucratic Hydra

President Donald Trump is moving swiftly to keep his campaign promise of regulatory relief for American business despite the efforts of the entrenched bureaucracy, and his latest Executive Order to place regulatory reform task forces inside every federal agency is … Continue reading

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Promise Keeper

By keeping his promise to the American people to radically roll back President Obama’s radical progressive agenda beginning on his first day in office, President Trump has stunned the Washington establishment with his whirlwind pace of Executive Orders, state visits, … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves A Winner

The Never Trumpers, establishment Republicans, and spineless GOP politicians who either swore Donald Trump was an embarrassment to the party who couldn’t win, that they would never accept him even if he did win, or distanced themselves at the least … Continue reading

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