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Religion and Politics

In Matthew 22:21, Jesus answered the Pharisees by exhorting them to “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” to delineate a separation of the secular world of government from the … Continue reading

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Aggressive Diplomacy

For decades, the hardline aggressive diplomacy marking America’s stance in the Cold War has been steadily eroded until it has become nothing more than a flaccid exercise in apology in the childish hope that other nations would suddenly come to … Continue reading

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Mediocrity of the Establishment

The political establishment is both terrified of President Trump and helpless in the onslaught of his attacks precisely because he is an individual exhibiting charisma, force of personality, and determination – all traits which are anathema to the mediocrity championed … Continue reading

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Primary Trends

The liberal media has purposely ignored the seismic chasm in the Democrat Party reflected in the primary results in their quixotic quest to derail the increasing momentum behind Donald Trump.

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China, Inc.

The current perceived economic threat posed by China, Inc. parallels that of another Asian economic powerhouse from the 1980s known as Japan, Inc.

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By withdrawing American leadership around the globe, President Obama has purposely undermined geopolitical stability and created multiple global flashpoints threatening to erupt into war.

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The Party of Big Government

Republicans and Democrats have morphed into the Big Government Party (BGP) while we helplessly watch America being flushed down the toilet as they battle over how fast to increase the size of government. 

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