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Resistance is Futile

The pathetic antics of the lefty snowflakes dressed up as a resistance movement to lend an air of credibility are doomed to failure as President Trump’s agenda increasingly takes hold and Americans experience the renaissance it unleashes to Make America … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the US

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, the intolerant left has gone into full obstructionist mode in a futile effort to prevent President Trump from carrying out the will of the American people by rolling back President Obama’s radical regressive agenda … Continue reading

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President Trump

Yesterday, America witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next while millions cheered for a man who has finally heard their pleas and given them a voice as private citizen Donald John Trump took the oath … Continue reading

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Get Trump!

A die hard portion of the Republican establishment has joined forces with the progressive Democrats and their media acolytes to launch a full scale offensive on Donald Trump to destroy his candidacy in support of their anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, … Continue reading

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