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Slaying the Bureaucratic Hydra

President Donald Trump is moving swiftly to keep his campaign promise of regulatory relief for American business despite the efforts of the entrenched bureaucracy, and his latest Executive Order to place regulatory reform task forces inside every federal agency is … Continue reading

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Political Fatigue

Americans inundated for months by a bombastic candidate who must be taken seriously if not literally and a sleazy candidate whose penchant for graft and corruption comes more clearly into focus as her leaked emails are released are suffering from … Continue reading

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Church Incorporation

Fearing the implications of government mandates, Churches across Virginia are being conned into incorporating in the hopes of avoiding state control only to lose sight of the fact that they are replacing Jesus as the Head of the Church with … Continue reading

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Media Diversion

Of the plethora of scandals in which the Obama administration is embroiled, the media is focused mainly on the NSA surveillance and the hunt for Edward Snowden who leaked classified information in revealing what is essentially a non-event. 

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Even More Scandal Revelations

As if the Benghazi cover up heating up from whistleblower testimony this week and the IRS scandal involving the deliberate targeting of TEA Party and other conservative groups accidently revealed Friday were not enough, today we learn that the Justice … Continue reading

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