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Single Point of Failure

There exist single points of failure in our lives which have the potential to seriously strand us as individuals leaving us at the mercy of the world, and it is incumbent upon us to recognize these and prepare as best … Continue reading

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The Thin Veneer of Civilization

Americans have glimpsed the erosion of the all-too-thin veneer of civilization in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy as victims scrambled to acquire the supplies needed for survival by reverting to the human instinct for preservation of oneself at … Continue reading

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The Law Is Your Only Friend

As government grows ever larger, there is the belief that one can avoid its more pernicious effects if only one has a friend in the bureaucracy who can cut through the red tape when it really counts. 

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Saved by the Hurricane

With the Hurricane Katrina money all spent and the exhaustion of one-time tricks to balance the budget, it was starting to look like Louisiana pols would have to get serious about addressing the state’s shaky fiscal underpinnings, but then Hurricane … Continue reading

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