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Hate Crimes Censorship

Hate crimes laws are nothing more than censorship applied to Americans to stymie debate on controversial agenda items of the left such as Islamic terrorism and open borders. Advertisements

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The Hate Crimes Hoax

Given that hate is an emotion, the creation of hate crimes is an unconstitutional attempt to legislate thoughts by the left through a cleverly designed hoax which sets up conservatives to face legal retribution for daring to challenge their regressive … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience

As the progressives have secularized our society through their control of the government, it is time for us conservatives to develop our own institutions and drop out of participating in the state-sanctioned institutions that assault our Christian values. 

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Freedom in America

The freedoms on which America was founded began to be seriously eroded in the last century, and this erosion has accelerated at an even more alarming pace over the last few years. 

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