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Rise of the Populists

With the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, and the shock of two outsiders headed into the final round of the French presidential election, only those who persist in keeping their heads buried in the sand … Continue reading

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Like It Never Happened

Progressives have busied themselves demanding the removal of Confederate flags and war memorials which serves the dual purposes of facilitating their historical revisionism and distracting voters from their destructive racial political agenda.

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Venezuela Implodes

Despite its vast natural resources and abundant wealth potential, Venezuela is imploding from the authoritarian socialism imposed upon it by corrupt former President Hugo Chavez and continued by his successor former Vice President Nicolas Maduro who seized power after Chavez’s … Continue reading

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American Nationalism

Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination riding a wave of American nationalism that has developed as a backlash to the progressive policy of globalism built upon bad trade deals, open borders, and the intentional destruction of American exceptionalism that … Continue reading

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Clash of Civilizations

With the recent Muslim attacks in Paris, Europeans have suddenly been shocked into the realization that their political leaders have sold them down the river with their unwavering support of unlimited immigration and open borders all while assuring that Europeans … Continue reading

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It’s The Illegal Immigration, Stupid!

Donald Trump is surging in the polls precisely because he is the only candidate with the cajones to address the one issue Americans are livid about in the exact manner in which Americans wish that issue to be addressed, and … Continue reading

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