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Warming Up to The Don

Reaction to President Trump’s recent missile strike on Syria in retaliation for Syrian resident Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons was surprising in the fact that condemnation came from the far right while the left’s reaction was somewhat muted. Advertisements

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Chaos Candidate

Labeling Donald Trump as the “Chaos Candidate,” Jeb Bush peevishly revealed his frustration at having been rejected by conservatives during what was supposed to be his turn as the handpicked candidate of the GOP establishment.

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The Next War

America is already under attack in its next war, and most Americans don’t even realize this fact because they are distracted by the previous and ongoing war against Islamic terrorism.

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The Smoking Gun

The release of an email by the White House in which former advisor Ben Rhodes explicitly told Susan Rice to push the fabricated talking point that an obscure YouTube video critical of Islam was responsible for an attack on the … Continue reading

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Feckless Foreign Policy

The chaos erupting across the Middle East aimed at America is the direct result of President Obama’s feckless foreign policy which has weakened America around the world through his constant apology tours and failure to lead on issues vital to … Continue reading

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