Eve of Destruction

With the confirmation and swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the radical socialist left has unleashed a giant temper tantrum indicating their intention to escalate opposition to the Trump administration and Trump supporters to the point of violent confrontation as America teeters on the eve of destruction.

The Founding Fathers struggled throughout the Constitutional Convention to balance the rights of smaller states with the power of larger states to ensure that the larger, more populous states such as New York and Pennsylvania didn’t overshadow smaller, less populous states such as Rhode Island and Connecticut. In the matter of congressional representation, it was agreed that the House of Representatives would be closest to the American people with proportional representation and more frequent elections occurring every two years. To alleviate concerns shared by smaller states over proportional representation which would leave them at a natural disadvantage to the larger states in decisions on the issues of the day, the Founders created the Senate as a counterbalance to the House with equal representation and longer terms of six years. The Senate was intended to be farther removed from the people to serve as a check on potential legislation rushed into consideration by the fires of inflamed passions while lacking the perspective of careful consideration of its long-term effects.

To further alleviate the fears expressed by smaller states of being at a disadvantage to the electoral influence of larger states, the Founders created the Electoral College as a means of providing a check on the oversized influence of larger states in presidential elections. Under the Electoral College, each state was granted a number of electors equal to the number of its Representatives and Senators combined, and it was these electors who would cast the actual votes for president based on the candidate who won each state. Under this plan, smaller states could decide the outcome of the election if their concerns were ignored by the presidential candidates due to the number of their combined electoral votes over those of the fewer large and more populous states. A presidential candidate could not ignore the smaller states to campaign exclusively in large urban areas without risking alienation of a voting bloc large enough to ensure his defeat.

The problem of proportional representation balanced by equitable representation was thus solved with the complex checks and balances woven into the Constitution by James Madison and the other Founders. This arrangement has often produced presidential results that shocked the so-called experts who were confident that they had correctly predicted the winner only to be surprised at the eventual outcome. The 1948 election of Harry Truman over Republican Thomas Dewey is a case in point as the Chicago Daily Tribune went to press with the famous headline “Dewey Defeats Truman” only to be proven wrong when the rural vote came in later to decide the election for Truman. So sure were the editors of the Tribune that they took a chance to beat their competition confident that they were accurately reading the mood of the country only to fall flat on their faces when Truman stunningly upset Dewey, whom everyone was sure to win.

The 2016 election of Donald Trump parallels the 1948 election of Harry Truman in many ways. Both were written off by the media as not having a prayer of winning and derided by the media for even trying. The mood of the country in both cases was one of presuming that neither had a chance of winning and that the election was over. In both elections, the overconfident insider crowd dismissed the concerns of rural Americans to concentrate on the echo chamber buzz generated within their social circles. And, both elections produced stunning upsets that left the media, the elitist insiders, and the political class with egg on their face.

Neither of these stunning election upsets would have been possible without the Electoral College as envisioned by the Founders to ensure that the concerns of all Americans were properly considered in the electoral process. In the case of Harry Truman, it was the Democrat Party which profited from the Electoral College, and Democrats uttered nary a concern of rescinding or eliminating the Electoral College which had just saved the day for Democrats and Truman. Fast forward to 2016 and it was the Republican Party benefiting from the Electoral College with the stupendous upset of Donald Trump over Crooked Hillary Clinton whose elitist attitude and lack of concern for “flyover country” Americans as “deplorables” earned her the enmity of rural and blue-collar voters who turned to Trump. Suddenly, Democrats and radical socialist snowflakes began bemoaning the Electoral College as a relic of the past with no applicability to modern times while demanding its elimination as an obstacle to the will of the people. Crooked Hillary managed to win large states with populous urban centers of concentrated Democrat constituencies controlled by Democrat machines capable of swelling vote counts with the addition of illegal alien votes – precisely the situation the Founders had in mind when they created the Electoral College in the first place.

Since his election as president, Donald Trump has torn into the job of rolling back the destructive socialist agenda of the Obama administration to ignite the economy, lower unemployment, renegotiate unfair trade deals, renew American power abroad, and expose and root out the Deep State opposition threatening his administration with a tenacious ferocity that has stunned and infuriated the radical socialists of the Democrat Party and the big government establishment of the Republican Party. Meanwhile, anarchist opposition elements aligned with the Democrat Party and funded by George Soros have ratcheted up their anger, impetuous demonstrations, and willingness to resort to violence as President Trump continues his winning streak of rolling back Obama administration initiatives and defying their Deep State attempts to drive him from office. In no other area has President Trump had more of a chance to leave a lasting imprint on American politics or threatened the anarchist radical socialist elements in America than with his appointment of conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

Given the inability of the Obama administration to secure the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Court to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, it was not much of a shock that President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise of nominating a conservative replacement from his list of conservative candidates vetted by the Federalist Society. The left went through the motions of protesting Neil Gorsuch with the realization that President Trump was replacing one conservative with another, and Gorsuch faced a relatively easy confirmation process. However, with the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, long the Court swing vote protecting the left’s cherished right to abortion, the stakes were suddenly raised to dizzying heights as the left realized that a conservative Supreme Court would incrementally roll back every radical socialist initiative the left had realized through the courts for decades. After all, the federal court system and its crown jewel the Supreme Court had remained the left’s last bastion of power to enact its most radical initiatives for so long that the left had grown accustomed to considering it as their entitlement being as they had worked so long and hard to insinuate so many liberals into its ranks for precisely that reason.

With abortion on the line, there was never going to be another easy confirmation process under the Trump administration, and the radical socialist left hunkered down to research, plot, strategize, organize, incentivize, and monetize its opposition to the next Supreme Court nominee put forward by President Trump from his list of conservative judges. With Kennedy’s retirement, President Trump selected D.C. Court of Appeals judge Brett Kavanaugh from his list as Kennedy’s replacement, and the left erupted in frenzied opposition. Prior to Kavanaugh’s selection, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other prominent congressional Democrats announced their opposition to anyone nominated by President Trump, thus guaranteeing a monumental showdown over the confirmation process.

During the normal vetting process whereby nominees visit various Senators on the Judiciary Committee to chat about their legal views, issues of the day, and general small talk demonstrating their warmth and friendliness, Judge Kavanaugh was greeted cordially and treated with respect as this phase of the process appeared to go smoothly with no issues arising. Kavanaugh entered the hearing portion of his confirmation process alleviating concerns that he might be some conservative crusader by reaffirming his commitment to conservative constitutional interpretation of legal issues in his review of cases before the Court. Just when it appeared that Kavanaugh was headed towards an easier-than-expected confirmation, partisan Senator Diane Feinstein dropped a bombshell prior to the confirmation vote with the revelation of allegations of sexual assault allegedly committed by Kavanaugh during his high school years some 30 years ago.

It was later revealed that Feinstein had received a letter in July from California Representative Anna Eshoo passing along a letter she had received from Christine Blasey Ford describing a sexual assault she had experienced in high school and naming Kavanaugh as her attacker. At no time during Kavanaugh’s visits with Feinstein during the meet-and-greet portion of the confirmation process were these allegations ever mentioned despite Feinstein having had the letter since July. Feinstein, in true partisan Democrat fashion, sat on the allegations until the last moment and sprang them upon the Senate Judiciary Committee at a time intended to maximize the chaos her revelation could sow in the hopes of either knocking Kavanaugh out of contention or delaying his nomination past the midterm elections when Democrats expected to regain congressional power. Radical leftist groups organized by the Democrats and financed by Soros suddenly swung into action blanketing D.C. and congressional offices protesting Kavanaugh’s nomination in the hopes of further ratcheting up the chaos and anarchy surrounding the left’s opposition to his nomination, while the media chimed in with coordinated attacks to fan the flames of leftist opposition and manipulate the opinions of Americans against Kavanaugh as an untrustworthy candidate put forward and protected by an untrustworthy administration.

A funny thing happened on the way to Kavanaugh’s social media lynching. Instead of retreating to their safe spaces and cowering like frightened schoolgirls, establishment Republicans such as Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins became incensed to the point of fighting back against what they rightly viewed as a disgusting display on the part of Democrats to sink Kavanaugh’s nomination by destroying his reputation, his family, and his life. It was almost as if President Trump was finally beginning to rub off on establishment Republicans, and they were discovering that the only way to fight the radical socialist Democrats was to emulate Trump’s take-no-prisoners approach of doubling down into a street brawl fighting tooth and nail for the win. Fortunately for Kavanaugh, the Trump administration, and millions of Americans sick to death at watching the radical socialist Democrats destroy lives and reputations all for the sake of politics, Republicans rediscovered and tapped into their inner street brawler and saved Kavanaugh’s nomination to finally tilt the Supreme Court to the right for the first time in decades and break the grip of the left on its ability to enact the radical socialist agenda of the left unacceptable to voters at the ballot box. Newly disappointed snowflakes still reeling from the loss of Crooked Hillary and burning with hatred at the Trump administration resorted to the nauseating spectacle of childishly clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court and have taken to the streets in futile protest vowing to get even for their loss.

The sheer hatred and willingness to burn the country down to the ground to get their way on display by the radical socialists of the Democrat Party has galvanized Americans during this midterm election season as conservatives have become energized into support of Republicans while Democrat momentum has stalled. President Trump’s approval ratings are moving up and elections which were considered toss ups last week are moving solidly toward Republicans as momentum has shifted. President Trump continues to keep his promises, the economy continues improving, unemployment continues to fall, and American power continues to ascend around the world to the delight of voters now given a clear contrast between the formula of success practiced by the Trump administration and the prospect of chaos and anarchy on display by the radical socialists of the Democrat Party.

Don’t expect the radical socialists created by the Democrat Party with its emphasis on class warfare and socialist giveaways to suddenly rescind their opposition if the Democrats are trounced at the polls next month. This radical socialist class has been created through years of manipulation and fueled by grievances manufactured by Democrats more interested in winning than in serving the interests of the country. The corrupt media will spin the losses as another election stolen by the Republicans with help from the Russians, and these little socialists will become even more bitter and enraged unable as they are to accept that they are in the minority or comprehend how much the majority of Americans dislike their radical socialism and their penchant for chaos and anarchy.

The likely outcome of a midterm shellacking of the Democrats, bad as I hate to admit it, is one of increased chaos and anarchy culminating in increased violence as America stands on the eve of destruction and a looming civil war. It is time for congressional Republicans to demand an end to the Russian election witch hunt Democrats are employing to harass the Trump administration while pointedly ignoring the mountains of evidence fingering Crooked Hillary and her campaign as the true culprits of Russian election interference. Only then will the Trump administration be free to root out the Deep State elements working against their agenda from the inside, and have the freedom to crack down on the radical socialist groups fomenting chaos and anarchy which threatens the social order, the free enterprise system, and the viability of our country as a nation of laws.

With the shameful display by Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation process, Americans witnessed prominent congressional Democrats renounce the foundational principle of American jurisprudence of a presumption of innocence encapsulated in the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” with their rush to judgement shrieking that all women must be believed regardless of the truth to get their way. Senate Judiciary Committee members no less, such as Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono readily tossed the presumption of innocence under the bus in their malicious targeting of Brett Kavanaugh to prevent his nomination to the Supreme Court, all for the sake of politics.  Hirono provided an unambiguous insight to the thinking of Democrats who have sunk into a party of radical socialists seeking to overthrow the government and impose their agenda by stating that only what they say matters in anything.

Voters have been provided a clear contrast between the totalitarian elitist attitude of the radical socialist Democrat Party or the freedom represented by the Trump administration and TEA Party conservatives. Are we as a country to descend into the chaos and anarchy of the left leading to a bloody and costly civil war, or are we to reject the radicalism of the left in favor of the social order, stability, and prosperity represented by the conservative right? This is the question we wrestle with as a nation in this election season as we sit poised on the eve of destruction by radical socialists sowing chaos and anarchy to overthrow the established order.

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