Fall Season

There’s a crispness to the air that suggests the fall season is upon us with its promise of warm family holiday gatherings and the building excitement to Christmas celebrations as the crops are harvested and we turn from the warm summer sun to bundle up and enjoy all manner of pumpkin infused beverages while shutting out the endless distractions of worldly matters to focus on family and the things that truly matter in life.

Fall is a special season heralding the transition from summer pursuits such as baseball, glasses of iced lemonade and bowls of homemade ice cream to beat the heat, the agrarian lifestyle of simpler times, and the setting aside of school for three glorious months where time revolves around little league games and visits to the local swimming hole, to the quickened pace of preparing to leave behind the relaxed atmosphere of the past season for back-to-school sales, thoughts of holiday meals and gatherings of loved ones, preparations for the school sports seasons, and musings about winter sports. The hot, humid air permeating summer gives way to more tolerable days and cool, crisp nights where utility bills get a bit of a break as air conditioners are required much less and heaters aren’t even contemplated just yet.

The one thing slightly annoying about fall is the intrusion of the election season to distract from what would otherwise be pleasurable thoughts of seasonal transition. Back in the day when Americans practiced a much more genteel civility towards each other, politics was merely another distraction of the fall season to which one could turn a conversation without risk of alienating friends and acquaintances. Americans would have their favorite candidate or party, and each respected that aspect of the other as political discussions would often be resolved with the notion that it didn’t do any good to argue about things you couldn’t change anyway before segueing into a discussion of the weather and how cool it was going to be that weekend.

Thanks to the rise of 24/7 infotainment channels which pump out a steady stream of increasingly minute details on every political issue to fill time between actual newsworthy events, smartphones which lure us to plugging into the world at the expense of ignoring those in our immediate presence, and social media platforms which allow us to tap into the viler aspects of our personalities behind masks of anonymity, we have raised generations of young people with no actual social skills as they relate to interpersonal interactions. We watch as American discourse devolves down into anarchy and chaos shocked that younger people could treat others so callously all in the name of winning at all costs with no regard as to the feelings of others or the destruction they are sowing in the lives of those they mercilessly attack.

We who were raised before the rise of smartphones and social media watch in horror as this technology sold with the promise of enabling us to better our lives by putting the world at our fingertips ends up destroying civility and shredding the social fabric of our country. Much like the Muslims, America’s young people increasingly view others as conquests either to be converted to the cause or destroyed before they can do more harm to the cause. With the younger generation, the cause is always some form of radical socialism sold to a gullible group inexperienced with the ways of the world and unable to see the folly of socialism afforded to those able to take a long view of the situation. The young are all about instant gratification and changing the world now despite having so little knowledge of exactly what it is they’re wanting to change and to what.

Somewhere between teenage thoughts of summer vacation and wondering what being in the next grade will be like when returning to school in the fall, these young minds become corrupted with a deceptive narrative promising the revelation of special knowledge which the older generations have been keeping from them about the real ways of the world. Those not grounded in the truth provided by a family deeply involved in their raising will likely fall for these deceptive narratives and begin drinking deeply from these poisonous wells to become lost in the darkness of chaos and unhappiness. To them, there will always be injustice and they will only see that others have more as their perspective is one of viewing their condition in terms of what they don’t have instead of being grateful for all that they do have. Their focus will be on themselves to the exclusion of all others as they grind inner axes fueled by the pessimism fed them by the world.

Autumn will come to mean girding up for the looming election season to do battle with an opposition they feel is blind to the condition of the world and must be destroyed so that they, the enlightened ones, can then save the world. Lost in the darkness, these pessimists have no ability to realize that Jesus is the only Savior required by the world as they inflate themselves to the status of gods foolishly believing in their ability to save themselves under the guise of saving the world. Holiday gatherings with family will become to them dreaded occasions where they must endure the ridicule of relatives hostile to their dark ideas of social justice.

Irving Kristol once quipped that a neoconservative is “a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” If we’re lucky, these young people so enamored of radical socialism and the misery it brings will mature into adults with responsibilities in the form of families, mortgages, and jobs that will provide them the necessary perspective of suddenly having something to lose which is a necessary precursor to conservatism. They will be mugged by the reality of adult responsibility and will come to view those younger than them as usurpers wishing to tear from them what little they’ve managed to acquire for a cause these newly minted responsible adults will suddenly be ashamed to admit they once served.

America’s descent into chaos and incivility has increased tremendously since the election of Donald Trump as president. Snowflakes unable to imagine that most of America did not share their view of the world have adopted the violence of radical socialism in a misguided effort to overturn an election they couldn’t possibly imagine Crooked Hillary losing. America’s social fabric is being shredded by this childish temper tantrum of the radical socialist left as they brutally attack Trump administration officials rolling back their radical agenda from the pinnacle it enjoyed under the Obama administration. In their hubris, they watched as Crooked Hillary stole the nomination from socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, their preferred candidate, then dutifully lined up behind her while ignoring her decades of scandal and elitist disdain which had poisoned her to Americans as a viable candidate for national office.

The constant drumbeat of endless political acrimony over the past two years accompanied by the sickening fake news propaganda of a corrupt and complicit media which long ago abandoned any pretense of objectivity or ethics to engage in slander and libel to manipulate public opinion has worn Americans down to the point of tuning it all out in the hopes of restoring both their sanity and their souls. We know we must remain engaged if we are to have any hope of wresting our country from the evil grasp of the radical socialist left, but we’re also aware that we don’t have to be engaged to the point of exhaustion. We glance at the headlines, check a few online sources, and remain skeptical of fake news, but we no longer dive deeply into the toxic political culture that works to draw us into a never ending cycle of engagement for the benefit of advertising revenue. We remain aware and vote while endeavoring to ignore the distraction of this toxic political culture in favor of the important aspects of life such as family and friends.

The distraction of fall preparations for returning to school with its promise of new beginnings, holiday gatherings with loved ones over a savory meal, and crisp, cool air signaling the coming of winter are far more pleasurable to us than the toxicity our politics has become. Our smartphones turn from being annoying objects begging for our constant attention to useful technology allowing us to plot the easiest route to grandma’s house. Social media turns from being a platform of toxic hatred allowing us to anonymously demean those who disagree with us to technology allowing us to improve our interconnectedness with loved ones sharing the important events of their lives.

The dismal ratings of news broadcasters filling the airwaves with fake news stories in a blatant attempt to manipulate our opinions along with the falling circulation of newspapers parroting back Democrat Party talking points while ignoring the local news of importance to us indicates our willingness to unplug from the insanity to which Democrats have driven our political discourse. Given enough erosion of their profitability, perhaps these corrupt manipulators of public opinion will abandon their bias and return to presenting the facts of newsworthy events that allow us to form our own opinions instead of being treated with the contempt of those who wish to do our thinking for us. If not, then something entirely new will rise in their place seeking to satisfy a demand for objective truth these corrupt pundits no longer care to acknowledge.

We’ve just witnessed Democrat senators make asses of themselves on national television seeking to shamelessly exploit a woman suffering the aftereffects of a traumatic event in her past which has left her confused and vulnerable all to destroy the reputation of a man who has worked his entire life to establish that reputation to prevent his appointment to a position which could threaten the last vestiges of their tenuous grip on power. As if that wasn’t bad enough, many of these asinine senators shamelessly exploited the situation they created as a pitch for fundraising to profit from the misery and suffering caused by their actions. Hopefully Americans are seeing these senators and their acolytes for the opportunists they are as they contribute to the destruction of civility and the shredding of the social fabric all in an effort to gain a political advantage on their rivals so that they may acquire fleeting political power and advance their personal agendas of evil. One can only hope enough Americans share the revulsion of seeing this blatant opportunism to turn these elitist wretches from office.

Personally, I’m enjoying the excitement of college football where players celebrate their alma maters with respect and eagerly take to the field giving their all for the glory of their teams. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with family over holiday meals in warm homes filled with the savory smells of delicious dishes I’ve enjoyed since childhood. I’m excited by the return of crisp fall weather providing much anticipated relief from the heat and humidity of summer. I’m warmed by thoughts of Christian optimism as the Christmas season approaches with its promise of renewed civility displayed as part of the excitement of the season.

I’m not missing at all wealthy professional football payers arrogantly protesting the only country in the world which makes it possible for them to earn millions of dollars to play a game of sport. I’m not missing the bitter divisiveness and acrimony pouring from those of the radical socialist left attempting to advance their evil causes for selfish benefit at the expense of others they casually destroy and toss aside as obstacles to the advancement of their agenda. I’m not missing the endless political ads boring me to death on television nor the professionally coifed politicians so full of empty rhetoric and false promises all seeking to outdo one another with their vile hatred of President Trump for daring to take on and destroy the Deep State and its radical socialist benefactors on the left. No, I’m not missing any of that at all, and I suspect there are a great many other Americans who share similar sentiments.

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