Fair Share Shibboleth

Socialist and current Democrat it girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently teed up the usual socialist Democrat answer to the carefully orchestrated Democrat question of how she envisioned paying for her radical socialist agenda which is dropped early in campaigns for socialists seeking office under the Democrat banner so they can claim later that they’ve addressed this issue and it’s now old news that she intended to raise taxes on the wealthy while shrinking the military to achieve $3 to $4 trillion dollars.

If we’ve learned anything from socialist Democrats, it’s the fact that they know how to use language to their advantage better than the slickest lawyer in Washington, DC. Socialist Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are fond of dropping the line that they “intend to make the rich pay their fair share.” However, they never get around to defining exactly who they mean by “the rich.”

Wealth is a relative measure. Most Americans would not consider themselves wealthy as the comparison begs one to compare themselves with one of the many millionaires or billionaires America produces due to its adoption of the free enterprise system. However, when we compare our lifestyle with someone eking out a meager existence in the third world, then our modest home with its modest furnishings, our used car in the driveway, and our carefree attitude towards hunger being along the lines of inconvenience at having to microwave something when most of the third world has nothing to eat causes us to realize that we are indeed wealthy in that context. Be that as it may, most of us still view wealth as some obscene amount of money we could never envision obtaining for ourselves. The wealthy are always some distant class of people you know must exist somewhere, but whom you don’t know personally.

It is this amorphous idea of “the wealthy” which the socialist Democrats urge Americans to envision when they set about defining their insane tax schemes of soaking the rich to pay for all the free goodies they wish to bestow on the middle class. In reality, and this is the dirty little secret they never admit in public, their idea of the wealthy corresponds exactly with that of a comparison between lower class Americans and the third world living in subsistence poverty. In other words, they preach soaking the rich hoping that you consider the rich as the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet while secretly knowing that the rich are any American with a job and a means to pay taxes. Yes, to socialist Democrats, you and I are the rich!

For proof, look no further than the socialist Democrat scheme of Obamacare. The Obama administration sought to force all Americans to purchase health insurance whether individual Americans felt they needed it or not, and with gold-plated coverage of things such as maternity leave, abortion, contraception, and mental health care whether one needed them or not, and men don’t need maternity leave or abortion coverage. Obamacare was an elaborate wealth transfer scheme designed to force the young and healthy to supplement the old and sickly along the exact same lines as Social Security. The socialist Democrats sold Obamacare as everyone paying their fair share when in reality it was the young and healthy supplementing the old and sick. FDR would have approved.

Ocasio-Cortez uses the treacly language of socialist Democrats to sell her radical scheme employing such benign phrases as “if people pay their fair share” as if Americans who actually pay taxes aren’t already paying their fair share while the half of Americans who pay nothing are due to socialist Democrats in Congress demanding such, and “as Warren Buffet likes to say, if he pays as much as his secretary paid” to intentionally confuse tax rates with tax amounts while implying that Warren Buffet is somehow kept from paying more taxes than he would like. Wealthy Americans such as Warren Buffet who promote the lunacy of the socialist Democrats do so with hidden motives. Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns several wealth management companies which profit handsomely arranging trusts for wealthy clients wishing to shelter their income from taxes. Of course Buffet is for higher taxes and estate taxes because this benefits his business portfolio!

Years of socialist Democrat conditioning have caused Americans to stop thinking for themselves, while socialist Democrat control of the education bureaucracy has dumbed down generations of American children to the point where most don’t stop to realize that Warren Buffet and all his wealthy friends could easily pay as much in taxes as they feel necessary to enact the socialism they believe is needed in America. The reality is that Buffet and the rest of the wealthy class employ accountants to ensure they pay the least amount possible in taxes while the rest of us have to forgo the tax shelters and deductions they can easily afford to avoid paying their “fair share.”

The socialist Democrats preach the same sermon when describing their radical schemes to remake America “more like Europe.” They claim that somehow Congress can design tax legislation that will magically close loopholes and prevent the wealthy from gaming the tax system to avoid paying taxes. It matters not that no Congress has ever been able to achieve this socialist dream because it is an impossible task. Americans are a creative bunch, and we will always find a way to avoid having to participate in an unpleasant situation. Socialist Democrats can raise taxes and close loopholes all day long, but they will only succeed in driving a larger portion of the economy underground and away from the prying eyes of the totalitarian government their schemes always end up relying on to achieve their Utopian dreams.

Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson sought to transform the old plantation system of the South through adoption of white nationalism to keep poor whites beholden to the Democrat Party. FDR managed to shift the Democrat Party by nationalizing the urban Democrat political machines to fundamentally transform electoral politics in America. Lifelong bigot LBJ convinced Democrats to change their thinking of minorities away from the traditional plantation system where blacks were dependent upon the white ruling class to one where blacks became dependent upon the government and thus Democrats to ensure their access to government benefits. In this, LBJ established a new plantation system with government as the plantation owner to combat the rapidly-declining white racism which had sustained the Democrat Party for generations. LBJ hooked the lower classes upon government dependence, but they eventually realized that government benefits would come whether they voted or not, so they stopped participating in the electoral system. Democrats are now seeking to hook the middle class on government dependence because it is the middle class who continues to vote. The rise of millennials with their fickle notions of social justice, the result of years of socialist Democrat indoctrination, has allowed the socialists to come out of the closet and proudly boast of their socialist intentions where once the stain of socialism was a political career killer during the Cold War.

Socialist Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are bucking the Democrat establishment of Nancy Pelosi by embracing socialism to defeat establishment candidates despite establishment warnings that socialist Democrats remain unelectable in flyover country. Establishment Democrats may disdain America’s heartland due to their declining ability to convince Americans to embrace their tacit socialism, but they are still able to recognize the inability of their increasingly socialist message to resonate with these more conservative voters. Upstarts such as Ocasio-Cortez allow conservatives to portray Democrats as the socialists they’ve warned voters about with smoking-gun evidence. If conservative challengers of these socialist Democrats don’t air ads contrasting the socialism of their opponents with the collapse of wealthy Venezuela through the socialist policies of Hugo Chavez, then they should fire their consultants for incompetency, and these consultants should never work again. Blue states such as California, New York, and Illinois dominated by socialist Democrats are so far in debt due to massive pension obligations that they will never be able to extract themselves from their debt.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once famously quipped that “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Hugo Chavez ran Venezuela into the ground by first wasting its immense wealth, then wasting the money of its creditors. Starving Venezuelans have lost an average of 24 pounds as the economy has collapsed with an inflation rate of over one million percent. Democrat-controlled blue states are headed down the same socialist path of destruction as Venezuela with California some $428 billion in debt, New York more than $356 billion in debt, and New Jersey in debt to the tune of over $104 billion. Even wealthy Connecticut owes more than $53 billion. Recently on The View, Meghan McCain summed up socialism by asking her liberal cohosts to “Name one country where socialism has ever worked.” Of course, her stunned cohosts were left speechless because there is no country where socialism has ever worked, and even in the socialist country of Sweden, which liberals are fond of using as their example, hordes of Muslim immigrants are quickly breaking the country causing the government to rethink its socialist policies as it sinks deeper in debt.

The fundamental flaw in socialism is that citizens receiving generous government benefits quickly realize that these benefits are not dependent upon their willingness to work, and in fact get even better if one doesn’t work. Socialism ends up subsidizing an unwillingness to work resulting in cynicism among those willing to work but seeing their fellow citizens live better than them while enjoying carefree lives. America enjoys the highest productivity in the world due to the work incentives inherent in the free enterprise system, while the socialist countries of Europe are saddled with high unemployment and low productivity due to the unwillingness of their young people to establish viable careers. Why work when one can live just as comfortably on the government dole?

In the grand scheme of things, socialism is just communism lite. Adoption of socialism is the necessary first step to transforming America from a country founded upon liberty as an inalienable right and firmly grounded in the free enterprise economic system to a communist state under a totalitarian government directing every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Socialist and communist countries always end up being ruled by totalitarian dictatorships which are necessary to force citizens who have figured out that their unwillingness to work will be enabled under communism to grudgingly work anyway since the means of production quickly grind to a halt otherwise.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist Democrat cohorts would prefer that Americans not dwell on the totalitarian aspects required to enforce socialism, so she uses amorphous phrases such as “having the wealthy pay their fair share” to lull her listeners into forgetting that the free enterprise system allows anyone to succeed through hard work while implying that hard work is a drag and shouldn’t be an obstacle to someone wishing to enjoy the same lifestyle as those who worked hard to achieve what they have. In this, socialist Democrats employ another misleading implication that socialism will elevate everyone into the ranks of the wealthy when the reality is that it forces everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Yes, everyone becomes equal under socialism/communism, but they all become equally poor, not equally wealthy. Remember, the wealthy have the means to move elsewhere to escape the ravages of communism while the rest of us are forced to remain behind and endure the hardships brought on by communism and the totalitarian government under which it is administered.

Through the campaign and administration of President Trump, Americans have become much more aware of the manipulation practiced by the socialist Democrats and their media acolytes. The biased media has been outed as tools of the socialist Democrats, social media technology companies have been outed for their bias against conservatives, the Deep State has been outed for its bias against President Trump, and the socialist Democrats have been outed for the bias inherent in their language as Americans become much more savvy to the manipulation seeking to influence their decisions. With this awareness, Americans are shunning traditional media and social media platforms, turning against the lies of the Deep State, and questioning the motives of the socialist Democrats. Bereft of ideas, the socialist Democrats cling to their electoral model even as it disintegrates around them to promote the lie that they are poised to retake Congress in the midterms hoping that this lie will convince skeptical Americans that resistance is futile. The only thing futile is the belief by the socialist Democrats that their electoral model is still viable in the age of Trump.

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1 Response to Fair Share Shibboleth

  1. Wascator says:

    Liberal democrat progs have no compunction about borrowing money that they can never hope to repay: (1) the spending “helps” their constituents; (2) the spending furthers their political aims via buying popularity; (3) they don’t care it will never be paid back because they hate those whose money they are borrowing anyway; (4) they believe it was “their” money to begin with, having been “stolen from the workers”, et al.


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