Helsinki Hysteria

The radical socialist Democrat snowflakes are losing and venting all their anger at President Trump believing him to be the cause of their loss while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Americans have definitively rejected their agenda of government control, and their latest outrage is focused on President Trump’s refusal to issue a blanket acceptance of American intelligence agencies over Russian President Vladimir Putin when it comes to the very nuanced issue of foreign powers manipulating American elections.

The Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution with the premise that Americans should enjoy the maximum degree of liberty to pursue their happiness, and that Americans were entitled to their liberty because their rights came not from man, but from God. The Founders got it right as millions of immigrants from the Old World of Europe began flocking to our shores to take advantage of the liberty America afforded them over their ancestral lands. The Founders were well aware that their experiment in government consecrated in the Constitution was a revolutionary idea in opposition to the governments of the rest of the world, and that other countries would seek to undermine America as we challenged them in the world. With this in mind, the Founders took care to ensure that foreign powers were forbidden to interfere in our elections to promote candidates with a hidden agenda beholden to those foreign powers.

For much of America’s history, the primary way to influence elections was through financial means such as underwriting the campaign of a compromised candidate or spending against a candidate unfavorable to a foreign power. The government took pains to keep foreign money out of American politics with several laws forbidding the practice, but desperate campaigns found ways to evade these laws nonetheless. The rise of direct marketing, super PACs, and social media changed politics in drastic ways that often made it much easier for foreign powers to exert influence in American elections with plausible deniability. Campaign finance laws became a form of gun control whereby Americans were limited in the amount of their campaign contributions while corporate entities and foreign powers broke these laws to give substantial amounts. Recognizing the unconstitutionality of the situation, the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations were entitled to free speech and no financial limits could be placed on this speech.

Democrats have often hypocritically accepted donations from foreign entities in violation of campaign finance laws while decrying the amount of money spent on political campaigns to influence candidates. Democrats railed against the 2010 Citizens United decision claiming that it would open the floodgates to corporations controlling American politics with their vast ability to spend enormous sums on political campaigns. In this, Democrats implied that corporations would now be free to spend as much as they wanted to support Republican candidates while conveniently ignoring the decades of support Democrats had enjoyed from labor unions and Hollywood entertainment companies. One of Hillary Clinton’s myriad scandals involves the Uranium One sale to Russians while she was Secretary of State in which the State Department approved the sale of Uranium One to a Russian firm which made large contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Focused as she was on becoming president after suffering defeat in 2008, Hillary Clinton packed the DNC with her minions under the command of DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to ensure her victory in the 2016 primaries over socialist Bernie Sanders. So effective was Hillary’s political machine that Sanders would often win state primaries by huge margins only to witness the bulk of the state’s delegates be awarded to Clinton. This laughable charade played on over the course of the Democrat primaries with Hillary facing no substantial opposition, rigged as the process was. The result was that Hillary was nowhere near prepared to take on the juggernaut of Donald Trump who proceeded to clean her clock after having bested a field of seventeen Republican candidates in a hard-fought Republican primary. Hillary and her sycophants, convinced of her inability to lose, exhibited hubris on an immense scale which ignored the concerns of working class voters whom Candidate Trump wooed effectively. Unable to cope with losing an election she and her followers couldn’t imagine losing, Hillary and thousands of her snowflake followers fell to pieces groping about like the blind searching for some explanation unable as they were to confront the reality that Hillary was a scandal-plagued candidate who didn’t campaign well, ignored the concerns of voters she contemptuously referred to as “deplorables,” and didn’t connect with voters on a personal level.

To compensate for her loss, Hillary began desperately blaming everything and everyone for her loss. First, it was women who betrayed their sex by deserting her candidacy to vote for Trump. Next, it was ignorant Americans too stupid to realize they had been duped. This excuse theme was quickly dropped as it never benefits one to accuse the voters of stupidity for choosing your opponent. To voters hearing such elitist contempt, it only confirms to them that they did in fact choose the right candidate. After a long list of excuses involving blame to several groups, Hillary finally settled on the notion that somehow the Russians had colluded with the Trump campaign to influence the election and deprive her of the presidency. This theme was echoed and amplified by Hillary’s snowflake sycophants and the biased media until it was woven into narrative that forced the easily manipulated into appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate a crime which obviously never happened except in Hillary’s mind. Robert Mueller’s investigation has wasted millions only to discover that there was never any collusion between the Trump campaign and any Russians while conveniently ignoring mountains of evidence pointing to Russian involvement with the Clinton campaign. Never mind the fact that “collusion” is not a crime but merely a nefarious allegation, Mueller’s investigation has turned up no crime involving violations of campaign laws by the Trump campaign and any Russians.

As part of this Russian collusion witch hunt born from Hillary’s delusional mind, it came out that a fake dossier produced by shady intelligence agents paid by the Clinton campaign was used to justify FISA warrants obtained to spy on the Trump campaign through phone wiretaps as Obama administration officials sought to unmask those Americans recorded on these tapes and spread their identities throughout the administration in the hopes that they would be leaked to the media while the original requestors claimed plausible deniability. The intelligence agencies under the Obama administration with Trump hater John Brennan helming the CIA and James Clapper as Director of National Intelligence were involved right alongside the FBI under James Comey in producing and vetting this fake dossier to take down Trump and smooth the way for a Hillary win. So convinced were they of a Hillary victory that they failed to cover their tracks and are now being outed for their roles in this scandalous undermining of the Constitution.

The establishment from both parties has railed against Trump since he announced his candidacy for president. Trump represents a real threat to the ability of the establishment to keep running the federal government as they see fit to benefit themselves, and to the establishment pundit class so comfortable in their self-appointed roles doing the thinking for conservatives. Trump campaigned on draining the DC swamp of these establishment political creatures whose only interest was in themselves over that of the American people. Having failed to prevent Candidate Trump from winning the presidency, their worst nightmare, they then set about conspiring to undermine his legitimacy while searching for ways to drive him from office. Those texts between FBI lovers Strzok and Page expressing all manner of contempt for Trump and describing plans to prevent him from taking office or remaining in office were finally confirmed by Page in closed-door House testimony as meaning exactly what they appear to mean despite the contemptuous denials of her lover Strzok just days before.

One way in which President Trump threatens the establishment is his intention to reset relations between Russia and the United States. The establishment has worked to cool relations between Russia and America since the period of cooperation following the fall of the Soviet Union in the hopes of challenging Russia in various hot wars such as Syria. Recall that Arizona Senator John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham have voiced support for more American involvement in Syria despite the absence of compelling American interests or a side compatible with American values for the primary reason that Russia is supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. McCain was even photographed with his arm around a so-called “freedom fighter” later identified as an al Qaeda terrorist. The Washington political establishment as it currently exists is filled with Neocons who morphed from Democrats to conservatives in the Bush administration, and who are fond of American military involvement around the world for spurious reasons underlying dubious American interests.

The radical socialist left in America, stunned at Trump’s presidential victory and unable to evict him from office through their nefarious schemes, have become increasingly deranged and violent as their various machinations result in spectacular failure. The media narrative that President Trump was somehow mentally unfit for office and some sort of mental idiot was shot down in spectacular fashion when President Trump submitted to a cognitive abilities test as part of his presidential physical in which he achieved a perfect score to debunk the mentally unfit meme. The Deep State plot to connect President Trump to the Russians in some sort of nefarious collusion has resulted in President Trump exposing the Deep State assets in the FBI who are now being fired and face criminal charges for their efforts to undermine his administration. This exposure of misdeeds by the intelligence community along with Trump’s exposure of the media as biased minions beholden to the radical socialist Democrat Party has awakened Americans to the seamy underbelly of corrupt Washington politics and confirmed their faith in electing Trump to drain this cesspool of a swamp.

Now that the tide has turned and President Trump is gaining the upper hand on the establishment and the Deep State, he is setting about to promote his America First foreign policy by presenting the cold, hard truth to NATO that its mission of European defense against the Soviet Union ended when the Soviet Union fell in 1989 and that America is no longer interested in financing the defense of Europe when most NATO countries refuse to meet their financial obligations to NATO while Europe takes advantage of America in trade. As part of this foreign policy reset, President Trump has engaged Russia as an international partner with the hopes of thawing the animosity built up between us by the establishment Neocons more interested in conflict than in peace. President Trump’s meeting in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a crucial step in this reset to the chagrin of the establishment class seeking to derail Russian relations amid the Mueller witch hunt.

Spiteful as they are, the biased media sought every opportunity to embarrass President Trump and derail the summit with loaded questions until they put President Trump on the spot by asking him if he trusted American intelligence agencies claiming that the Russian government had interfered in the 2016 American elections over the word of Russian President Putin who claimed they had not. Naturally, given the Deep State schemes involving the intelligence agencies to undermine his administration, President Trump hesitated for a moment before proclaiming that Putin had assured him that there was no Russian government involvement in American election manipulation. Now, forget for a moment that it is never wise to embarrass a foreign head of state in pursuit of diplomacy with that official at a diplomatic summit, it could only be the case that the biased media were seeking to put President Trump on the spot instead of seeking some insight into how well the talks went, a fact which was plainly evident to Americans. Never did the biased media acknowledge the importance of diplomacy at a diplomatic event between heads of state while rushing to shred President Trump for not taking the word of the corrupt Deep State intelligence agencies seeking his demise over that of Putin at this important diplomatic event.

With Mueller’s charges against twelve Russian nationals for interference in the 2016 elections and no simultaneous charges against Trump campaign officials, it is plainly evident to the radical socialist left seeking to drive President Trump from office that the hopes they’ve pinned onto Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian collusion will not result in charges against President Trump and will not even result in Mueller stating that collusion occurred but that a lack of evidence prevents him from bringing charges against the Trump campaign. The radical socialist snowflakes are awakening to the fact that their latest scheme to get Trump has failed like all the rest, and they are increasingly becoming unhinged in their hatred towards President Trump and those Americans who support him. These lefty snowflakes immediately pounced on President Trump’s verbal gaffe to suggest it was evidence of Russian collusion while conveniently ignoring Obama’s 2012 admission to former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on a hot mic that he would have more flexibility after the elections to deal with Russia. This much more egregious admission by Obama is ignored as the media rips into President Trump for his awkward attempt at diplomacy to diffuse a potentially explosive situation orchestrated by the biased media.

Foreign involvement in American elections is serious business with implications of undermining the voters’ ability to choose their representatives which has not received the attention it deserves as an issue. With its long history of involvement with communist and socialist movements, the Democrat Party has much blood on its hands when it comes to suspicions of Russian collusion making it much more believable to Americans that there was Russian involvement in the Clinton campaign, especially given Hillary’s long sordid history of scandal to achieve a grasp on power. It is apparent that there was Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, but that their election manipulation included the purchase of social media data and advertising by entities such as Facebook and Twitter which have demonstrated a noticeable bias against President Trump while supporting Hillary. These social media companies collect vast amounts of information from their users which they then pimp out to those willing to pay regardless of their intended use.

Disregarding the dubious ethical and moral issues surrounding the collection and sale of user data while seriously downplaying to those users the fact that this is the method whereby these companies monetize their abilities for profit, it is entirely legal for these companies to do so which they did both to the Democrats whom they favored and the Republicans through the Cambridge Analytica episode. By the way, the Democrats are only outraged at the Cambridge Analytica saga because the Trump campaign was able to much more effectively use the same information being provided to the Democrats by the social media companies than the Democrats themselves. Users objecting to the collection and sale of their data are reminded of the Latin phrase Caveat Emptor, or buyer beware, and many are closing down their social media accounts as a result of their newfound awareness.

Given the availability of such a vast trove of user information up for sale to those willing to pay, it is not surprising that Russians and probably those from many other countries took advantage of the situation to meddle in our elections. America’s historical involvement in foreign elections to destabilize unfriendly regimes and prop up favorable dictators is certainly no secret. However, there is still no evidence to suggest that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia or anyone else to manipulate the 2016 elections despite the protests of unhinged radical lefty snowflakes. Their Helsinki hysteria is yet another example of their increasingly unhinged lunacy building into a violent explosion over their inability to undermine the Trump administration and accept that the American people preferred Candidate Trump over Crooked Hillary.

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