Elder Brother Intolerance

With their incessant demands to upend society through constitutional misinterpretation, lefties have shredded the social fabric and destroyed civil discourse leaving Americans at the throats of one another while liberals practice intolerance for free speech in a type of elder brother intolerance against conservatives now winning the cultural war.

The parable of the Prodigal Son is familiar to Christians who have often heard it preached from the perspective of the younger brother whose disdain for his father led him to demand his portion of the inheritance which he promptly wasted and which led to his epiphany of returning home to serve as a hired laborer for his father. Often overlooked is the elder brother’s disdain for the father and how he struggled to obtain his father’s possessions by being good with no regard for his father.

The younger brother’s situation is easy recognized in those who seek to forge their own path with headstrong stubbornness while refusing to heed the advice of others only to fall victim to the world and end up in worse shape. Many a wretched sinner, realizing that his choices have led to destruction and ruin, has come broken before the Lord seeking salvation while admitting that he needs to rely on God to raise him up from his ruinous circumstances. When encountering such a situation, it is tempting for us Christians to wag our fingers at these broken souls with a judgmental attitude to rub their noses in their brokenness.

It’s far more difficult for us to recognize that this judgmental attitude is similar to that of the elder brother in the Prodigal Son parable. The younger brother contemptuously demanded his portion of the inheritance acting the part of the sinner demanding what was his from a father he no longer loved. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting things from the Lord without showing Him the love and respect that He deserves, it’s even easier to fall into the trap of thinking that our good deeds are bringing us closer to God when nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus often reminded His followers that it was not good deeds which brought them closer to Him, but a demonstrated love for God and for their fellow man.

The elder brother rebuked his father for restoring the younger brother to the family because this meant that the younger brother was now entitled to another portion of the inheritance which had belonged exclusively to the elder brother since the younger brother had already received his portion earlier. In this, the elder brother demonstrated his disdain for his father and revealed that he was attempting to gain the father’s possessions by being good and dutiful as opposed to his younger brother who sought to obtain the father’s wealth through sinful and nefarious means. The result was the same for both as one sought the father’s wealth by being bad while the other sought the father’s wealth by being good, but both disdained the father while seeking his wealth.

The left has pushed a radical agenda of destruction upon America which has shredded the social fabric and pitted Americans against one another. The foundation upon which America was discovered and built, Christianity has been driven from the public square and replaced with the evil of secular humanism with its amorphous morality summed up in the contemporary jargon of doing whatever feels good. Generations of Americans have been raised in this moral abyss lacking any reference to the absolute truths which guided earlier generations and made it possible for them to build America into the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years from its discovery. The Greatest Generation which suffered through the Great Depression and defended freedom by achieving the unconditional surrender of our enemies in the Second World War has been replaced by the Millennial Generation of self-absorption, consumerism, celebrity worship, and moral turpitude.

We witness almost daily episodes of mass shootings, moral indifference, and contempt for others which easily remind us older Christians of the younger brother. Thanks to President Trump and his highlighting of fake news and other leftist tactics, we also see lefty intolerance of Christians and conservatives as we are frozen out of social media platforms purporting to equally serve all, and we are subjected to the most vile and contemptuous threats by lefties for merely sharing our conservative and Christian opinions. The left, so enamored with protecting free speech when it comes to exotic dancing or their ability to defend any issue regardless of its absurdity, thinks nothing of shutting down free speech for conservatives while acting as if we don’t deserve these rights that they’ve appropriated for themselves.

The silent majority of Americans living in flyover country have become much savvier in recognizing the tactics of the left to shut down free speech critical of their radical agenda of destruction. President Trump almost exclusively raised awareness of fake news promoted by the biased media controlled by the left. Shunned by Americans in droves, print and television news outlets are failing across the country as Americans refuse to pay for what is increasingly viewed as fake news serving as a false narrative promoted by the left to confuse, distract, and agitate Americans against one another.

Where earlier generations of Americans took on responsibility at much earlier ages and grew up much faster, today’s generations are coddled as infants well into adulthood achieving a semi-feral state reminiscent of that described in The Lord of the Flies. They are self-absorbed and morally indifferent to others as they seek satisfaction of their own lusts regardless of the cost to others. Ill-equipped by a lack of experienced moral guidance and unable to figure out their way in complex social situations, many fall victim to the bullying of others more aggressive in the social pecking order. Some of these eventually lash out in violent anger having been unable to navigate their way socially and seeking retribution against those responsible for their mistreatment.

In earlier generations, one suffering bullying at the hands of another would have been taken aside by their father and taught the necessary skills of self-defense while being encouraged to overcome their fear and absorb the hurt of a fight to gain self-respect while convincing the bully that there were easier targets about than him. If you won, then great, your torment from the bully would stop. If you lost, then at least you gained the self-respect of defending yourself instead of just knuckling under without fighting back. Another difference was that yesterday’s bullies seem quaint with their demands for your milk money or else, when compared to today’s thuggish gangs packing heat and lacking any moral boundaries. An attack on that bully brings gang retribution one is unable to defend against.

The social problems currently manifested in America’s youth stemming from the disastrous social experimentation foisted upon us by the left extend into myriad areas. Our military has suffered mightily from the social experimentation of the left to the detriment of its ability to wage war in defense of America. Permissive attitudes pervade the military causing a breakdown in discipline as morally bankrupt young people are attracted to the ranks while the left constrains the military’s ability to shape and mold their character. Recent scandals such as the nude photo sharing episode are the result as it is unreasonable to expect the military to work the miracle of realigning the moral attitudes of young recruits who’ve spent their lives raised without moral guidance in a world of relative truth promoted by the left. Senators berating the service chiefs for their failure to stop these scandals ignore the myriad training the military undertakes to prevent sexual harassment, demonstrate respect for others, and demand compliance with laws against rape. All the sexual harassment training in the world can’t replace ingrained attitudes obtained through an upbringing of moral indifference.

Instead of speaking this truth to the power of congressional representatives, the service chiefs prefer to lamely admit that more needs to be done while allowing the left to pompously sit atop their perch of moral high ground. Their lame attitudes filter down through the ranks to further rot morale as soldiers see the leaders of their beloved institutions meekly knuckle under to the congressional bullies they face. If the service chiefs won’t fight back, then why should they?

The left would like to pretend that America’s social problems are the result of too many guns or not enough sexual harassment training or misrepresented conservative attitudes against gays and immigrants. Anything but the real reason which is that the left has wrought destruction upon the social fabric through their radical agenda of social experimentation. While berating the military and conservative Christians, the left demonstrates the elder brother intolerance described in the parable of the Prodigal Son. The left looks down contemptuously upon conservative Christians as if we’re responsible for the societal breakdown we’re witnessing. They have no love for the country, and only wish to gain the power of the country while disdaining the country in the process.

Even casual Christians are familiar with John 3:16 describing how God’s great love for mankind was manifested in the form of His Son who perished so that man might enjoy everlasting life, but fewer recall John 3:17 where Jesus stated that the Son of Man came not into the world to judge the world but to save the world. It’s easy for us to arrogantly place ourselves above others and judge them as less worthy than ourselves because their sins have been publicly revealed. We are admonished to refrain from measuring ourselves against other people, but implored to measure ourselves against Jesus who lived a perfect life unobtainable by us lesser mortals. There are a great many evil deeds we would like to abolish, but evil exists in the world and our efforts will always pale in comparison. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still keep trying. It means that we should give our best effort and not judge others when they give their best effort and come up short.

Pointing out the moral indifference of our youth and the problems it has created is a perfectly acceptable first step, but placing the blame for these problems on one group or another attempting to deal with the symptoms of this problem is not acceptable. The left seeks to obfuscate its role in the destruction of our social fabric by casting blame on others while avoiding any share of the responsibility. The left foisted their agenda of destruction upon the country, but we conservatives were not able to stop it either through sympathetic assistance or through an inability to rally to the cause. There were many conservatives who did yeoman’s work to advance the conservative cause, and this should not be mistaken for that lefty tactic of placing blame upon society when their role becomes apparent.

Attempts by those on the left to shift blame for our cultural rot onto conservatives should be met by pointing out the left’s attempts to engage in elder brother intolerance. This tactic will be recognized as effective when liberals scream to high heaven for conservatives daring to challenge their claim to rest exclusively upon the moral high ground. Liberal orthodoxy is crumbling before us as Americans become aware of their hidden agenda of totalitarian control. We must avoid the temptation to ease up on the left as their agenda crumbles and press full ahead to ensure that the evil of their agenda is removed and their ability to agitate in the affairs of the nation are extinguished.

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