Neither the Ability nor the Desire

As the truth slowly leaks out about the events surrounding the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, it is painfully obvious that government has neither the ability nor the desire to protect us, yet the gun control lobby continues to insist guns are the problem even as they laughably insist that personal protection should be the exclusive province of law enforcement while politicizing high school students to push their false narrative.

Almost immediately after the breaking news reports of the murderous rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida were issued, the mainstream media began its familiar pattern of pushing the gun control narrative just as it has done numerous times in the past with other mass shooting events. The difference this time was the politicization of the students who survived the deadly rampage of fellow student Nikolas Cruz and their recruitment as spokesmen for the gun control narrative.

Student survivor Colton Haab was interviewed for his reaction to the shooting and deviated from the gun control narrative by insisting that Cruz could have been stopped had Assistant Football Coach and security guard Aaron Feis been armed at the time of the shooting rampage. Brave as he was, Feis, having no gun of his own, was unable to provide much security against an armed adversary. In this day and age of terrorist threats, it should go without saying that anyone serving as a security guard should be armed and trained to respond with deadly force should the need arise.

Famed fake news outlet CNN took the lead on promoting the gun control narrative with intense coverage of the shooting aftermath, even going so far as to stage a town hall event promoted as a search for solutions to preventing future school shootings. Since that event, where students were allowed to ask questions and NRA spokesman Dana Loesch was verbally ambushed enduring numerous insults and ad hominem attacks from the hostile crowd, an entirely different picture has emerged contradicting CNN’s carefully staged presentation.

Colton Haab was the first to expose the lies behind CNN’s town hall event by going on the record to accuse CNN of attempting to replace his questions and narrative with their own scripted questions. CNN’s rebuttal that Haab had insisted on presenting a long monologue instead of a question was quickly exposed as a lie through examination of the video showing other students reading long rambling passages in favor of gun control. It was apparent that CNN merely objected to long monologues supporting the Second Amendment. Dana Loesch then weighed in with a behind-the-scenes description of the event where she stated that the event was underway for some two hours with CNN pumping the crowd into a frenzy before the cameras were ever turned on. She went on to state that she was kept unprepared by CNN and led into the arena like a boxer enduring insults from the crowd as she made her way to the stage. Haab and Loesch were backed up by Andrew Klein, father of survivor Andrea Klein, who stated that he had been approached by CNN to appear at their town hall event and that CNN producers were “looking for people who wanted to talk about ‘policy.’” Klein inferred from this conversation that CNN was only interested in those wishing to push the gun control narrative and refused to appear.

Fake news network CNN has been outed for its lack of journalistic ethics in staging a scripted event to push the gun control narrative advertised as an open exchange of ideas in a town hall setting. Meanwhile, former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has gone on record stating that “The well ORGANIZED effort by Florida school students demanding gun control has GEORGE SOROS’ FINGERPRINTS all over it,” his emphasis. Clarke went on to compare the speedy organization of these students to that of the cop-hating Black Lives Matter movement and other Soros-funded initiatives posing as grass-roots movements.

We have watched as the left has taken over the public school systems across America transforming them from the mission of educating our children in preparation for adulthood to lefty indoctrination camps filling their heads with all manner of lefty perversions such as transgenderism, homosexuality, Muslim superiority, and amorphous social justice narratives. Many parents have reacted by removing their children from this indoctrination system to homeschool them, while others have launched charter schools under their control or placed their children in private schools. Parents have described having to spend hours every evening debunking the lefty indoctrination their children come home spouting. Given their lefty indoctrination, it is no wonder that a great many of these shooting survivors were easily organized by the left to promote the gun control narrative they’ve been spoon fed for years as gullible students. The left has spent decades politicizing our children by indoctrinating them with every lefty initiative the educational establishment has pushed.

It is amazing that students like Colton Haab still exist who have survived years of this lefty indoctrination while retaining the ability to think for themselves. Not only did Haab present a conservative viewpoint espousing Second Amendment rights, but he weathered withering criticism from the left without backing down and while continuing to stick to his principled rebuttal of the gun control narrative. Remember that Haab was also a survivor who experienced this horrible episode firsthand, but his ability to think rationally has led him to much different conclusions than those of his more easily manipulated classmates. Watching Coach Feis die protecting students without the ability to fire back despite being the school security guard led Haab to determine that his being armed would have saved lives instead of the lunacy of the gun control crowd.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was designated as a “gun free zone.” The lefty gun control crowd loves to promote the creation of “gun free zones” as if this designation alone were enough to stop a crazed killer bent on launching a murderous rampage in an episode of manifested evil. Stoneman Douglas High School was a “gun free zone”… right up until the time when Nikolas Cruz entered it carrying a semi-automatic rifle and the evil intent of murdering his fellow students. The left’s “gun free zone” designation is to the evil person bent on murderous destruction equivalent to “target of opportunity.” Cruz was able to indulge his paranoid fantasies of murderous revenge precisely because there was no armed obstacle standing between him and the psychotic glory he craved.

In pushing the gun control narrative, the left has purposely avoided mentioning the role psychotropic drugs played in Cruz’s evil act. The educational establishment spent decades pushing for the elimination of corporal punishment unwilling as teachers were to punish students for misbehaving. The unintentional side effect of this push was a complete loss of classroom control with parents complaining that their children were not learning in the hostile environment classrooms had become. The solution pushed by the educational establishment was to categorize unruly students as suffering from attention deficit disorder and dope them up on psychotropic drugs to make them passive and more easily controlled. The unintended consequence of this push has led to scores of children raised on psychotropic drugs who are suddenly dumped into society upon graduation with no support network to deal with their sudden withdrawal from these drugs. The easily manipulated students CNN chose to promote their gun control narrative lacked the ability to raise the involvement of psychotropic drugs in mass shootings as a potential cause having never been exposed to its discussion.

Another point being conveniently ignored by the media and the lefty gun control crowd is the repeated failures of law enforcement officials to act on several tips they received alerting them to Cruz’s mental state and his desire to “become a professional school shooter” on social media. These tips were ignored or not followed up on by several law enforcement agencies including the Broward County Sheriff’s office and the FBI. Since 9/11 and the awareness of the terrorist threat, we Americans have been inundated with requests to “See Something, Say Something” by those in government in an effort to increase law enforcement awareness of potential terrorist threats. In the case of Nikolas Cruz, numerous people heeded that request to alert law enforcement about Cruz’s desire to conduct a school shooting. These people saw something and said something, but law enforcement on multiple levels proved incapable of doing anything about their warnings. The message from law enforcement to Americans is don’t bother saying anything about something you see because we aren’t going to do anything about it anyway.

Even worse than the exposure of fake news network CNN’s egregious manipulation of public opinion to promote gun control was the revelation that an armed Broward County Sheriff’s deputy had been stationed at the school, but, in an act of moral cowardice, had refused to enter the school during the shooting fearing for his own safety. Deputy Scot Peterson, gun drawn, stood outside the building listening as Nikolas Cruz continued his murderous rampage and the death toll mounted. Peterson subsequently resigned and took retirement, and is now under police protection as death threats have been issued against him.

From new revelations, we are now learning that there were in fact four Broward County deputies outside Stoneman Douglas High School who refused to enter the building during the shooting. It was police from Coral Springs and Sunrise, along with two newly arrived Broward County deputies, who entered the school to confront the shooter. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has a history of controversy from accepting campaign donations from convicted felons to appointing political supporters to taxpayer-funded jobs. Sheriff Israel responded to the revelation of handing out jobs to political supporters by stating that “lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.” Israel’s department was warned repeatedly by relatives and acquaintances about Nikolas Cruz, but his office failed to take action. Sheriff Israel never mentioned that his deputies refused to enter the building to confront school shooter Nikolas Cruz. This information had to be uncovered later.

It is appallingly clear to any American possessing the ability to think for their self that government is incapable of protecting us as evidenced by the occurrence of these mass shootings. How many times have we witnessed a minor crime wondering where the police are and thinking that they’re never where they’re supposed to be? Rational people know that when trouble comes, it comes in a hurry and does not wait for the police to arrive. No less than Benjamin Franklin himself warned that Americans would be seduced into giving up their rights for the promise of security and that those who were foolish enough to believe these lies deserved neither liberty nor security. The left has threatened, cajoled, demanded, attempted to legislate away, encroached upon, and generally harassed the rights of us Americans to keep and bear arms as declared in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

As if stuck in some state of lunacy, the left continues to insist that gun control will result in the removal of all guns to the point that they will not be available even to criminals. This is a lie rational people cannot accept as truth. Inherent in the definition of criminal is that lack of regard for the law which criminals demonstrate by illegally possessing and using firearms in the commission of their crimes. Logic dictates that law abiding citizens don’t commit gun crimes, hence their classification as law abiding citizens. It follows from this that criminals are by definition not law abiding citizens, meaning that they are capable and willing to commit gun crimes. It is also useful and instructive to remember that evil exists in the world, and the only thing capable of neutralizing an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun and the motivation to use that gun.

Even more chilling than the realization that government is unable to protect us is the realization highlighted by this school shooting that government is unwilling to protect us when presented with the opportunity. Lefty gun controllers are fond of insisting that government will protect us, but that lie is exposed by their repeated inability to do so and their demonstrated desire not to do so in this situation. There are a great many Americans who fear finding themselves in an active shooter scenario lacking the ability to defend themselves because of ignorant and insipid gun control laws preventing them from possessing and carrying firearms for personal protection. Those at the top of the lefty movement push gun control as the first step toward transforming America into a totalitarian communist state they hope to control while those under them such as the indoctrinated students currently agitating for gun control are merely the useful idiots with no idea of the consequences they are attempting to unleash.

With the horrific shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School perpetrated by Nikolas Cruz to satisfy his evil paranoid fantasies of revenge and glory, government has been exposed once again as being unable to protect us from the evil of criminals and has further demonstrated that it is also unwilling to protect us with the cowardly performance of Broward County Sheriff’s deputies refusing to do their sworn duty. Never has an event so highlighted the need for sensible legislation to remove the obstacles to our Second Amendment rights as has this episode of abject moral failure on the parts of Nikolas Cruz and the deputies who refused to confront his evil.

A rational assessment of this appalling event should highlight the lessons learned from studying the situation as it currently exists. The obvious first step is to eliminate the designation of “gun free zones” which signify to criminals that they will face no armed resistance to their criminal behavior. To criminals, “gun free zones” are merely targets of opportunity. Second, we must reform our gun laws to promote an atmosphere whereby law-abiding Americans feel comfortable carrying firearms for personal protection. It does absolutely no good to restrict the carrying of firearms through concealed carry laws and restrictions on the areas where firearms can be carried as these merely create a climate of intimidation to those wishing to carry firearms for personal protection. A gun left at home does no good to an owner needing it in public. Third, we must find a way to publicize the numerous instances where legally armed citizens prevent or stop crimes from occurring through their possession of firearms to counter the gun control narrative that these instances rarely occur. Too many Americans believe the lefty lies of the gun control crowd because they are kept from the truth and manipulated.

There is a debate to be had in the aftermath of this heinous school shooting, but it must begin by dispelling the lefty lies of the gun control crowd and an acknowledgement of their true intentions to disarm Americans for their own nefarious reasons. Experience has repeatedly demonstrated the efficacy of gun ownership in both discouraging and preventing criminal activity. As the truth of this latest mass shooting is revealed, our experience demonstrates that government continues being unable to protect us and now shows in grisly fashion its unwillingness to protect us. It has always been the responsibility of individuals to take the precautions necessary to protect themselves. The Founding Fathers realized this truth and sought to protect our rights to do so. The left chips away at these rights employing various tactics, the latest of which is to hide behind the virtue of students having suffered unwittingly from the left’s disguised intentions.

Those who choose to grow up and assume the responsibilities of adults are citizens who recognize the need to protect themselves and not foolishly rely on others when the necessity arises. Those who cling to adolescence by refusing to take on the mantle of adulthood continue to whine that life is unfair and demand that others do for them what they are unwilling to do for themselves. To reach any useful conclusions, a rational debate on gun ownership and use must begin from the presumption that society will no longer tolerate the refusal of its citizens to grow up and take responsibility for their own lives. Having children argue for gun control is appropriate for the left in that the left refuses to grow up and act as adults. Given the inability and unwillingness of government to protect us, we adults should tolerate their refusal no longer.

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