Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians for election tampering is vindication for President Trump and his transition team as Mueller indicated that no Americans were ‘knowing participants.’

In 2016, Hillary Clinton aligned herself and her campaign almost exclusively with wealthy coastal liberal elites favoring policies at odds with the vast majority of Americans living in the heartland. Ignored were the blue collar, working class Americans who toiled in agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries in the red flyover states so disdained by the elitists of the Democrat Party. Clinton and her campaign strategists assumed that these voters could be ignored as it was believed they had nowhere else to go politically. None other than masterful politician Bill Clinton repeatedly warned Hillary and her campaign strategists that they were making a huge mistake with this strategy which he believed would come back to haunt Hillary on election night.

Promoting policies harmful to these working class Americans who often belonged to unions and had traditionally voted Democrat believing that the Democrat Party stood for the little guy, Hillary and her campaign strategists called for the open borders policies favored by wealthy Democrat donors such as George Soros and his Open Borders Project. Blue collar voters who had watched their manufacturing jobs move offshore after Bill Clinton ushered in NAFTA during his presidency only to see illegal immigrants pouring across the border in droves to take what jobs remained and depress wages for everyone left under the Obama administration chaffed at Hillary campaigning for the rights of illegal immigrants to the detriment of Americans. Not only did Hillary wish to throw open the borders allowing unlimited numbers of immigrants into the country to compete with Americans, but she also campaigned on providing them with generous benefits while these working class Americans struggled to make ends meet as their jobs disappeared and their wages stagnated.

From day one only one candidate managed to tap into the frustration of these working class Americans ignored by Hillary and the Democrat Party. Wealthy New York real estate mogul Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president by highlighting the immigration issue which no other candidate wished to mention. Candidate Trump came under the withering scorn of the media for brazenly speaking truth to lefty power by stating that Mexico didn’t always send their best when their citizens climbed our fences and waded across our rivers illegally to take up residence in the United States. Americans knew this to be the case through experience having seen numerous news stories of illegal immigrants arrested for murdering Americans. Most of these illegal immigrants came from Mexico and other Latin American countries, and most had been arrested and deported numerous times before committing their horrific crimes.

Candidate Trump toured the American heartland, which Hillary ignored, pointing out the disparity wrought by the lax immigration policies of the Obama administration and the unfairness of government concern for these illegal immigrants over the welfare and protection of Americans. Huge crowds attended Trump rallies lapping up his honesty for daring to discuss issues of great concern to Americans but pointedly ignored by the political establishment and its media allies. To the delight of his supporters, candidate Trump had a knack for twisting the media into knots unaccustomed as they were to dealing with a media savvy individual who refused to play along with their worn out script.

On election night, America watched as Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a stunning upset to the snowflake crowd, and an answered prayer to the rest of the country. So taken aback was Hillary that she could not even compose herself enough to make a concession speech that night and instead delivered it the next day. Almost immediately began the search by Hillary of identifying who or what was responsible for her loss to a man she and her cohorts considered to be a clown with no political gravitas. Eventually, Hillary settled on blaming her loss on Russian interference in the election process among other things.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the country, a Deep State cadre of individuals lay deeply embedded in the Obama administration among the various intelligence and law enforcement agencies. During the campaign, this Deep State cabal had been working to undermine the Trump campaign by providing opposition research to the Clinton campaign and various media outlets. This opposition research trafficked in salacious gossip and unproven rumors designed to humiliate the Trump campaign in the most effective manner. However, Americans had become aware of the media bias directed at Trump and each new media attack against him merely caused his supporters to rally that much closer around him. These supporters reasoned that if the corrupt media were against Trump, then he must be causing them a great deal of consternation and therefore worthy of their support.

After the shock of Trump’s election wore off, this Deep State cadre turned their attention from undermining Trump’s campaign to undermining his presidency. The campaign opposition research project involving the Fusion GPS dossier was set aside to concentrate on wiretapping the Trump Transition team to gather information which could be leaked to the media. The worthless Fusion GPS dossier was used by the FBI to secure FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page in the hopes of bolstering their nascent theory that the Russians had influenced the election as Hillary claimed, and done so by colluding with the Trump campaign team. So confident was the Deep State that it could bring down Trump that its members didn’t bother to cover their tracks, and when congressional investigators began to close in, they fell back on the tried and true Obama administration tactic of stonewalling investigators.

It has now come to the point whereby Special Counsel Robert Mueller has announced indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian firms for improperly influencing the 2016 elections. At first glance, this news would merely seem to vindicate President Trump as Mueller took pains to announce that no Americans knowingly took part in the schemes of these indicted Russians but were duped in their campaign influence operations. Mueller also pointed out that the efforts of these Russians, while improper and egregious, did not significantly affect the election results. President Trump is taking a victory lap with this news, and one could be forgiven for thinking that the collusion case against Trump is closed for good, but one would be wrong.

Let me point out that Mueller’s indictment of Russians and explanation that no Americans were knowingly involved does end the fake Russian collusion case promoted by the Deep State against President Trump, but it does not end the need to investigate the Deep State’s involvement in this sordid and illegal affair, nor does it absolve Deep State operatives from criminal punishment for their involvement.

Immediately after the election, Hillary began blaming everything and everyone for her loss, and conspiracy-minded snowflakes seized upon the Russian collusion angle as the most nefarious basis for explaining that loss. In their minds, somehow, Trump had to be the blame, and he had to have had help to pull off what the snowflakes considered as inconceivable. So, the idea of a nefarious Russian conspiracy to manipulate the election in Trump’s favor became the basis for their angst. After all, to them it was a plausible explanation as they could not conceive of a way in which Trump could honestly defeat Hillary, certain as they were of her victory.

To this day, President Trump’s enemies in the media, the Democrat Party, and the establishment GOP continue to underestimate his abilities to turn their feeble tactics against them. To their dismay, they continue to try the same old tactics with the insane idea that they will work this time. Withering media scorn only lasted less than a week before attention turned to the substance of Candidate Trump’s remarks about illegal Mexican immigrants often being undesirables. After much practice and refinement, President Trump has managed to trim these media firestorms down to a day or so at most before steering the media towards another issue.

As anyone who has seriously studied him knows, Trump is a tenacious fighter when it comes to protecting his image since his image is the basis for much of his wealth and success. So it should have come as no surprise that President Trump would fight back against the Deep State using clever tactics and manipulation of public opinion. As the Deep State set about leaking classified details of Trump administration meetings, President Trump set about pointing out that the Deep State was responsible for these leaks. Public opinion has turned against the Deep State in a major way as these Deep State operatives become more frustrated and more careless in their fight against Trump, thus making it much easier for Trump to highlight their illegal activity.

Determined investigative efforts from patriotic House members such as House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes have gradually chipped away at the stonewalling efforts of the Deep State cabal to reveal identities of several members and their connections to each other, the Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign. It is now known that the Clinton campaign funded the discredited Fusion GPS dossier, several members of the Obama administration had ties to Fusion GPS such as FBI Agent Bruce Ohr whose wife worked there, and that the discredited dossier was used illegally to obtain FISA warrants so the Deep State could spy on the Trump Transition team. We also know that Obama administration officials Susan Rice and Samantha Powers abused their positions to unmask Americans identified as part of Deep State surveillance efforts and spread this information throughout the administration knowing that it would eventually be leaked to the media.

President Trump and House investigators have turned the tables on the Deep State identifying their members, methods, and motives, and are on the verge of implicating Hillary Clinton and her campaign as the actual team responsible for conspiring with the Russians to manipulate the 2016 election. In addition, evidence is being uncovered pointing directly to former President Obama as being directly complicit in the Deep State operation to undermine the Trump campaign and presidency. The one thing Democrats will defend at all costs is the legacy of Barack Obama as the first black president, as they can’t allow anything to tarnish his reputation, certainly not involvement in anything as mundane as illegal campaign activity.

Mueller’s indictment of Russians and careful absolution of any Americans serves three purposes. First, it acknowledges that President Trump has effectively beaten the Deep State which wishes the investigations uncovering their involvement and methods to end. Second, it seeks to halt any further investigation of the Clinton campaign’s involvement with Russians attempting to manipulate the election process in Hillary’s favor by gathering opposition research on Trump. And third, it signals that the Deep State is willing to halt further investigation and harassment of the Trump administration to protect the legacy of the Obama administration.

Left unchecked, the Deep State will continue to metastasize inside the federal government to the advantage of the lefty Democrats. President Trump stands on the precipice of victory in his war against the Deep State, and there will never be a greater opportunity than now for him to root these operatives out of the administration. He should press his advantage to pry these Deep State operatives out of his administration so they can do him no further damage, and then send them to jail as a lesson to all others who would entertain the idea that they are more important to the country than our elected officials and so entitled to abuse the laws they purport to uphold.

Mueller’s announcement is vindication indeed for President Trump, but it should not be allowed to be the end of the story. Attention should now be turned to the Clinton campaign’s involvement with Russian agents attempting to influence American elections, and the sordid truth of the Obama administration’s entire involvement should be brought to light, including that of former President Obama himself. Weary as the public may be of the fabricated Russian collusion narrative and the misdirected Deep State investigations into it, we should resolve to get to the entire truth of the matter having come this far, so as to avoid future episodes of this manner by sending a message of determination to seek the truth leaving Deep State colluders no place to hide.

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