Coddling Adolescents

This week’s school shooting in Florida has prompted the usual cries for gun control from the lefty communist crowd seeking to disarm Americans to smooth their path to totalitarian control, but the real problem lies in the left’s decades long obsession with extending adolescence and coddling these grown children far past the time for them to grow up and assume responsibility as adults.

It’s no secret that the left flirted with communism many decades ago, and fully embraced it during the Great Depression. During that time of great economic upheaval, it was tempting to be seduced with the soothing idea of redistributing wealth from those who had a great plenty to those who lacked a great plenty, for there was great need across the land and the socialist ideas of communism appeared to the left to be a viable alternative to what they believed was the failures of the free market system which the left derisively began to call capitalism.

Socialists and communists infiltrated the Roosevelt and Truman administrations and passed secrets back to their handlers in the Soviet Union believing they were doing their duty to promote communism as the better economic system. These useful idiots conveniently failed to mention the millions who died in the Soviet Union due to famines created by the shortcomings of communism where people refuse to do more than the absolute minimum when they are guaranteed an equal share regardless of the effort they exert. Richard Nixon made his political career as Chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee where he exposed State Department official Alger Hiss as a communist agent passing secrets to the Soviet Union through the testimony of communist defector Whittaker Chambers. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s smear tactics were certainly shameful, but he was correct that the State Department was infested with communists. In addition to Hiss, other prominent Soviet spies in the State Department included Julien Wadleigh, Laurence Duggan, and Noel Field. Their identities were revealed when Soviet spymaster Elizabeth Bentley defected in 1945 and provided testimony revealing extensive Soviet spy networks throughout the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. Bentley’s testimony was later confirmed with the declassification of documents from the Venona Project documents deciphered through U.S. codebreaking efforts.

As an economic system, communism has failed in every instance where it has been implemented, either by seducing people into accepting it through the popular vote, or by forcefully imposing it on people against their will. Communism is currently failing in Venezuela with the same miserable results of economic collapse, mass starvation, and civilization breakdown recorded in previous failures. Communists long ago realized that one of the first steps which must be undertaken to preserve communist rule is to disarm the populace under the auspices of security before they have a chance to discover the failures of communism and wish to change their minds. Buyer’s remorse over being seduced into the adoption of communism has fueled many a Latin American revolution.

In America, the left has long attempted to undermine the Second Amendment through the seductive talk of security guarantees and pious outrage over the misuse of guns. Americans have tenaciously defended the Second Amendment and their rights to own firearms remembering the lessons of the Patriots’ victory in the Revolution which was only possible because they possessed firearms to defend themselves against the British. The independent spirit and frontier mentality of America is ingrained deeply into our collective conscious as Americans, further lending to our ability to resist encroachments upon our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. We Americans are also aware that personal defense requires one to be armed and ready when trouble comes, because the police are always minutes away when seconds count. For personal defense, we are reliant upon ourselves and not the police.

Unable to seduce Americans into accepting gun control in exchange for vague promises of security, the left turned to the courts to gradually chip away at our Second Amendment rights. They have had some success in the form of banning automatic weapons following the Mafioso gang wars of the Roaring 20s, and the requirement of permits for concealed carry which gives authorities the ability to deny permits and imposes a layer of intimidation over the process of carrying a concealed weapon.

The rise in mass shooting sprees has caused the left to amplify their objections over the possession of guns by their favored tactic of playing the moral outrage card to demand gun control, claiming that gun control would have prevented whichever latest tragedy has just unfolded and any future tragedies. Conservatives have successfully pushed back against these attacks by pointing out that these mass shootings have occurred in areas the left has deemed as “gun free zones,” which promptly informs any would be shooter that they will face no armed resistance in these areas. Conservatives also point out that law abiding citizens could have curtailed or prevented these mass shootings had they been properly armed so as to resist the shooter. Americans still tremble at the thought of being caught up in one of these mass shootings cowering in a corner and unable to defend themselves because of gun control and associated firearms restrictions imposed by the left. Americans also know that the left only preaches gun control to realize their goal of imposing a totalitarian state to force communism upon the country and not because of any particular regard to public safety. Experience demonstrates conclusively that well-armed citizens are much safer than disarmed citizens inhabiting gun-free zones.

There are several reasons for the increase in mass shooting episodes, but the availability of guns is not one of them. Guns have always been available in America, and other than the gang wars of the 1920s prompted by Prohibition, there have been relatively few mass shootings even as guns were much more readily available in the past.

One of the main reasons for the increase in mass shootings has been the coddling of adolescents, which has been encouraged by the left to infantilize Americans and stunt their cognitive ability. In the past when America was a much more rural society engaged primarily in agriculture, children were expected to work and grew up much faster than today. The industrial revolution transitioned America from a rural agricultural society to a more urban industrialized society, and the images of children working long hours under dangerous conditions in factories prompted necessary reforms barring egregious forms of child labor. Children, who once grew up fast working for a living, found themselves relegated to classrooms gaining a beneficial education which also allowed them to remain innocent children shielded from the real world for far longer. This was not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but left undirected, it had the ability to lead to bad consequences. The social changes wrought by removing children from the workforce were never properly anticipated, and society attempted to cope by clamping down on their behavior through social repression which contributed to their rebellion in the 1960’s.

The left has gradually extended adolescence from the early teens out to the mid-twenties and beyond. Young people legally able to drive, drink alcohol, and stand trial as an adult for their crimes are still referred to as adolescents by a society increasingly unwilling to force these young people to grow up and assume the responsibilities of adults. Those children of the 1960s who rebelled against traditional values have raised a generation with minimal adult supervision who have now gone on to raise another generation with even less adult supervision because they refused to assume responsibility and passed this refusal on to their children. Add to this the nauseating coddling of participation trophies whereby young people are taught that no one has to lose because the “adults” are unwilling to expose their children to the realities of life, or the elimination of corporal punishment for fear of hurting the feelings of these children, and it’s easy to see how adolescents are able to avoid growing up.

There was a time when teenagers couldn’t wait to graduate high school and become adults while clamoring for responsibility to demonstrate that they were finally adults. Once that rite of passage known as graduation had been passed, these young adults looked back on those still in school as inferior to their new status as adults. Graduates sought to align themselves with other adults and get on with their lives. The extended adolescence found in the youth of today see high school graduates comfortable with the idea of living at home and extolling the virtues of such arrangements. It also sees the rise in female sexual predators as young women fresh from college in their first teaching assignments are unable to separate themselves from their high school days and see themselves as the popular insiders they might not have been in their high school days. High school boys suddenly paying them so much attention leads some to lose themselves in this popularity and ignore their adult status while indulging in attention they might not have had in high school or haven’t had since.

When the social outcasts and misfits of a generation are exposed to the harsh treatment of other children lacking in the social graces of compassion whose only interest is in hiding their own shortcomings by focusing attention on these misfits, they reach a point where the bullying and social insults become unbearable. These misfits feel they have no one to turn to because they see adults as avoiding their responsibility of preparing them for these situations with their rules against fighting and unwillingness to punish these bullies. They begin to feel that their only choice is to take matters into their own hands by staging some grand fateful event in which they can exact their revenge for years of pent up frustration and abuse. These mass shootings then become nothing more than temper tantrums staged on a grand scale with available tools misused for the evil purpose of exacting revenge.

As society has increasingly relinquished its responsibility to act as adults in preparing young people for the realities of the world by extending adolescence to ridiculous lengths and abdicating its duty to impose discipline through the application of corporal punishment, young people have come to realize that they face very few consequences for their egregious behavior short of criminal acts. Students once behaved for fear of visiting the principal’s office and receiving a severe paddling which left them agonizing both from the pain and the embarrassment of the punishment inflicted. Being suspended for a couple of days just doesn’t have the same effect as being reduced to tears from an intense thrashing with a menacing paddle in front of your classmates. It’s hard to look cool in front of the class when you’re squalling and trying to block the paddle with your free hand, and that was the point. Kids behaved because they didn’t want to experience the pain and humiliation of a paddling.

The elimination of corporal punishment saw an increase in the inability to control children who no longer feared the consequences of their actions and began to act up in class. When this situation quickly reached a point whereby teachers were losing control of their classes with a corresponding decrease in student achievement, parents began to demand a resolution of this crisis from their local school boards. Caught between the rock of losing disciplinary control and the hard place of losing corporal punishment, the education establishment began labeling kids as having attention deficit disorder and doping them up with psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin  to sedate them and make them more compliant in the classroom. A generation of kids has become addicted to these psychotropic drugs which suddenly become unavailable upon graduation when these addicts are dumped into society. Many turn to illegal drugs cut off as they are from their previous suppliers in the educational establishment.

A vast array of psychotropic drugs have been introduced to cope with a wide range of mental illnesses, all of which come with warnings of the dangers of using these drugs and separate warnings of the dangers involved when one suddenly stops taking them. Many of these drugs contain warnings of suicidal thoughts and actions along with warnings that they may induce paranoia and lead to violent incidents. The use of psychotropic drugs in various combinations is a common theme among those responsible for mass shootings, as is the prevalence of reports from their peers that these individuals didn’t seem right and that these peers were unsurprised by their violent shooting sprees.

Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, was believed to be taking medication for his emotional instability. Adam Lanza, responsible for the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut which left 20 dead, was also taking medication for his inability to cope with school. A list of these mass murderers from Columbine killer Eric Harris to Houston mother Andrea Yates who drowned her five children reveals that all were taking psychotropic drugs. Few people know that the drug companies manufacturing this panoply of psychotropic drugs have quietly settles scores of cases out of court to maintain their claims that they’ve never been successfully sued in court over these products. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for millions of dollars in television advertising, which is why there is rarely any mention of mass shooting spree perpetrators being on any of these psychotropic drugs.

The left would love nothing more than to goad the country into demanding gun control in response to the Florida school shooting by demonizing the availability of guns as the cause of this horrific episode of evil while conveniently ignoring their responsibility in the form of extended adolescence trapping youth in a world of naïve innocence and increased psychotropic drug use to control their behavior unleashed as it is with the elimination of corporal punishment. By coddling adolescents, the left has created socially depraved monsters fueled by psychotropic drugs exacerbating their paranoia and leading them to lash out violently against their peers ill-equipped as they are to deal with the real world by a generation unwilling to act as adults. The only gun lesson to be learned from this tragedy is that gun free zones are considered targets of opportunity to those predisposed to committing mass murder by the dangerous side effects of their psychotropic drug prescriptions, and the only effective measure is to arm those responsible for our children to shorten the list of these targets of opportunity.

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