Unmanageable Government

The federal government has grown to the point where it has become unwieldy and unmanageable as Congress is no longer able to provide sufficient oversight and the Executive Branch contains Deep State elements actually working to undermine the president while bureaucrats waste billions of dollars with no one the wiser and an arrogance suggesting their entitlement to do so.

The Founding Fathers embarked on a dangerous course of action to free the American colonies from the oppression of Great Britain which saw the colonies as a mere possession from which it could extract wealth with no regard to those colonists inhabiting them. Colonists had no representation in the British Parliament, and were subject to whatever whims Great Britain fancied to increase its ability to extract colonial wealth.

The production of tobacco was regulated to force its sale in Britain through registered agents who then converted the proceeds into British goods for return to the tobacco grower. This arrangement allowed the tobacco agents to artificially manipulate the sale price of the tobacco on the front end while overpaying for substandard merchandise on the back end. The tobacco grower was entirely at the mercy of others when it came to marketing his crop, and these others wasted no chance in cheating the grower at every opportunity to maximize their profits.

George Washington learned this the hard way with his first crop of tobacco for which he received a shipment of mostly useless junk as payment for his efforts as a gentleman farmer. Upon the realization of being cheated through this legislatively arranged monopolistic scheme which left him cash poor and no recourse for redress, Washington immediately switched his next crop from tobacco to corn which wasn’t regulated by the British Parliament and which Washington would be free to sell under his control to his fellow colonists. This decision both profited Washington immensely and left him with a burning desire to remove government interference from the free enterprise system.

Washington was not alone in desiring a removal of government interference from the market as fellow colonists also felt the heavy hand of the British government interfering in their affairs. The distance from England afforded by the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean allowed colonists many opportunities to circumvent British oversight, and fortunes were made through smuggling as many colonists turned a blind eye to what they viewed as excessive British interference in their daily lives.

The British viewed the American colonies as a resource from which they could extract wealth and the colonists as employees who should be grateful to the British for underwriting their opportunities to prosper in the New World. After all, the British funded many of the original settlements which led to colonial growth and provided security to protect colonists from the Indians roaming the frontier and the French looking to conquer the colonies. The British had gone to great expense defending the colonies in the French and Indian War, and they believed the colonists were ungrateful for this protection.

While the British had provided security to the colonies at their expense, it must be realized that they provided this security not for the protection of the colonists per se, but for the protection of their investments in the colonies which had yielded them substantial wealth many times greater than the expenses which they had undertaken. It was this point which the British conveniently ignored when levying taxes upon the colonists to pay for their expenses in managing the American colonies. The colonists were not so quick to forget that the British were extracting their wealth and then having the gall to demand that the colonists also pay for their privilege to do so.

The bitter memories of British rule, coupled with the experience of a hard fought victory for independence, caused the Founders to enact the Articles of Confederation as their first attempt at self-governance. Under this arrangement, the sovereignty of each colony, or state, was preserved at the expense of a weak federal government unable to control bickering and dissent among the states. After a decade, it was decided that this arrangement was ultimately unworkable, and the Founders set about designing a new government with a stronger federal component able to impose order on the states.

From the second story study of his beloved home Montpelier, James Madison drafted the Constitution to serve as the blueprint for the design of the federal government of the United States. This second attempt at designing a workable government proved to be much more successful with its strong federal component imposing order upon the states and guarantees of personal freedom and state sovereignty. Madison and the other Founders were still suspicious of a strong federal government and sought to place as many checks and balances upon the system as possible to guarantee the personal freedom of Americans while limiting as much as possible the ability of nefarious elements to seize the tremendous powers of government for their own ends.

In the Federalist Papers, Madison warned Americans not to ever grant additional powers to the federal government for any reason, regardless of the urgency of the situation or the reasonableness of the request. Madison warned that power granted to the government would eventually be abused by those in power who would use this power against Americans for their own nefarious ends. He also warned that power granted to the government by the people would never be given back to the people by the government. Madison’s warnings have proven prescient as we’ve watched the federal government grow in size and power while never finding an opportunity to relinquish powers granted by representatives of the people. Requests for these powers have always come at times of great peril for the nation with the promise that they will be returned once the crisis is past, but these promises are never fulfilled.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 plunged the nation into a time of great fear and trepidation as the threat of Islamic terrorism finally hit home after decades of being ignored as merely a Mideast problem. In the throes of panic, Congress rushed to approve President Bush’s requests to form the Department of Homeland Security and pass the Patriot Act granting intelligence agencies the power to spy upon Americans in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment and the intentions of the Founders to protect Americans from the threat of unreasonable search and seizure. The Department of Homeland Security created an additional layer of bureaucracy exploding the size of the federal government as federal agencies were stripped from their respective departments and cobbled together under the DHS umbrella.

DHS was sold to the public as being needed to gather all the federal resources necessary for the protection of the nation from domestic terror attacks under one agency for streamlining and to speed response times. In practice, it has had the opposite effect as seen in the poor response of FEMA to Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters. Before being placed under DHS, FEMA had a much better reputation for responding to natural disasters, but under DHS, its mission was refocused from disaster response to terrorism response and it lost the ability to provide timely relief from natural disasters.

The Patriot Act was sold to the public under the guise of enhancing security by allowing the government to surveil communications in their hunt for terrorist activity. Americans were assured that constitutional protections would exist in the form of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which would require a warrant to be granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) before surveillance could begin. The problem with this assurance is that the FISC and the FISA warrant process all occur under the cloak of secrecy with no assurance that the process is under proper oversight to protect the rights of Americans.

This fear of a lack of proper oversight was realized with the release of the House Intelligence Committee FISA Memo detailing numerous abuses of the FISA process by a cadre of Deep State elements seeking to abuse the surveillance powers of the various intelligence agencies under the secrecy afforded by the FISA process. Years of investigation by various congressional committees and determined individuals is finally unravelling the intentional stonewalling of Obama administration Deep State elements attempting to cover up their attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election and undermine the eventual winner of that election. This abuse of government power to spy upon political opponents and undermine President Trump reaches all the way up to former President Obama himself as revealed in the texts exchanged between two elements of that Deep State cadre, FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

The revelation of surveillance abuses comes on top of revelations that the Obama administration weaponized various parts of the federal government to wage war against administration opponents. Multiple Tea Party groups had their applications for 501(c)(3) status intentionally slow walked through the system by Lois Lerner and her cadre of Deep State operatives at the IRS to prevent their ability to influence the 2012 elections by holding up their paperwork and thwarting their ability to raise funds.

The Obama administration DOJ under partisan Democrat Eric Holder was caught distributing the proceeds from corporate settlements among various lefty groups to the exclusion of conservative groups. Worse than the exclusion of conservative groups was the illegal funneling of money by the DOJ to advocacy groups in the first place. Judicial settlements are intended to redress the underlying wrongdoing of the corporate entities involved, not promote the biased lefty causes supported by the Obama administration.

From the embarrassing failure of the ATF’s Fast and Furious gunrunning debacle which saw the illegal transfer of arms to Mexican drug cartels under ATF oversight and resulted in the death of at least one federal agent by one of these guns, to the illegal approval of the Uranium One sale to Russian business interests through bribes to the Clinton Foundation to influence Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s consent, the Obama administration is being revealed to be the most corrupt in history. Despite this growing mountain of evidence, the biased liberal media and its lefty cohorts continue their efforts to protect Obama’s reputation from the stain of corruption invested as they are in securing Obama’s legacy as the first black president.

This week, we were treated to yet another media story detailing government abuse and the waste of billions of taxpayer dollars, the latest in a long line of such stories to which we Americans have become accustomed to tuning out due to their frequency and our inability to directly influence the process. It appears that the Defense Logistics Agency can’t account for some $880 million funding multiple projects due to its failure to properly document these funding streams. DLA spokesmen casually explained that these things happened while promising to do better in the future. Government waste occurs so routinely that the government doesn’t even bother being outraged anymore when facing the public with their explanations.

As if another example of the chaos of government growth were needed, we were treated to yet another government shutdown showdown as Congress once again teetered on the brink of shutting down the government over its inability to pass a budget covering the entire fiscal year and relying instead on stopgap spending measures which leave the government lurching forward in fits and starts. The federal government has grown so large that Congress has abandoned its constitutional budgetary and oversight roles as it no longer has the time, ability, or inclination to perform such arduous tasks. In violation of the Constitution, federal agencies are created and placed under the Executive Branch whose unelected bureaucrats are vested with the power to issue regulations with the binding effect of congressionally passed laws, with Congress reducing its role to one of mere budgetary oversight, and not much of that.

The federal government has grown to unmanageable proportions as oversight ability and revenue sustainment are exhausted. Americans pay more in taxes today than ever before, and it’s not nearly enough as trillion dollar deficits are forecast as far as the eye can see. Snowflakes on the left may be convinced that this situation can go on forever, but the reality is an inflationary future with an ever weakening dollar and the inability to borrow the funds needed to continue government operations. One need only look at Venezuela for a relevant real world example of a country disintegrating into chaos from the ravages of communism and its economic destruction in the form of hyperinflation. We live under a bloated federal government routinely abusing our constitutional rights run by arrogant bureaucrats immune from oversight by a Congress stretched too thin to function properly and too partisan to even try.

In addition to his other promises, President Trump campaigned on the promise of reducing the size of government to bring it back under the control of the people, restore its oversight abilities, make it respond more effectively, and reduce the tax burden on Americans by making it more affordable. President Trump has demonstrated a remarkable fortitude for keeping his campaign promises, but he continues to face Deep State elements dedicated to undermining his administration. The Deep State seeks to preserve this unwieldy and oversized government to protect its base of power, and has demonstrated that it is willing to jeopardize the country in this quest. It is incumbent upon us Americans to demand better representation from our elected officials at redressing the threat of an oversized federal government to trample upon our constitutional rights. The Founders who risked their lives and fortunes securing our independence from the tyranny of Great Britain would expect nothing less.

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