Deep State Blues

Release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Memo has confirmed what millions of Americans have long suspected and snowflakes have long feared concerning the Deep State effort to undermine President Trump.

In the immediate aftermath of her stunning loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton struggled to explain away her loss as the fault of any factor except her own inability as an effective campaigner and being hopelessly out of touch with struggling working class Americans. Almost immediately, Clinton and her corrupt media cohorts began pushing the false narrative that the Russians had interfered in the election by colluding with Trump and that Trump’s collusion with the Russians meant that he was illegally conspiring with the Russians to undermine America.

First off, collusion is a salacious smear full of innuendo and not a crime. As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump and his team had every right to meet with representatives of foreign governments, including Russia, wishing to assess their future working relationships with him in the event he became president. The Clinton campaign team also met with representatives of foreign governments for the same reason, but there was no hue and cry rising up from the liberally biased media over those encounters.

In the weeks of the transition period leading up to the inauguration, momentum began to build among the Deep State operatives of the Obama administration insidiously sprinkled throughout the government to hatch a plan undermining the Trump administration and forcing Trump’s removal from office. Numerous leaks from Deep State operatives in the DOJ and FBI of salacious details from a dossier which was rumored to exist documenting Donald Trump’s ties to Russia along with lurid details of Trump’s visits to Russia in which he was thought to have engaged in perverted sexual acts involving Russian prostitutes which the Russians were using to blackmail him.

The left quickly saw this false narrative as their best chance to invalidate the election by forcing President Trump from office. Shattered snowflakes blinded by their hatred of President Trump and unable to think rationally seized upon every detail as the gospel truth despite the total lack of evidence. Unintentionally assisting the propagation of this false narrative was the recusal of newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions from any involvement in the investigation of this false Russian collusion narrative given his failure to disclose his own contacts with Russian representatives despite the fact that they came in context with his role as a sitting U.S. Senator. In his attempts to remain beyond reproach, Sessions removed himself from being able to control the investigation by squashing the nuttier allegations and thus placed it in the hands of Deep State operative Rod Rosenstein, a weak careerist serving as the Deputy Attorney General who assumed that role when President Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce his immigration orders. Rosenstein promptly appointed former FBI Director and Deep State operative Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor to investigate Russian collusion claims with no limits to his ability to thoroughly investigate President Trump and members of his administration.

Throughout all of this, the media leaks continued as many began to wonder exactly how the Deep State knew what it did and where it got all of this information. Several House committees already investigating claims of wrongdoing from the Obama administration involving the illegal unmasking of Americans caught on surveillance tapes of foreign agents were being stonewalled in their attempts to gain documents and cooperation from the Deep State agents in the DOJ, the FBI, and the intelligence agencies responsible for this activity. The question was being asked why these Obama administration agencies were focusing on the Trump campaign and transition teams in the first place as no evidence existed that any wrongdoing had occurred.

While the various House committees were struggling to obtain documents from the stonewalling Deep State, determined individuals such as Larry Klayman from Freedom Watch and Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch were doggedly suing the government to produce documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Klayman and Fitton were responsible for several stunning revelations concerning the Deep State as a result of their successful lawsuits in which judges forced the Deep State to turn over requested documents. Their work, along with that of several House committees, led the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chaired by California Republican Devin Nunes, to intensify their investigation of the Deep State operatives stonewalling congressional oversight of these federal agencies.

As the Deep State plot to undermine and overthrow President Trump was gathering momentum, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for his refusal to admit publicly that President Trump was not under investigation and that the FBI could find nothing incriminating in the false Russian collusion narrative. Meanwhile, Mueller’s team continued expanding their focus into areas having absolutely nothing to do with the false Russian collusion narrative in a fishing expedition attempting to catch Trump administration officials committing some form of wrongdoing they could leverage into indictments of President Trump.

The favored tactic employed by the FBI and DOJ to gain leverage in an investigation is to interview a subject multiple times while noting discrepancies between their official statements and various subsequent interviews. These discrepancies then form the basis of an obstruction of justice charge leveled against the subject in the hopes of enticing him into a plea bargain whereupon he is expected to testify against others being investigated. Under no circumstances should anyone ever agree to be interviewed by the FBI, the DOJ, or any other law enforcement agency without the presence of a highly skilled attorney for this very reason.

Unaware of the Deep State effort to overthrow President Trump, newly appointed National Security Advisor Michael Flynn agreed to a meeting with the FBI thinking that the request involved discussing personnel issues in his new role. Flynn was sandbagged by the FBI as Andrew McCabe arranged a meeting in which Peter Strzok and another agent appeared in his office and began asking questions about him meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Flynn then went on to commit the cardinal sin of failing to report this FBI interview to President Trump and was summarily sacked soon after. As National Security Advisor, Flynn would have been working closely with FBI counterterrorism agents and probably assumed this was an effort to get started on the right foot. Still, once the intent of the interview became clear, Flynn should have immediately ended the interview and arranged to speak to his lawyer.

Stunning revelations in the form of text messages exchanged by FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who were having an affair at the time and were both assigned to Mueller’s investigative team, came to light as part of the document requests the DOJ and FBI were forced to turn over. In these texts, Strzok and Page revealed an intense bias by detailing their hatred of President Trump while making vague references to a secret society and nefarious plans to overthrow President Trump. As the firestorm of these revelations raged, Mueller removed Strzok and Page from his team and Strzok was reassigned to the personnel division at the FBI. The revelation of intense bias against President Trump infecting members of Mueller’s team along with mention of a secret society and references of secret plans to undermine President Trump has seriously compromised the integrity of Mueller’s investigation and led to the unraveling of the Deep State plot to overthrow the Trump administration.

By this time, the rumored dossier was confirmed to exist and its contents were subsequently leaked to the press in an effort to embarrass and undermine President Trump while bolstering the Mueller investigation. President Trump summarily refuted the contents of the dossier and investigators were quickly forced to admit it was full of salacious lies and unproven gossip. House investigators turned their attention on discovering the source of the dossier and whether it played a part in justifying the FISA warrants obtained by the Obama administration Deep State operatives now known to have eavesdropped on the Trump transition team. Obama administration officials Susan Rice and Samantha Powers were revealed to have been the primary culprits behind numerous unmasking requests, and it was also revealed that they spread this information throughout the Obama administration in the hopes it would be leaked to the press. It was later revealed that the dossier had been funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC as opposition research and provided to the FBI through several avenues including John McCain. This revelation came about when Fusion GPS, the firm behind the dossier, was forced to reveal in court that Democrat law firm Perkins Coie had funded production of the dossier, and further investigation led back to the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Suspicion quickly focused on the use of the dossier as the basis for obtaining the FISA warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to surveil the Trump transition team.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes worked with majority committee members to compile a memo detailing the abuses their investigation uncovered over the past two years. Congressman Nunes then sent the FISA Memo to President Trump requesting that he review it and declassify it in his capacity as an original classifier as president. During this time, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with President Trump to request he refuse release of the memo arguing that agents’ lives would be placed in jeopardy. When President Trump refused their entreaties, they took to the media in an act of defiant insubordination to press their case that the FISA Memo should remain unreleased. President Trump reviewed the memo and returned it to Chairman Nunes declassified and with no redactions.

The corrupt and liberally biased media have argued vociferously against release of the memo despite celebrating the recent release of “The Post,” a movie chronicling the release of the Pentagon Papers and the role of journalists arguing for public disclosure of government information under the justification that the public has a right to know. Journalists once lived by this principle and saw it as their sacred duty to expose government corruption trusting in the public’s ability to handle the truth. With their obstinate defense of keeping the FISA Memo secret because it threatens exposure of the Deep State and their nefarious plot to overthrow President Trump, the fourth estate has revealed itself as thoroughly corrupt and unworthy of the public’s trust.

Once again, the left has allowed itself to be consumed with hatred to the point of losing all objectivity in underestimating President Trump despite his success in dealing with his enemies. President Trump went to war with the corrupt and liberally biased media, and managed to reveal to Americans the depth of their corruption while destroying their business models as Americans increasingly turn away from their lies. Trump then went to war with the establishment Republican Party and managed to defeat a succession of their handpicked and well financed candidates while revealing the corruption of GOP stalwarts pretending to be conservatives as they were acquiescing to the regressive agenda of the Democrats and declaring themselves as Never Trumpers. Next, President Trump went to war with regressive Democrats intent on obstructing his agenda by defiantly shutting down the government as part of their obstructionist tactics and managed to brand them as obstructionists devoid of ideas or any plan other than obstruction and resistance. Finally, President Trump has gone to war with the Deep State operatives of the Obama administration attempting to overthrow his administration while covering for Hillary and managed to reveal their unconstitutional abuse of powers which should never have been granted to them in the first place. He did all of this with a few tweets and a refusal to back down in the face of adversity, while each group assisted the effort greatly by revealing themselves through their hatred and increasingly paranoid antics.

James Madison explicitly warned Americans to never give the government any additional power under any circumstances because this power would eventually be abused in its use against Americans, and once given, it would never be returned. The FISA Memo details the fundamental abuse of government power through its unlimited means of surveillance to spy upon political adversaries through politically weaponized intelligence agencies. The ability of these Deep State operatives abusing these powers to spy upon their political enemies means they also have the ability to spy upon any American they so choose in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. The flimsy excuse offered by powerless Americans that they are unimportant and not likely to be spied upon is rebutted by recognizing that any American has the potential to become important at any time due to unforeseen circumstances which could invite unwanted government investigation. The unlimited resources of the government can be trained against anyone to place their lives under unbearable and unexplainable scrutiny. Every American should tremble in fear at the powers we have allowed our representatives to grant to the Deep State as evidenced by the FISA Memo.

Release of the FISA Memo has caused a case of the Deep State Blues as their unconstitutional attempt to overthrow a sitting president due to their political biases is revealed to the public and unravels. Just as snowflakes have secretly feared, the Russian collusion narrative never had any basis of truth and was never going to lead to the removal of President Trump. For their crimes, these Deep State operatives deserve to go to prison, and the intelligence systems should be reformed to remove the most egregious powers while adding additional oversight to protect Americans from surveillance abuse. Americans’ civil liberties have been abused, and the startling silence from lefty organizations such as the ACLU which should be screaming to high heaven belies their animosity to critics of their agenda to misuse the system in their zeal to transform the system. President Trump continues to win while the left now sings the Deep State blues.

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