Shithole Immigrants

Whether he actually said it or not, President Trump is absolutely correct to ask why it’s in America’s best interests to allow immigrants having nothing to offer from shithole countries into America just because they wish to escape their own miserable circumstances.

Donald Trump launched his candidacy highlighting the issue of immigration by pointing out that Mexico did not always send their best and brightest when pouring across our border. Trump weathered the initial firestorm of lefty condemnation by doubling down until immigration became the issue of the campaign despite the efforts of both parties to keep it in the background. Both would have rather framed the issue in a way that presumed legalization of millions of illegal immigrants and a vast opening of America’s borders, but Candidate Trump’s embrace of the issue forced consideration of the issue on friendlier conservative terms. Each of the candidates was forced to respond to the immigration issue through their respective party lenses with often tortured responses that doomed several to irrelevancy.

The Democrat Party wishes to import millions of new voters to prop up their electoral chances of enacting a globalist platform of international control which Americans have consistently rejected, while the establishment GOP wishes to import millions of low-wage workers at the behest of their corporatist donors who wish to squeeze the wages of blue-collar Americans to fatten their bottom lines. It’s not enough that the establishment Republicans have created the conditions which allowed these corporatists to move their manufacturing overseas; now these corporatists wish to bring their manufacturing back home to control quality and their intellectual property while also importing the cheap labor they moved overseas to get in the first place.

Candidate Trump called out this issue in terms blue-collar Americans could understand and rode it all the way to the White House. His frank talk and colorful language was a refreshing breath of fresh air to Americans who had soured on the lofty oratorical pontification of those in the political class poised to sell America down the road of globalism. Trump’s language resonated because it was often the same language Americans used in private when discussing the issues of the day over a beer at the local tavern.

The snowflake crowd has never understood why President Trump resonates so well with blue-collar America because they long ago wrote off the Red States as flyover country filled with deplorables whose opinions mattered for nothing to coastal liberals ensconced in their echo chambers and lefty bubbles far removed from the cares of ordinary Americans. They sip wine while pontificating on the ability of the artist to capture the spirit of the subject in some nude painting while blue-collar Americans are likely to be having a beer and shaking a dollar at some stripper. The beauty of America is that we Americans are free to spend our time pursuing either activity, and each of us is just as American as the other and equally free to vote our conscience.

President Trump launched his tenure by giving Congress a chance to repeal the hated Obamacare as part of their long promise to do so as soon as they had the chance. They failed. Next, President Trump turned to his issue of tax reform as necessary to revive the moribund economy strangled into a coma by the socialists of the Obama administration. Tax reform was passed and the economy has taken off just as President Trump predicted much to the chagrin of lobotomized Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who still insists it’s harming the economy. Tone-deaf Nancy, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, recently remarked with derision that the multiple companies who have announced worker bonuses as a direct result of the tax reform package were merely offering “crumbs” to their workers. A thousand dollars might not be much to a multi-millionaire like Pelosi, but it means a lot to a family struggling to make ends meet while anxiously awaiting the Trump economic boom to reach them.

Now, President Trump is tackling the issue of immigration reform with its many components such as resolution of the DACA situation, ending chain migration, and building his promised border wall. As president, Trump has undone many of the egregious immigration policies Obama undertook in the exact same fashion – through Executive Orders and federal agency policy changes. Despite the false narrative pushed by the biased media, President Trump has maintained a willingness to reach across party lines to craft solutions beneficial to Americans while putting America first. Along those lines, he invited congressional representatives of both parties to the White House for a closed-door session to begin negotiations on the immigration reform package.

Congressional Democrats know full well President Trump’s stance on immigration issues such as ending chain migration and the lottery system, yet Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Steny Hoyer floated the idea of adjusting the numbers on the lottery system to Trump’s consternation. In a burst of frustration, President Trump responded in strong language that he no longer wished to allow immigration from poverty stricken countries. The two Democrats present later stated that Trump asked why we were allowing immigrants “from these shithole countries” into America. Several Republicans present claimed they did not hear President Trump use that exact language, but that he did offer tough language at that moment. President Trump concedes that he did use tough language, but disputes using the exact words reported by the Democrats who later leaked details of the closed-door session to the press.

Whether President Trump did or did not call poor countries shitholes, he is absolutely correct in demanding to know why it is in America’s best interests to admit immigrants from these poor countries who have nothing to offer America other than wishing to escape their current shithole country. If President Trump did say that, then his blue-collar base can certainly identify with language they use privately when discussing the issue. Once again, President Trump frames the issue in terms with which Americans can certainly identify.

On the issue of immigration, it’s about time we had a president stand up and ask the important question of exactly what America gets from allowing immigrants into the country. I’m not talking about the load-of-crap presumption liberals like to bring up about diversity being the strength of our country. That’s liberal doubletalk designed to shut down opposition to unlimited open-border immigration with the presumption that diversity is a positive thing. Diversity is a load of crap! The disciplines of engineering, mathematics, physics, medicine, or any of the other hard sciences do not change one bit because of diversity. Two plus two equals four no matter which country you came from.

There is a difference between immigrants who wish to come to America because they want to pursue a career which is not available to them in their home country and those who merely wish to trade their current shithole for a nicer place. Perhaps the one wishes to escape a totalitarian regime which forbids their pursuit of a particular career or otherwise hinders their ability to pursue happiness as a productive entrepreneur. Those who have a desire to be productive entrepreneurs and are willing to assimilate as Americans should be welcomed with open arms, but those who merely wish to escape their current shithole should be forced to deal with their current situation instead of being admitted into America. If everyone willing and able to leave these shithole countries is allowed into America, then their shithole countries continue to remain shitholes while they are busy turning America into a shithole country.

President Trump was elected by Americans sick of watching the Obama administration, socialist Democrats, and corporatist Republicans undermine American sovereignty by throwing open the borders and further entangling America in globalist institutions. We want an end to the open border policies of the Obama administration, an end to chain migration, the expulsion of DACA immigrants, and the border wall President Trump promised. We don’t want more immigrants from shithole countries taking over our cities and demanding that we assimilate to Islam and Sharia law because they refuse to assimilate to America!

The fake outrage pouring in from the snowflake crowd is evidence that they still don’t get the revolution President Trump has ushered in pitting blue-collar America against the establishment liberals who control the media, the schools, the entertainment industry, and the technology companies. The lefties who railed against the establishment in the 1960s have become the establishment in the 2010s. It’s now blue-collar America revolting against the lefties, with President Trump, who has given voice to our angst, leading the fight. The lefties like to congratulate themselves on sticking it to the man, but they don’t realize that it is they who are the man now and that they’re sticking it to Americans who are fed up with their arrogance. The left is still stuck in the 1960s railing against their parents for trying to give them everything so that they wouldn’t know the want their parents had known in the Great Depression. They’re revolting against blue-collar Americans struggling to make ends meet and unable to give their children everything. Making it even harder to make ends meet is the influx of immigrants pushing down wages and taking jobs from these Americans.

President Trump railing against immigrants from shithole countries speaks to Americans sick of paying high taxes only to read about the billions of dollars these immigrants consume in social services while depressing wages and displacing Americans from the workforce. Trump’s tax reform package is already putting needed money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans stretched thin to make ends meet. President Trump’s immigration reform package promises to end the influx of immigrants from shithole countries offering nothing to America but more mouths to feed and less opportunity for Americans.

President Trump knows that the initial reaction against his comments will die down as the media exhausts its oxygen supply, and that the issue of immigration reform will resurface with public opinion on his side to bolster his negotiations with the open borders Democrats. The millions of deplorables living in flyover country do not wish to allow the Democrats to import voters to negate the will of Americans. The Democrats can frame the issue as social justice or racism or compassion, but it still boils down to Democrats importing voters to bolster their support as Americans continue to reject them.

The Democrats have rallied the snowflakes with mock outrage not because President Trump used insensitive and politically incorrect language, but because he rightly called out the issue of Democrats attempting to turn America into another of the world’s shithole countries by importing the undesirables of the world’s actual shithole countries. Democrats are continuing the Obama policy of destroying American exceptionalism under the socialist concept that America has no right to be better than those shithole countries which ran their economies into the ground following the myth of communism. President Trump is dedicated to Making America Great Again to the approval of his supporters and despite the obstruction of his detractors who wish to make America a shithole country on par with the other shithole countries of the world.

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