Reality Sets In

With his win on tax reform, the reality that President Trump is accomplishing his agenda is beginning to set in with Democrats despite their petty obstructionist tactics.

President Trump scored a major legislative victory this week with his tax reform package passing Congress and being signed into law today. In a number of historic firsts, President Trump signed into law the largest tax cut in American history and the first major reform of the tax system since Ronald Reagan’s tax reform package in 1983. President Trump also managed to get his tax reform package through Congress in record time so that Americans could enjoy a tax reform Christmas present.

The business sector is already responding positively to President Trump’s tax package with reports that several companies plan to give their employees bonuses as a result of this legislation. Even many of the reporters who have snidely castigated President Trump’s tax package are in line for bonuses as NBC announced that it would be giving out bonuses for all its employees because of these tax cuts. Many reporters continue to grumble that President Trump has managed to pass this tax reform package even as they prepare to accept the bonuses it’s making possible.

Candidate Trump promised a massive overhaul of the tax system with lower rates for the middle class to help struggling Americans make ends meet in an economy struggling to survive the oppressive policies of the Obama administration. President Trump has delivered on this promise, and the economy is taking a much needed breath of fresh air as it prepares to roar back to life. Americans are excited by the prospects of better economic times this tax reform package makes possible, and companies are preparing to expand operations to meet the expected increase in demand made possible by the increase in take home pay arising from the tax cuts.

Democrats, ever the pessimists and class warriors, wail that these tax cuts aren’t paid for because their simplified math fails to consider the stimulative effects of tax cuts. They decry President Trump’s tax package as a giveaway to the rich at the expense of the poor all while ignoring that the rich are the ones who invest in new business opportunities which provide jobs only when they perceive the ability to earn a reward sufficient to overcome their risk. Biased media mouthpieces have reliably trashed the tax package with outright lies as their fake news propaganda machine swung into hyperdrive. As Reagan was fond of reminding Democrats opposed to his tax package, this money belongs to the American people and doesn’t require being paid for as it’s given back to them.

Nary a single Democrat in either chamber dared vote for the much maligned tax package which President Trump championed with enthusiasm. Their slanderous characterization of this tax package will be short lived as Americans begin receiving bonus checks, the economy improves, hiring picks up, and payrolls increase. Come election time in November, these Democrats will make easy targets for opponents able to point out that they refused to vote for President Trump’s tax package due to partisan class warfare objections.

Politics is the art of compromise, but Democrats refused to even approach the table in good faith set as they are on the path of futile obstruction and resistance in the insane hope that Americans will suddenly realize they don’t want an improving economy with more opportunity and higher pay. President Trump is skilled in the art of deal making, and his prowess in this area was demonstrated in fine form as several congressional Republicans lauded his efforts in support of this legislation. It may be an overused cliché, but Democrats are insane to keep flogging the dead horse of class warfare as the economy teeters on the brink of a sizable expansion and companies are doling out much needed bonus checks to their employees.

With this tax reform package, Democrats now have something much more serious to worry about than fanning the dying flames of class warfare. One of the gems of this tax reform package was the cap on the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction which allowed blue states such as New York and California soak their residents with high tax burdens which these residents could get back as an itemized deduction on their federal taxes. The $10,000 cap means that a great many of these blue state residents face a tax hike of up to six figures for their support of Democrat pols turning their states into socialist fiefdoms.

The rush to the exits started while the tax package was still being deliberated in Congress as wealthy blue state residents began investigating the costs and benefits of moving from their high tax locales to states with less burdensome tax rates. Along with this outflow of high net worth individuals, expect those with less net worth unable to afford the ability to pick up and move to begin pressuring their state governments for lower taxes. This effect should result in a number of Democrat governors and state legislators being shown the door as eager conservative opponents begin finding suddenly receptive audiences to their messages of lower taxes and economic growth.

President Trump has certainly had a rough freshman year as his critics have piled on mercilessly while the Deep State has run amok undermining his administration and the media has gleefully proclaimed his downfall to their dismay as their rush to be the one with smoking gun evidence has proven to be their downfall. Evidence continues to mount that the entire Russian “collusion” farce was fabricated by Hillary to explain her disastrous inability to effectively campaign while Deep State elements embedded into the government continue revealing themselves to be the corrupt cronies of the Clintons pushing this false narrative to the detriment of President Trump. The tide is turning as President Trump celebrates his first major legislative win and public confidence in the FBI and the Mueller Probe continues to erode at an alarming rate.

Far from being a convenient excuse for her loss, the Russian “collusion” narrative is coming back to haunt Hillary as investigations get underway to explain the inconsistencies in the Deep State plan to smear Candidate Trump with a fake dossier of salacious disinformation intentionally leaked to the media right before the election in an attempt to do to Trump what the left was able to do to Roy Moore in Alabama. Investigations are underway examining the crooked Uranium One deal that Hillary presided over as Secretary of State while the principals were funneling money to the corrupt Clinton Foundation to secure her favor for a deal that turned over a significant portion of American uranium mining to the control of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The FBI’s reputation lies in tatters as members of its leadership have been uncovered as having substantial ties to the Clintons all while purporting to serve as impartial investigators of the Trump administration as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. Several agents have had to be reassigned off of the Mueller team and demoted in the FBI upon discovery of emails detailing their absolute hatred of President Trump and discussing possible conspiratorial plans to undermine his administration. Details of the Fusion GPS dossier scandal are slowly emerging as the Deep State stonewall begins to crumble under the weight of constant examination.

After more than a year of hearing this Russian “collusion” nonsense, Americans are tired of hearing suppositions backed up with no evidence of any criminal activity. All Mueller has managed to do is secure a single guilty plea from Michael Flynn for obstruction which anyone dumb enough to answer questions under oath without a lawyer present is likely to commit when details get fuzzy after the umpteenth retelling. Americans elected Trump as their president warts and all, and President Trump is delivering on his campaign promises to the delight of Americans everywhere except in the snowflake enclaves on both coasts.

The establishment GOP looked pathetic in their refusal to back President Trump in his attempt to repeal Obamacare despite their eight years of promises because they foolishly believed that the false media narrative of Russian “collusion” was poised to be Trump’s downfall. Their sudden eager embrace of President Trump to pass the tax package reflects the unraveling of the Deep State plan to undermine the Trump administration and possibly lead to his ouster. It has suddenly become clear to many of the GOP establishment that President Trump has been underestimated to their detriment as the 2018 elections loom large in the not-so-distant future. A healthy and robust economy will erase many a political sin, but it won’t erase the fact that Democrats refused to vote for a tax cut, thus cementing their legacy as tax increasers and spendthrifts.

As these snowflake Democrats continue to embarrass themselves and their party with lame stunts to impeach President Trump even as his agenda continues to Make America Great Again and prosperity increases, Americans will continue turning away from their divisive class warfare and racial strife until new leadership and a different direction is demanded. Reality set in last year for Americans who shunned crooked Hillary to enthusiastically elect Donald Trump, and reality is beginning to set in with Democrats that their pathetic obstruction reeks of futility in the manner of Don Quixote tilting at windmills. 2018 promises to be a banner year for conservatives despite the fake news narrative of Democrats being on the verge of a landslide and fake polls having them up by double digits. These are the same fake polls which had Hillary winning by 20 points only to suffer an agonizing defeat to the dismay of snowflakes everywhere. The reality is that President Trump is winning, the Deep State is being exposed, and the economy is about to explode.

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