Enemy of the Deep State

As evidence is slowly pried from the grasp of Deep State players in the FBI and Justice Department, it is increasingly obvious that President Trump is an enemy of the Deep State which attempted to interfere in the election on behalf of Hillary Clinton, then manufacture a fake crime against President Trump to obstruct his administration in a legal quagmire of endless investigations.

Conspiracy theories make for interesting entertainment, and Hollywood has mined this genre extensively with such gems as Seven Days in May, Three Days of the Condor, Shooter, The Parallax View, and a host of other entertaining tales of lurid government conspiracies intent on subverting the democratic process by entrenched Deep State bureaucrats. In real life, conspiracy theories all suffer from the same flaw in that the vast number of people required to pull off a conspiracy means that someone will eventually brag about their involvement and reveal the conspiracy. Knowing this fact about conspiracy theories makes the current situation involving revelations that members of the FBI and the Justice Department may have conspired to shield Hillary Clinton from prosecution while faking evidence to set Donald Trump up for investigation all the more astounding in the breadth and scope of its hubris.

It is one thing for a small group to conspire to commit a crime or series of crimes, or even for members of Mafia crime families to conspire on a large scale to run vast criminal enterprises, but it is quite another thing for government bureaucrats to audaciously attempt to subvert the democratic process to bring down a president. This is truly the stuff of a Hollywood movie and isn’t supposed to happen or even be possible in the United States. We’re supposed to be governed by the Constitution and a set of laws, and our government is supposed to be staffed by professionals who set aside politics to perform their jobs in a Civil Service system policed by the Hatch Act intended to prevent pernicious political activity.

We have watched over the past several years the steady erosion of the rule of law in this country and the rise of a careless disregard for the ability to set aside personal animus for the sake of professional demeanor. We have witnessed the Clintons flout the law on numerous occasions committing felonies which would land any ordinary American behind bars, but which the Clintons casually ignore. We watched the Obama administration take the art of stonewalling to perilous new heights by refusing to release information to congressional investigators or even to internal agency watchdogs. Obama administration political appointees engaged in subterfuge of the laws by employing email aliases to dodge requirements for the protection of official communications, and conspired with politically aligned outside groups to make a mockery of government rules and regulations. The EPA routinely conspired with environmental groups to bring lawsuits against the government which the EPA promptly settled claiming their hands were tied by federal law all in an effort to enact onerous environmental rules through an end run around the law.

Ordinary Americans seeing these abuses of the law constantly paraded before them with increasingly thin explanations eventually come to believe that they too are immune from the rules since they see the rich and powerfully connected face no consequences to their disregard of the law. The rule of law is undermined as Americans increasingly ignore the rules by committing small infractions which eventually lead to larger infractions as their behavior is allowed to continue unchecked by the authorities. Where we once had drug laws, we now have recreational marijuana legalized and taken for granted. Where we once had government professionals who would have shuddered at the thought of engaging in partisan politics on the job, we now have Deep State bureaucrats who have subverted the law to protect their favored candidate while manufacturing evidence to discredit the winner of a presidential election all while seething with hatred towards that president as revealed by their communications brazenly sent over government channels.

Donald Trump was elected by Americans tired of watching previous administrations flout the law and stonewall investigations while offering flimsy excuses through a corrupt media which were cynically sneered at in the heartland. Candidate Trump promised to shake things up and drain the swamp of these political insiders. This resonated with voters while scaring the Deep State bureaucrats who saw a threat to their cozy insider ways. The Deep State rallied around their corrupt candidate, Hillary Clinton, to minimize her criminal activity as part of their Plan A while plotting to undermine and destroy Donald Trump in case he managed to actually win the election as part of their Plan B.

It has taken the herculean efforts of a few dedicated individuals persistently peeling away the layers of this Deep State conspiracy to bring the facts of this constitutional crisis into the open. Congressmen such as Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy on the House side and Charles Grassley on the Senate side have hounded the Justice Department for records related to their investigations only to be stiff-armed and stonewalled by the Deep State. Outside individuals such as Larry Klayman from Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, have waged a tireless campaign of filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and lawsuits to obtain records which should by law be accessible to the public but which are being withheld through the stonewalling tactics of the Deep State. Their efforts have succeeded in prying numerous documents from these Deep State bureaucrats despite their efforts to keep them hidden from the public, and these documents have led to numerous revelations concerning their Deep State activities in support of Hillary and against Trump.

It is breathtaking the revelations these documents have exposed concerning the sheer audacity and depth of the conspiracy these Deep State bureaucrats have launched to subvert the democratic process utilizing the unlimited power of the federal government to spy upon their political enemies and mire them in endless investigations launched with frivolous information obtained through dubious sources all funded by the Clinton campaign. This conspiracy was aided by members of the Obama administration such as Susan Rice and Samantha Powers who abused their authority to unmask members of the Trump transition team and disseminate their names throughout the Obama administration thus guaranteeing that they would be leaked to the press.

The airwaves have been filled with media talk of “collusion” as if this were some nefarious crime when, in reality, there is no crime against meeting with representatives of foreign governments, which is exactly what presidential administrations are supposed to do on a regular basis. Numerous supposedly bombshell revelations trumpeted recently by the media as smoking gun evidence of Trump administration crimes have had to be walked back and corrected as journalists blinded by their bias against President Trump have ignored procedures to verify their sources and the information itself in their rush to be first to report the downfall of their mutual enemy, President Trump.

The thread throughout this vast left wing conspiracy is a mutual hatred of President Trump which transcends normal political disagreement to become a fanatical devotion to his ouster and destruction. President Trump’s win over Hillary destroyed a snowflake worldview built upon constant reinforcement in the radical regressive echo chamber content to ignore those Americans derisively referred to as deplorables living in flyover country. The entrenched bureaucrats making up the Deep State arrogantly believed their experience made them more capable of determining American policy than its duly elected political leaders. These bureaucrats forgot that their job was to serve the president by implementing his policies and providing him with relevant information upon which he can make policy decisions. Instead, they believed their experience required them to choose the candidate best suited to their needs instead of allowing Americans to choose the candidate best suited to the needs of the country.

It is clearly obvious that the Mueller investigation is severely compromised and should be shut down immediately. There is no evidence that an actual crime was ever committed by members of the Trump transition team, and there is much circumstantial evidence that the entire investigation was built upon a fabricated excuse by Hillary to explain away her election loss by shifting blame away from her disastrous lack of political skill to the specter of Russian interference beyond her control. There also exists much circumstantial evidence indicating that former FBI head James Comey illegally downplayed Hillary Clinton’s criminal involvement in the email scandal with the assistance of several top level FBI personnel including Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, and others within the Bureau. Given this evidence, a wholesale cleaning out of the FBI and the Justice Department should be commenced immediately with a Special Counsel assigned to prosecute the individuals involved in this Deep State conspiracy. These measures would go a long way toward rebuilding trust in the Justice Department and restoring faith in the rule of law. Additionally, this would remove a severe obstruction to President Trump’s ability to govern while sending an unmistakable signal that further obstruction from bureaucratic snowflakes miffed at Trump’s election will not be tolerated in the least.

President Trump would then be free to turn his attention to the various intelligence agencies to deal with their entrenched Deep State members. After 9/11, Americans were told these intelligence agencies needed spying abilities which clearly violated the constitutional protections of Americans to effectively deal with the Islamic terrorist threat all while being assured that protocols and procedures protecting Americans would be in place and strictly followed. With the Deep State conspiracy against President Trump, it is plainly obvious that these abilities to spy upon Americans were abused to influence an election and attempt to bring down the president. Americans are and should be suspicious and frightened of government agencies with the power to track their every move when these agencies employ that power to great effect against an individual as powerful as the president.

Americans seeing the Obama administration increasingly flout the law and abuse its power elected Candidate Trump to rein the government back in and restore constitutional fidelity to federal agencies gone wild. Notions of a Deep State of entrenched bureaucrats actively influencing a presidential election once laughed off as the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theories have suddenly become real as evidence is pried from these federal agencies indicating their involvement in just such a scheme due to their hatred of the president. President Trump has become an enemy of the Deep State which is furiously attempting to stonewall investigations of its activity in the hopes that this will all just blow over. It cannot, and it won’t if America is to remain a nation guided by the Constitution and the rule of law.

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