Fake News Frenzy

In their zeal to reveal the nonexistent ‘smoking gun’ proving once and for all that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, the biased and corrupt media continue rushing to breathlessly break stories containing false information without checking sources or even having seen the documents purported to be the source of the false information behind these stories.

After watching Donald Trump expose the news media as biased and corrupt for over a year, Americans are no longer surprised when fake news and disinformation hyped as supposedly bombshell revelations are eventually revealed to be completely false, reported in a way that obscures relevant details to intentionally mislead the public, or repeat innuendoes and allegations as if they are facts to intentionally mislead the public. In fact, Americans have come to expect these bombshell revelations to be followed up by more accurate revelations from alternative sources to set the record straight before getting worked up into a lather over fake news reports from the lefty media so clearly intent on undermining the Trump administration. While waiting for this other journalistic shoe to drop, Americans now speculate as to just which angle the report is biased and misleading.

In martial arts, one is taught to keep a steady head since anger blinds one’s ability to rationally assess one’s foe and employ intellect to accomplish his defeat. Apparently unable to learn from their mistakes, the corrupt media, still fuming over Hillary’s loss and their inability to swing the election her way, continue to challenge President Trump despite his ability to easily dispatch their pathetic attempts to discredit his administration. Their blind anger leads them to rush out reports with inaccurate details from untrustworthy and unverified sources in the hopes that they have finally landed the death blow as they flail helplessly at their intended target. They do this because their hatred of Trump blinds their judgement and causes them to want to believe the false information in their quest to discredit the Trump administration.

ABC News was recently forced to retract a report by veteran journalist Brian Ross that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn “was prepared to testify that during the campaign Donald Trump had instructed him to make contact with Russian government officials.” This reporting was picked up by other outlets and repeated for several hours before Ross was forced to issue a retraction stating that “candidate Trump asked him [Flynn] during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other world hotspots.” During the hours between the initial reporting and Ross’ correction, the stock market dropped over 350 points as traders digested the ramifications of the initial report. ABC was forced to issue an apology and suspend Ross without pay for four weeks in an attempt to retain a shred of its journalistic credibility. In addition ABC News President James Goldston expressed his anger on an internal staff call and removed Ross from any future coverage involving President Trump.

While ABC was busy reporting misinformation related to Michael Flynn’s guilty plea to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, CNN was that same day “misreporting key details of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. last year of a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents.” CNN erroneously reported the date of the email sent to Trump Jr. as Sept. 4, 2016 instead of the actual date of Sept. 14, 2016. The Sept. 4 date would have meant that Trump Jr. had been offered the emails prior to their release by Wikileaks on Sept. 13, while the accurate date of Sept. 14 meant that Trump Jr. had not been offered special access to the documents, thereby refuting allegations of collusion in their release. CNN is still suffering from the fallout over its misreporting of these events.

The prevalence of fake news being reported by the biased media has increased to the point that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and even President Trump himself regularly enjoy making sport of their bias by calling it out. Sanders recently lambasted CNN for displaying a picture of former Obama administration official Raj Shah when referring to Trump administration official Raj Shah despite their being two entirely different people. President Trump recently called out Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel for displaying a photo of an empty arena implying that Trump’s recent rally was sparsely attended when in fact Trump played to a capacity crowd. To his credit, Weigel admitted the mistake and apologized, explaining that he’d been confused by the image of Trump walking in in the photo’s bottom right corner.

In each of these cases, media reporters have rushed breathlessly to misreport details which they have clearly failed to either check for themselves or follow up with additional corroboration by other sources in their zeal to undermine the Trump administration. Their biased corruption is revealing to Americans just how untrustworthy their outlets are, and just how far they are willing to go to discredit the Trump administration in their blind obedience to the radical regressive agenda. Americans are responding to this biased reporting by increasingly tuning out mainstream media outlets in favor of Internet sources demonstrating a much more rigorous adherence to the truth.

In this age of obvious media bias, truth has become much more important to Americans seeking news than the ability to write concise reports of events in a readable manner. Internet reporting is increasingly becoming much more polished and professional in its content and delivery as those writing these stories become more proficient with increased application. No longer are Americans reading something on the Internet and then waiting to see if the mainstream media confirm details. Increasingly, Americans are turning to the Internet to refute salacious allegations leveled by the mainstream media at a president for whom Americans overwhelmingly embrace for his desire to drain the corrupt swamp of Washington politics which has prospered at their expense. President Trump may be loud and obnoxious, and he may tweet out occasionally cringeworthy statements, but he is fulfilling his campaign promise to shake up the Washington culture of business as usual and Americans are willing to overlook a lot for that reason.

Media attacks on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore reached a white-hot pitch as biased journalists looking to derail a conservative and smelling blood over allegations of improper sexual behavior between Moore and teenage girls some forty years ago began competing to report ever more salacious details. Alabama voters initially reacted with horror at the unproven allegations complete with famed muckraking attorney Gloria Allred representing one of Moore’s accusers while presenting photocopied “evidence” of a vague yearbook inscription. After weeks of intense media scrutiny all aimed at pushing the false narrative of Moore’s guilt and hounding him to quit the race, it turns out that the media narrative is falling apart as first, Allred refused to submit the original yearbook inscription for independent verification; second, the accuser’s own stepson and her former boyfriend at the time of the alleged incident both stated their belief that she was lying about the entire incident; third, that the inscription was made in two different ink colors with “D.A.” added after Moore’s name despite his being only an assistant district attorney at the time; and fourth, Moore’s accuser has recently revealed that she added portions of the yearbook inscription herself, thereby adding to doubts that Moore was responsible for any portion of the inscription. Alabama voters having heard these new revelations are once again backing Moore as their choice for Senator, and Moore once again leads the Democrat challenger as the election nears. Media attempts to mislead voters with an intense smear campaign have failed as their narrative has fallen apart over demands of proof and Moore’s refusal to be driven out of the race before the other shoe dropped.

For these media smear tactics to work, those who push them realize they must be used in a blitzkrieg fashion before inconsistencies are revealed which lead to the unraveling of their false narratives. Candidate Trump realized the key to defeating the media smear tactic was to arrogantly double down and wait it out. This caught the complacent media off-guard and forced them to realize that better narratives were required in the new media age of dealing with Candidate Trump. Their attempts to construct better narratives are still pathetic, but getting better as they keep practicing. They also realized that they would have to be prepared to keep up the intensity of their smear campaigns for far longer than they had gotten used to doing before encountering Trump. Still, the lessons learned from watching Trump deal with the corrupt media have been taken to heart by a few who adopt his tactics of doubling down and waiting out the intense scrutiny all while declaring the entire episode to be fake news from the corrupt media.

Until the biased journalists seeking to salve their hatred of the Trump administration and its rollback of the regressive Obama agenda learn to control their anger so as not to lose the focus of their professionalism, their fake news narratives will continue to be easily spotted by Americans and refuted with the truth by Internet sources. When they do, American politics will ascend, or descend according to your perspective, to an entirely different level as tactics will once again be forced to change on both sides.

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