Calling Out Iran

By refusing to recertify the atrocious Iran nuclear deal, President Trump called out Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism while refusing to be bullied by threats from the Iranian leadership, and he dumped another mess in the lap of Congress to once again highlight the inability and unwillingness of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment to address another Obama administration failure.

It is well known that the Middle East has been an international hotspot for decades as the two branches of Islam, Sunni and Shia, conduct proxy wars with the aim of each to destroy the other as being illegitimate heir of Mohammed’s ideology of war and conquest. Thrown into this ideological struggle is the even greater animosity both Islamic branches demonstrate towards Israel with each attempting to outdo the other in displaying their hatred towards the region’s only democracy through inflammatory rhetoric calling for Israel’s destruction and the genocide of Jews. Exacerbating Arab animosity towards Israel is the fact that Israel has managed to defeat every Arab attempt to destroy it since its founding in 1948, even managing to gain territory through several of these ill-fated Arab attacks.

The only mechanism which has managed to keep a lid on this cauldron of seething animosity has been the steadfast leadership of the United States firmly backing Israel with military supplies and security guarantees, and the inability of the Sunnis or Shiites to gain a decisive advantage over each other. During the Cold War, Arab nations skillfully played the United States and Soviet Union against one another, but the involvement of these two Cold War superpowers sufficed for the most part to keep the Sunnis and Shiites in a state of détente while their respective terrorist arms engaged in mayhem which enriched the leaders of these terrorist enterprises such as Yasser Arafat.

Many an American President has entered office with dreams of forging a lasting peace in the Middle East only to leave office disappointed that regional fighting and animosity appeared to be worse upon his departure than it was upon his arrival. While President Carter managed to get Egypt and Israel to sign the Camp David Accords, this happened more because Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat realized Egypt could not defeat Israel and further attempts would only weaken his rule and bankrupt Egypt. As President Carter basked in the success of this triumph of diplomacy, disgruntled Iranian students under the influence of exiled Shia leader Ayatollah Khomeini managed to topple the monarchy of the Shah of Iran and capture the American Embassy holding its American staff for more than a year while the Carter administration sat helpless. President Carter was rejected by Americans watching his helpless pleas in favor of conservative Ronald Reagan whose promise of renewed American strength and resolve was enough to intimidate the Iranians into releasing the hostages as Reagan was taking the Oath of Office.

Upon taking office in 2009, President Obama launched an apology tour of the Middle East bowing and scraping his way across the region apologizing profusely for imagined sins of the strong American leadership which had served the region so well in the past. Obama’s feckless behavior came across as weakness to regional leaders used to occasional flare ups of conflict, and sent the message that Obama was a weak leader who could be trifled with without fear of his intervening militarily. For the past eight years, Mideast relations have soured appreciably as its leaders have grown increasingly bold in the face of Obama’s lead-from-behind strategy of weakness and resistance to intervention. Stunts like Obama drawing a red line in the sand over the use of chemical weapons by Syria which he promised would elicit an American military response only to back away doing nothing once Syria crossed that imaginary red line by gassing its people further cemented the message that America under the Obama administration was weak and could be taken advantage of.

The reality was that President Obama was raised in the Muslim nation of Indonesia and displayed a fondness for all things Muslim. Obama once recited from memory the Muslim call to prayer describing it as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” During his shameful apology tour in 2009, Obama had the audacity to bow to the Saudi king in a show of deference absolutely taboo for an American president. Outraged Americans seeing the picture of Obama bowing to the Saudi king refused to accept the flimsy excuse offered by the White House that Obama was merely bending over to hear the shorter Saudi king as he spoke. Added to this is the documented evidence that Obama was also steeped in communist ideology through his radical grandfather and the presence of such communist luminaries as Frank Marshall Davis during his formative years. This combination of radical ideologies meant that Obama not only desired to see America’s stature reduced domestically through radical economic disruption, but also see America reduced on the world stage and especially in the Middle East. Obama believed that America leadership in the Middle East had come at the cost of the Muslim nations which he believed America had purposely kept in check to thwart their ability to realize their full potential.

What better way to strengthen the Middle East at America’s expense than to enable radical terrorist sponsor Iran to realize its dream of developing nuclear weapons which would hasten regional instability while thwarting American options for decades? The Obama administration engaged in secret negotiations with Iran’s leadership and five European nations to forge an agreement whose language was kept a secret from the American people and their representatives in Congress. No amount of pressure or cajoling by Congress was able to force the terms of this agreement into the open for inspection by the American people to discover exactly what the Obama administration was giving to the Iranians. President Obama even refused to label this agreement as a treaty to bypass having to submit it for Senate approval. Once details eventually leaked out, Americans discovered that Obama had negotiated an atrocious agreement which virtually guarantees the Iranians a path to nuclear weapons development right under the noses of the international community. As a condition of the terms, the Obama administration gladly transferred some $1.7 billion in cash aboard transport planes to the Iranian regime to provide a financial lifeline to the cash-strapped nation suffering under international sanctions while attempting to obscure the details of this transaction.

During his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to revisit poorly negotiated treaties past administrations had entered into which placed America at a disadvantage under the false narrative of “free trade” that saw American manufacturing transferred overseas at the expense of American workers. Candidate Trump also pledged to withdraw from bad international agreements such as the Iran nuclear deal with the intention of preventing such a despotic regime from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is absolutely unconscionable to imagine such an egregious sponsor of Islamic terrorism as Iran to acquire the capability to produce as fearsome a device of mass destruction as a nuclear weapon. Iran would be able to hold the entire world hostage to its every demand with the threat of nuclear destruction hanging over the world like the Sword of Damocles.

Making good on his promise, President Trump has refused to recertify the deeply flawed Iran nuclear deal arranged by the Obama administration. In doing so, President Trump has triggered a provision which gives Congress sixty days to propose fixes to the deal that satisfy the American people for whom President Trump has pledged his administration’s focus. The establishment GOP-led Senate will get yet another chance to demonstrate its unwillingness to overturn any Obama administration initiative no matter how poorly conceived and executed. If after the sixty day window for Congress to act has expired without production of legislation sufficiently fixing it, President Trump will withdraw the United States from this albatross of a deal.

The Iranian leadership has threatened all manner of consequences if President Trump carries through on his promise to negate the deal even to the point of arrogantly threatening to defeat America in a war with bellicose language indicating their delusions of grandeur when it comes to matching military capabilities with America. One thing that should be plainly evident to all is the fact that the weakness and reluctance displayed by President Obama is nowhere evident in the bombastic rhetoric of President Trump and his demonstrated willingness to roll back the destructive policies of his predecessor. President Trump rises to the challenge and follows through on his promises, but his adversaries continue doubting and underestimating him to their regret. NFL team owners held hostage by the players union continue defying President Trump while watching Americans abandoning its product in droves.

The establishment GOP congressional leadership continues their campaign to subvert President Trump’s agenda with the illusion that the American people who elected Trump are unable to distinguish their motives. Americans watched three times as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was unable to repeal the hated Obamacare disaster after eight years of promises to do so at their first chance. We’re watching as the promise of tax cuts and a streamlined tax code slip away through the intentional intransigence of the establishment GOP congressional leaders. Their lame promises of legislation being just around the corner are falling on deaf ears as Americans have concluded that the establishment GOP congressional leaders are the major impediment to the Trump agenda they desire to see enacted. Retribution by American voters will be swift and sure come 2018 as donors and conservatives flock to TEA Party candidates willing to align with the Trump agenda to depose the intransigent establishment GOP candidates in party primaries. The GOP is undergoing a Civil War which the establishment will lose at the hands of conservatives such as Steve Bannon who is tapped deeply into the conservative angst that has built against the GOP establishment since the TEA Party founding in 2009.

President Trump has handed the establishment GOP congressional leadership another hot potato for them to toss about and further reveal their alignment with the radical regressive agenda of the Democrat Party. Americans are seeing firsthand their unwillingness to unwind the Obama administration legacy and their obstruction to the Trump agenda. Steve Bannon has launched an all-out assault on the GOP establishment recruiting strong TEA Party conservative candidates to oppose establishment GOP stalwarts such as Orrin Hatch and others who have served so long that they have completely abandoned conservatism and the conservative base. Their handling of the Iran nuclear deal will further reveal their treachery as they oppose the American people for the benefit of their wealthy corporatist donors wishing to subvert America into a system of world government under which they can increase their wealth at our expense. President Trump was elected to oppose this movement to eviscerate American sovereignty and he continues to do so with his refusal to recertify the deeply flawed Iran nuclear deal while calling out the leadership of Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism around the world.

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