Psycho Liberal

The deadly shooting spree perpetrated by Stephen Paddock into the Harvest Festival country music concert venue in Las Vegas this week is just the latest example of another snowflake liberal unable to cope with America’s rejection of the regressive agenda becoming unhinged, with the difference being that Paddock’s psychotic meltdown resulted in carnage as he sought to target what he believed to be a conservative crowd to vent his political frustration.

The election of Donald Trump as president shook liberal snowflakes to their cores as they were caught off guard and totally unprepared for America’s rejection of Hillary Clinton and the regressive agenda of the Obama administration. We’ve witnessed countless examples of liberals targeting conservatives with violence on college campuses such as Berkeley and Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington as their shock has been replaced by sheer anger, the flames of which have been constantly fanned by a complicit media determined to destroy President Trump’s legitimacy in a bid to somehow reverse the election results.

Unpunished unpatriotic demonstrations by professional athletes in the NFL accompanied by celebrity rants venting toxic anger directed at President Trump and conservatives have contributed to this escalation of violence on the left against conservatives. The left is pushing against the envelope of acceptable societal behavior much like a child tests the limits of parental authority, and like a child experiencing no resistance from its parents, the left continues boldly expanding its foray into violence as a means to get its way.

The shooting of thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown in acts of self-defense were shamelessly exploited by the left to create astroturf groups such as Black Lives Matter funded by wealthy leftists such as George Soros. BLM seeks to create areas of occupation whereby the police are afraid to patrol, thus ceding territory to the chaos of lawlessness and anarchy of criminal elements at the cost of social order and to the detriment of citizens living within these areas. Their brazen protests have escalated in both rhetoric and violence as police, increasingly under fire for daring to uphold the law, have gradually begun stepping back to allow BLM violence to erupt.

Constantly subjected to biased media reports seeking to delegitimize the Trump administration while portraying these violent protests in favorable terms and promoting the censorship of political correctness, it is no wonder that liberal snowflakes frustrated at watching President Trump keep his promise to Americans to roll back the regressive agenda of the Obama administration have begun to lash out violently against conservatives determined to restore sanity to the federal government.

Unable to cope with the rejection of the regressive agenda and President Trump’s dismantling of the Obama administration regulatory state, Stephen Paddock began planning to unleash a destructive assault on conservatives to make his point in the most chaotic manner possible. Paddock carefully chose an event likely to be attended by a conservative audience, mapped out the details of his attack, secured an ideal perch from which to launch his attack, stockpiled weapons, and sent his girlfriend back home to the Philippines for a family visit so she would not be able to interfere in his plans. Paddock was no madman or raving lunatic, but a psychopathic liberal who had allowed liberal indoctrination and hyperbole to infect his mind to the point where he could no longer control his impulse to unleash violence upon conservatives whom he viewed as the enemy.

The liberal media wrings its hands portraying itself as baffled and unable to understand why a wealthy man would perpetrate such a horrible crime in an act of deception designed to deceive Americans into ignoring their part in this heinous crime when they know full well Paddock was a liberal who became unhinged soaking in their liberal hyperbole. Even the predictable calls for gun control thrown up by the left following such horrible events are designed to be nothing more than a distraction from the fact that Stephen Paddock is another psycho lefty who came unglued and killed a bunch of conservative Americans in a fit of post-election pique.

Until Americans demand that their political leaders get serious about restoring the rule of law, we can expect the left to continue pushing deeper into the realm of violence against conservatives and anyone else daring to disagree with their distorted and dangerous agenda. President Trump should recognize that there is not one thing he could ever do that is going to win the approval of these lefty snowflakes, and he should launch a massive effort to unwind the regressive agenda of the Obama administration in one fell swoop so as to offend the left as much as possible and get it over with instead of parsing it out in a steadily escalating drip which only serves to stoke the left’s anger and allow it to smolder to a boil. Then, he should double down on his work to restore the rule of law in America by continuing to support the police and seeking to prosecute those engaging in violent protest. This includes bluntly identifying the sources financing these violent leftist protests and calling out biased organizations such as the SPLC which has become nothing more than a front group for the liberal left.

There will inevitably be more psycho liberals like Stephen Paddock and Floyd Corkins attempting to vent their liberal frustrations on unwitting conservatives in a campaign of lefty terror much like those of their communist brethren. Lefty media hyperbole designed to delegitimize President Trump and cast conservatives as right-wing extremists and fascists in a distortion of history will guarantee their appearance, and overly dramatic contortions of understanding will not erase the fact that they are just the latest in a long string of psycho liberals resorting to violence because they are bankrupt of ideas and unable to articulate their agenda in a manner acceptable to Americans.

A persistent trait of the unhinged left is its penchant for transference in which lefties constantly transfer their own traits onto their conservative opposition. Lefties decry right-wing extremist violence in a smear of conservatives when an unbiased look at political violence overwhelmingly demonstrates that it is perpetrated by the left and not conservatives. It is not conservatives who are filled with hatred and lashing out in violence; it is the left. It is not conservatives seeking to enforce a narrow-minded set of political orthodoxy by punishing any of its members who dare to criticize that orthodoxy; it is the left. It is not conservatives who congregate to demonstrate and leave behind a path of destruction and litter; it is the left. And yet, the biased media constantly reinforce the false narrative that conservatives are right-wing extremists bent on violent destruction and unable to cope with criticism.

Continuing to ignore the reality that the lunatic left has gone off the deep end to the detriment of Americans in general and conservatives in particular, is akin to ignoring the reality that Islamic terrorism is driven by adherence to the Muslim ideology. Americans have grown tired of the biased media promoting the false narrative that Islamic terrorist acts and merely workplace violence and other such nonsense. Americans are also tired of the left edging deeper into violence as its preferred method of settling political differences as if America was some third-world banana republic. Contrary to secular humanism, the ends do not justify the means – a truth which the Founders had no trouble recognizing. Conservatives are aware that antifa shows up to counter their demonstrations dressed in protective armor and armed with clubs intent on inflicting violence to deny conservatives their rights to free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution. These conservatives are adopting protective measures of their own in what might become an escalating arms race that threatens to break out in full civil war unless the rule of law can be restored and enforced.

Recently, the city of Richmond, Virginia was the scene of a demonstration by conservatives supporting the Confederate monuments of Monument Avenue. Seeking to avoid a repeat of the disastrous events of Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this year, Richmond’s mayor announced that Richmond police had been ordered to arrest anyone showing up dressed in riot gear or threatening to cause an unlawful episode. Unsurprisingly, there was no violence at this event and it proceeded smoothly. A demonstrated intent to vigorously enforce the law is the antidote to these outbursts of lefty violence, and curbing the violence at the source is perhaps the antidote to violent lefty outbursts of the kind perpetrated by psycho liberal Stephen Paddock. Once the left sees clearly that America is intent on upholding the rule of law and that their violent outbursts will not be tolerated, then perhaps we can come together constructively to heal the divisions sown by the radical left.

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