Musings on the Week of September 23

It has been an interesting week, and I’ve had a few thoughts on the events currently unfolding around the world.

North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un continues to ratchet up the rhetoric with the launch of a ballistic missile over Japan into the Pacific Ocean to demonstrate his capacity to strike the island of Guam and strike fear into regional U.S. allies. The lefty biased media would have Americans believe that President Trump is responsible for escalating the situation with his Tweets, but it is the North Korean dictator who inflames the situation with his bombastic pronouncements of destroying the United States and unacceptable pursuit of thermonuclear weapons and ICBM delivery systems.

President Trump has shown remarkable constraint reminding Kim that America has the capacity to totally destroy North Korea and warning that an attack on the U.S. or her allies will result in America blowing North Korea off the map. Reminding Kim that America has the capacity to totally destroy North Korea is not a bombastic statement, but a reasonable reminder of American military capability needed to counter the bombastic statements Kim continues to utter using the strategy followed by his family for decades in dealing with outsiders. Kim has boxed himself into a corner following this strategy which worked well under a weak president like Obama, but which fails miserably when confronted with the strength and resolve of President Trump.

President Trump’s recent speech before the United Nations General Assembly contrasted his intent to put America first in international diplomacy and resolve to follow through with the soft lead-from-behind weakness of his predecessor which the international community has grown far too used to relying upon. This was a welcome change for many members of the international diplomacy crowd as they place a high premium on the stability of firm American superpower resolve and world leadership. President Trump not only put North Korea on notice with a reminder of American military capabilities and intentions, but he also singled out Iran and the dangerous nuclear deal President Obama arranged to allow their covert pursuit of nuclear weapons that risks regional stability in an already overstressed area of the world. Those paying careful attention to President Trump saw a determined leader unafraid to confront outrageous rogue regimes which threaten America and her allies. With his successful speech before the U.N., President Trump went a long way to changing international attitudes about American resolve going forward.

Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico this week with a direct hit and left the entire island without power which may last for months. Ignoring the immediate suffering of residents, global warming alarmists went into hyperdrive attempting to portray the recent spate of hurricanes as evidence of a renewal of the global warming scam they’ve long pushed. It would appear that a much more practical assessment of the situation would lead environmentalists, the global warming crowd, and those pushing alternative energy to combine their efforts and supply Puerto Rican residents with solar panels to provide some measure of temporary relief from the lack of power. This effort would not only bring much needed relief from the hurricane’s devastation, but it would also provide a perfect opportunity for the enviro crowd to put its money where its mouth is and demonstrate the efficacy of solar power on a large scale. Instead, they appear to be much more interested in using the suffering of Puerto Ricans to advance their agenda of environmental regulation to gain political power.

House IT Scandal

Shocking new revelations continue to unfold in the House IT scandal involving Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her former IT employee Imran Awan currently out on bail awaiting trial on charges of bank fraud. Awan was caught at Dulles airport attempting to flee the country with a large amount of cash, and continues to be at the center of an alleged ring of con artists involving other members of his family who used their access to the computer systems of a multitude of Democrat House members to steal their data and possibly use their access to blackmail members of Congress. This scandal has been completely ignored by the mainstream media but threatens to explode into wider awareness very soon.

Wasserman Schultz continued to keep Awan on the payroll of her office despite the fact that the House Sergeant at Arms had banned Awan from access to the House IT network back in February after he was discovered hiding a computer from Wasserman Schultz’s office in a recess of a House office building. Wasserman Schultz lambasted the head of the Capital Police during a House hearing demanding the return of the computer which the Capital Police were keeping as evidence of Awan’s alleged crimes. Wasserman Schultz later changed her story of claiming that the computer was hers to state that it belonged to Awan when evidence surfaced contradicting her version of events. Awan, a Pakistani, managed to place several of his family members into lucrative House IT positions with various Democrat Representatives while actually performing little or no work to reap millions of dollars in inflated salaries and benefits. It was later discovered by Capital Police that Awan was illegally transferring the data of these members onto a server being run out of California Congressman Xavier Becerra’s office while he was Chair of the House Democrat Caucus. Additionally, Awan illegally transferred this data onto outside servers in a possible scheme to spy on House Democrats for Islamic terrorists.

This week, three Muslim women in a relationship with Awan called Virginia police to report that Awan was brutalizing them and holding them against their will while out on bail pending his trial on bank fraud charges. One of the women was battered and bleeding, while another reported to Virginia police that she felt like a “slave” according to Fairfax County Police reports. Democrat Representatives have rushed to Awan’s defense with glowing character references leading one to believe that Awan still possesses information on these members of Congress which he is using to blackmail them into defending him. The seriousness of this scandal can’t be hidden by the biased media much longer as one wonders what damaging or possibly criminal information Awan might possess on Wasserman Schultz that would cause her to continue employing him for months after he was banned from the House IT network by Capital Police.

Obamacare Repeal, Part Two

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy teamed with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham in a last-ditch effort to salvage the GOP’s reputation for failing to keep their promise of repealing Obamacare which has destroyed their support among conservatives. Despite being promoted as a repeal of Obamacare, the Graham-Cassidy bill would merely convert the Obamacare Medicaid expansion into block grants to provide states with flexibility in applying the money while leaving much of the Obamacare apparatus firmly entrenched in the federal government for revival by a future regressive administration. Expiration of the federal mandate to purchase insurance was thrown in to make it more palatable, but conservatives are having none of it recognizing it as the bait-and-switch effort it is.

Arizona Senator John McCain once again declared his refusal to support anything resembling repeal of Obamacare while hiding behind the emotional plea that he is dying from brain cancer and merely trying to do the right thing. Last time, McCain killed an Obamacare repeal which more closely resembled actual repeal as an effort to protect Obamacare, but this time McCain actually did the right thing for the wrong reasons. McCain’s attempt to preserve Obamacare by refusing his support for the Graham-Cassidy effort may end up killing another phony congressional attempt to sell Obamacare preservation dressed up as a repeal effort. Make no mistake; McCain is still a corrupt establishment GOP jerk selling out Americans to the regressive agenda of the Democrats.

The hypocrisy of the Graham-Cassidy bill is overwhelming in its attempt to fool Americans into believing that corrupt establishment Republicans are attempting to keep their campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. Graham-Cassidy merely converts Medicaid expansion into state block grants while dropping the individual insurance mandate, but leaves in place the failing Obamacare exchanges and the complexity it places on the health insurance marketplace to stifle innovation and affordability. Rand Paul is absolutely correct in his opposition to this lame attempt to con Americans into believing that the corrupt establishment GOP has kept their promise. What they’ve actually done is to employ a favorite congressional brinkmanship tactic of intentionally running out the clock while offering a last-minute compromise which does not address the actual issue all while claiming it is all they can get before the clock runs out. This tactic allows the corrupt establishment GOP to return home claiming they did all they could in the time they had while conveniently ignoring the fact that they artificially imposed the time limit in the first place and then purposely ran out the clock.

Expect the corrupt establishment GOP to take a major hit in the primaries next year as fed up and frustrated conservatives seek to oust them for their betrayal. The political class continues refusing to see that Americans aren’t interested in fake labels like Republican or Democrat, but are much more interested in who is working with President Trump to get things done and who is obstructing his efforts to Make America Great Again. We realize the sooner President Trump’s agenda is enacted, the sooner an economic rebound will provide much needed jobs and economic relief to Americans who aren’t interested in the party politics obstructing this eventuality.

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