The Red Pill

The recent propensity to violence being unleashed by the radical far left regressives tapping into their inner communist totalitarian under the banner of the Antifa has shocked a significant portion of the less radical left into reassessing their allegiance to a political movement advocating violence to strip the rights that these less radical liberals have used to their benefit in the past with many of them choosing the red pill to check their reality and move to more conservative positions.

In The Matrix, Morpheus offers Neo a choice between the blue pill and continued ignorant bliss assuming the reality he’s being fed, or the red pill and its release from the alternate reality in which he’s currently mired to see things as they really are. Neo has already demonstrated an inability to accept the false reality in which he and everyone else exists with his constant subversive seeking of answers to conundrums evident in the fabric of this artificial reality, and so it’s no surprise that he opts for the red pill even after being warned by Morpheus that he will be shocked by what is revealed.

When one seeks to live a libertine lifestyle frowned upon by the society in which he exists and it’s not possible to relocate to a more accepting enclave because one’s lifestyle choice is so far outside the mainstream as to render accepting societies nonexistent, the only possibility is to change the mores of one’s present society to become more accepting of one’s radical lifestyle choices. Such was the case of Frederick Engels and Karl Marx in drafting the Communist Manifesto to explain away the ills of society as it adjusted to the radical economic shift of the industrial revolution which saw economies move from a rural agricultural base to an urbanized industrial base. While Marx and Engels both came from privileged middle-class backgrounds, those who later adopted their radical economic theories to usher in communistic totalitarian dictatorships did so in a quest for power as they used communism to aggravate grievances and agitate for increased political power.

While the leaders of communist movements are all too aware that it is merely a mechanism to gain control over a population, their followers are often true believers who come to be known as useful idiots by communist leaders for their naïveté in believing such obvious nonsense. Communism has failed spectacularly wherever it has been implemented leaving those suffering under its rule in poverty as it destroys the standard of living. Venezuela is currently collapsing under the autocratic rule of communist dictator Nicolás Maduro intent on preserving his grasp on state power inherited with the demise of his communist predecessor Hugo Chavez who came to power preaching communism to the disaffected only to run a once wealthy country with a fairly high standard of living into the ground. Communist sympathizers are always quick to explain away these failures as the inability to reach a scale large enough to guarantee success while never admitting there is no scale large enough to make communism a success. Communism is opposed to the innate idea of freedom which is prized by men seeking to forge their own path in the world without having to suffer under petty masters.

America has had its share of communist charlatans wishing to seize power using the communist model to aggravate grievances and agitate for change. Communists take the long view advancing their agenda incrementally knowing that it is unacceptable to freedom loving Americans as it must be implemented with a heavy hand. Communists have infiltrated the institutions which underpin America such as public education, the judiciary, and even the churches to indoctrinate generations of Americans into acceptance of their worldview. This has been no small task to reeducate Americans raised believing in the Constitution and its guarantees of freedom, but it has been accomplished piecemeal with the slow eradication of American history which communists have rewritten to present a false narrative intended to shame Americans in remembrance of their history omitting key details and obscuring key events by overlaying present notions onto the past while conveniently blurring historical context.

In rewriting history, the radical regressive communists have cast the fascist Nazis of Adolph Hitler as right-wing white supremacists when in reality, the Nazis and communists both existed on the radical left with their mutual hatred toward one another exacerbated by the fact that they were both competing for the same pool of radical leftist followers. By obscuring the history of the fascist and communist struggles of Europe in the early twentieth century, the historical revisionists have convinced those ignorant of history that Nazi fascists occupied the right wing of the political spectrum and were defeated by the righteous communists of the left while also neglecting to mention that Stalin’s communist dictatorship killed many more millions than did Hitler’s fascist Nazis. The fact is that both were pure evil, both resorted to violence to maintain their power, and both existed on the totalitarian left of the political spectrum.

Having failed to smear President Trump with the imploding Russian election hacking narrative, the left is now promoting the false narrative that President Trump is a white supremacist and that America is a white supremacist nation bent on keeping minorities down. This false narrative was assisted by the Obama administration through its constant agitation of grievances among minority communities, and there have arisen a number of prominent useful idiots promoting this false narrative such as ESPN host Jemele Hill who recently went on an on-air rant condemning President Trump as a white supremacist despite the clear lack of evidence supporting this false narrative. Media personalities engaging in such egregious behavior only serve to agitate an ignorant base of useful idiots into believing such nonsense and resorting to violence to enforce their beliefs.

Radical leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and numerous other regressive organizations are advocating for violence against conservatives in the belief that reasonable debate is no longer an option in a democracy they seek to destroy through violence and intimidation. These radical regressive thugs appear at demonstrations in armor wielding clubs and hiding behind masks intent on imposing their beliefs through violent confrontation while denying Americans the right to voice their opinions as is their constitutional right in a free society.

There was a time in America when one might not agree with your speech but would defend your right to speak, but those days are long past. The Founding Fathers realized that that speech which was most in need of protection was that which was the least popular. As objectionable as their ideas may be, if white supremacists aren’t allowed their constitutional right to express their ideas through the right of freedom of speech because some group decided these ideas were too objectionable and unworthy of expression, then this same group could decide to silence your objection to some egregious government rule they happened to favor. Americans intimidated into the silence of self-censorship by the totalitarianism of political correctness do not reasonably enjoy the right to free speech even though no law has been passed to restrict their speech. Radical regressives restrict free speech through their political correctness campaign of terror and intimidation in a passive regressive manner befitting of Nurse Ratched without overtly exposing their bias through the passage of laws which can be offered as evidence and struck down. Traditional liberals have had their eyes opened by the vicious tone of the radical regressives seeking to abridge the free speech rights of Americans – rights these traditional liberals have spent their lives defending to the benefit of the left. Free speech has been invoked by the left to permit nude dancing in strip clubs as an art form and to protect the ability of the radical left to engage in protest marches against traditional societal norms for decades, yet the radical regressives now seek to abridge the free speech rights of conservatives who are making the point that the radical regressive left is threatening the viability of America and democracy as their conservative arguments are gaining traction among the electorate. Conservatives are pushing back against the totalitarianism of political correctness, and it is losing its ability to silence conservative speech. The radical regressives are going berserk over this and resorting to violence to silence conservative speech and promote their totalitarian agenda.

Traditional liberals uncomfortable with the implications of radical groups such as BLM are aghast at the recent violent campus protests demanding the cancellation of events featuring conservative speakers and adherence to nonsensical student demands. The rise of Antifa with its explicit calls to violence in defense of the radical regressive agenda are causing many on the left to question their adherence to a political movement which fails to condemn the violence advocated by its more radical elements and which fails to ostracize these groups as unacceptable. Many of these traditional liberals questioning their allegiance to the left are reexamining their political beliefs and coming to the conclusion that they are more aligned to libertarian and conservative causes than they had previously imagined mired as they were in the groupthink of the left. Many are expressing their political epiphanies through the production of YouTube videos known as Red Pill videos in which they describe their awakenings from the leftist groupthink and the revelations which have led them away from adherence to the left. The rumblings among the left in turning away from the radical regressive violence have alarmed Democrat leaders such as Nancy Pelosi who recently condemned the violence of Antifa and other assorted leftist groups in a tactical move calculated to placate shocked Democrats.

Irving Kristol once famously quipped that a neoconservative is “a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” There are a great many on the left being mugged by the reality that the radical regressives advocating violence are representative of the left’s communist undertones and communism’s totalitarian tendencies. This has become a bridge too far in their support of a leftist movement which they feel has moved away from their beliefs to embrace a more violent manifestation reminiscent of the totalitarian dictatorships of communist countries such as the Soviet Union.

The Democrat Party is fracturing under the weight of identity politics and its embrace of violence to advance the regressive agenda while the GOP is fracturing under the weight of establishment moderation and its embrace of corporatist globalism. Both are pursuing agendas in opposition to their bases, and the political landscape is poised to shift dramatically in unimaginable ways as evidenced by the election of Donald Trump as president. Bereft of ideas and toying with an embrace of violence to restore the prominence of their party squandered by Barack Obama, Democrats are watching the inevitable collapse of identity politics as their myriad grievance groups begin to infringe upon the perceived rights of each other.

President Trump captured the allegiance of conservatives and numerous disaffected Democrats for his bold resistance to the establishment moderation which has emasculated the GOP, but the allegiance of his conservative base is threatened by the influence of establishment hacks infesting his inner circle and leading him astray from his original agenda. Just as many conservatives opted for the red pill to throw off the shackles of the establishment GOP to become TEA Party conservatives, so too are traditional liberals opting for their own version of the red pill to throw off the regressive orthodoxy to realize they can no longer belong to a party advocating violence and intimidation.

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