Shot Across the Bow

President Trump’s recent pivot towards congressional Democrats to ratify a three-month extension to the debt ceiling signals a shot across the bow of the establishment congressional Republican leadership intent on sabotaging his agenda through procedural intransigence that he will work with whichever group can move legislation forward.

The Founding Fathers carefully designed a federal government system having power divided equally between three branches with the intention that this arrangement would act as a system of checks and balances to prevent the concentration of power which could then be abused. The Constitution explicitly prevented one branch from transferring its power to another branch to ensure this arrangement remained intact. Under this arrangement, Congress would make laws, the judiciary would interpret these laws, and the executive would administer these laws.

This arrangement worked well up until the latter half of the twentieth century when America was forced to drastically increase the size of her government to handle international crises such as world wars and the threat of nuclear Armageddon under the Cold War. America survived a bitter Civil War in the nineteenth century and continued its westward expansion without upsetting this delicate balance of power between the three federal branches. Even for World War I, America was able to ramp up for the war effort and draw back down once victory was secured and the conflict was over. We muddled through the Great Depression and unleashed the Arsenal of Democracy to win World War II, then almost immediately entered the Cold War with the threat of nuclear annihilation from the Soviet Union.

During the latter half of the twentieth century, American politics was dominated by liberals who had fought for America and believed in its institutions but also believed the government should do more to directly help those in need, and conservatives who believed that the best way to help those in need was to advocate for policies which encouraged business growth to provide jobs and increase national wealth. Both groups pretty much wanted the same thing – a strong America with opportunity for everyone, but they disagreed about the proper course which would achieve this goal, and both groups had a genuine love for America and doing the right thing.

This all began to change in the late 1960s with the rise of radical socialist progressives who managed to take over the Democrat Party beginning with the riots at the 1968 Democrat National Convention in Chicago. Student activists demonstrating against the Vietnam War rioted in the streets of Chicago while Mayor Richard Daley’s cops cracked heads in an attempt to restore law and order. These progressive activists managed to complete the takeover of the Democrat Party in 1972 with the nomination of South Dakota Senator George McGovern over establishment favorite Maine Senator Edmund Muskie, the 1968 vice presidential candidate. The Democrat Party then began a purge of conservative Democrats which eventually resulted in a hard left radical takeover of the party and the loss of the once solid Democrat South that has become a stronghold of conservative Republican sentiment.

These radical hard left progressives were responsible for the elevation of Barack Obama to the nomination in 2008 over Hillary Clinton despite the fact that her husband Bill Clinton had demonstrated that the path to victory lay in taking a moderate approach which resulted in the first two-term Democrat presidency since FDR. Bill Clinton established the moderate Democrat Leadership Council to pull the party back toward the center and convince Americans it could govern responsibly. The radical progressive wing flexed it muscle early in Clinton’s first term urging support for the first three initiatives of Clinton’s presidency which all ended in failure. The first initiative was a giant stimulus package to reward the big city mayors which had helped Clinton’s campaign. This failed when Republicans refused their support. The second initiative was the BTU tax designed to placate environmentalists which also failed due to Republicans in Congress. The third initiative was the infamous HillaryCare which was effectively lampooned by the Harry and Louise commercials and went down to defeat in Congress. After HillaryCare, Bill Clinton said no more and set out on a moderate path working with congressional Republicans to ensure reelection to a second term. Ironically, in repackaged form, these were the first three initiatives of the Obama administration which sailed through Congress under Democrat control.

The failure of Clinton’s vice president, Al Gore, to defeat Texas Governor George Bush in 2000, followed by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s defeat in 2004 by Bush left the Democrat Party’s hard left progressive wing frustrated at the inability of being able to advance their radical agenda of socialism. With determination, they rallied behind little-known Illinois Senator Barack Obama to the consternation of Bill Clinton who believed the party owed him for his ability to win two terms and who felt himself the de facto party leader. This meant nothing to the hard left progressives who went on to nominate Obama over Hillary Clinton who was by then a Senator from New York.

The hard left radical progressives who managed to engineer Barack Obama’s nomination and eventual win are not the same liberal Democrats who loved America and sought to see her win the Cold War. Those liberal Democrats practiced civility and worked with President Ronald Reagan where they could to protect America. Even though they were bitter political rivals by day, these liberal Democrats like Massachusetts Representative Tip O’Neil often socialized with their Republican counterparts after work. There was a sense of respect and mutual admiration that allowed for the advancement of legislation that kept America stable and moving forward. That air of collegiality was lost with the rise of the hard left radical progressives in the Democrat Party. When congressmen announce their retirements lamenting the changes which have arisen and the loss of civility, it is to these uncivil radical progressive Democrats to whom they are referring.

Politics has become a must-win battle where there is no compromise, and there can be no compromise when the radical progressives define compromise as the wholesale adoption of their agenda. President Reagan was famous for saying that compromise on the details is acceptable, but never compromise on the principles. Reagan was a gifted negotiator who often compromised on the details, but never wavered on conservative principles. He succeeded because the old-school liberal Democrats understood this and were willing to work with him.

In an attempt to counter the rise of the radical progressives in the Democrat Party, the establishment GOP leadership adopted a smarmy attitude of moderation seeking to avoid controversy at all costs in the vain hope of never offending a voter by taking a hard conservative stance on any issue. What they managed to succeed at doing was to alienate their conservative base to the point of outright revolt. Under the Obama administration, conservatives went along with this in the belief that regaining power was the key to stopping the radical socialist agenda of the left. We watched as congressional Republicans began to roll over to avoid controversy, and we saw the media encourage this lame tactic as it benefited their socialist sympathies.

Conservatives rallied behind Rick Santelli’s infamous rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in February 2009 to form the TEA Party and hold rallies across the country on April 15 of that year. We TEA Party conservatives worked tirelessly to deliver the House into GOP hands only to see John Boehner crying uncontrollably upon being elected Speaker. We comforted ourselves that this was indeed an emotional moment, but our worst fears were soon realized as Boehner refused to fight in the best establishment traditions claiming it was useless to fall on a sword without a Republican Senate. Failing to win the Senate in 2012, we TEA Party conservatives had to endure scorn from the establishment GOP leadership which only wanted to use us for our work ethic and turnout without giving us a voice in governing. Tiring of this, TEA Party conservatives began running their own candidates against establishment GOP candidates in the 2014 primaries and securing victories which formed the basis of a core of true conservatives in Congress while delivering the Senate into GOP hands.

Finally, with control of Congress in GOP hands, we watched as Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promptly rolled over for Obama while lamely claiming that it was useless without control of the White House. We TEA Party conservatives who had worked so hard were expecting Congress to mount a fight against the socialism of the Obama administration with no regards to his veto power now that Republicans held both houses. Sadly, we were disappointed by these feckless establishment Republicans who long ago lost their ability to resist the onslaught of socialism advanced by radical progressive Democrats and fight for conservative principles.

In 2016, we turned to Donald Trump who promised to fight against both of these corrupt groups to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again. We watched as he was attacked and ridiculed by the Democrat-controlled media through numerous fake news narratives which we shrugged off having come to recognize them for the smear efforts they were. We expected Democrats to attack and ridicule Trump, but we recoiled in horror at watching the viciousness of attacks from the establishment GOP leadership against a candidate who was appealing to the conservative base of the party in droves while their handpicked candidates were withering on the vine. Even after securing the nomination, Trump continued to be attacked by the establishment GOP leadership in the unprecedented formation of the Never Trumpers composed of establishment GOP leaders who publicly vowed to oppose Trump at every opportunity even if he managed to win the presidency.

To the astonishment of progressive snowflakes and establishment GOP leaders, Donald Trump did manage to win the election in an overwhelming fashion which saw once-strong Democrat bastions such as the Rust Belt fall to Trump over flawed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. The seismic political shift represented by Trump’s win stunned the establishment leaders of both parties which immediately swung into action by organizing a Deep State resistance to Trump’s presidency designed to thwart any progress on any front. The Democrat-controlled media went into overdrive airing fake news smear pieces as President Trump continued effectively pointing out their bias and fake news campaign against him. The Democrat-controlled media has lost credibility with Americans to the point where newspapers are declaring bankruptcy and viewership of mainstream news outlets has given way to diverse Internet news sources.

Candidate Trump vowed to get things done as president, and he has worked to fulfill that campaign promise. President Trump has rolled back numerous progressive initiatives begun under the Obama administration in clear violation of the Constitution. His first congressional initiative was the long-awaited repeal of Obamacare which the establishment congressional leadership successfully thwarted in full view of the American people. President Trump sought to work with the congressional GOP leadership despite the fact that they had no intention of working with him, and he successfully demonstrated their intransigence to Americans. We watched as spiteful old John McCain cast the deciding vote against Obamacare repeal to protect the establishment hold on government power.

President Trump gave Congress a chance to side with Americans and begin rolling back the radical socialist agenda of the Obama administration which is destroying the country and they chose to put their interests over those of the country. Congress chose to protect the old way of governing despite the fact that this old way is dead as far as Americans are concerned. America elected Donald Trump precisely because he is a disruptor, and we wanted him to disrupt that old way of governing which increases their power to disrupt our lives. That way of governing is dead, but the establishments of both parties refuse to accept this fact.

Congress has unconstitutionally transferred its power to the other two branches in a combination of entitlement laziness and institutional overload. The federal government has become much too large to effectively manage through the slow pace of congressional deliberation which served us well in the past. The answer to that point is to require a dismantling and streamlining of the federal government, but that approach would tear down bureaucracies and reduce power, meaning it won’t fly with a power-hungry elected bureaucracy. Along with this institutional overload, congressional members have become much lazier in their work ethic often conducting business only from Tuesday through Thursday when they hop aboard planes to escape back to their constituencies.

Unwilling to deal with the increased workload, Congress created federal agencies with the power to issue rules having the effect of binding laws and placed these agencies under the Executive Branch. In this, Congress has reduced its role from creating laws to administering budgets of Executive Branch agencies which are tasked with making the laws. What is needed is the elimination of the rule-making ability of these agencies which should be tasked with studying issues and making recommendations to Congress which must then vote on these recommendations. It is not enough for Congress to merely hold the purse strings as it has demonstrated a conclusive unwillingness to exercise even this power it has retained.

Unwilling to deal with societal evolution, Congress delegated the ability to create rights to the Judiciary Branch which continually discovers obscure rights lurking within the recesses of the Constitution that were previously unfathomable. By allowing previous Supreme Courts to create new rights which went unchallenged and lacked congressional mandate, Congress unleashed a genie impossible to put back into a bottle in the form of activist judges seeking to advance the socialist progressive agenda to which they subscribe. President Trump’s attempts to roll back the socialist agenda of the Obama administration are constantly interrupted by these activist judges despite the knowledge of their eventual failure and the clear danger in which their efforts place the country. President Trump was barred from preventing the entry of Muslims from countries known to overwhelmingly support Islamic terrorism by activist judges acting on their own initiative and in direct contradiction to established judicial precedents thus placing America at risk of increased Islamic terrorism.

President Trump continues fighting against the elements of the Deep State seeking to inhibit his administration’s efforts to restore sanity to the federal government and make it work for Americans instead of against them. He gave Congress a chance to repeal the hated and failing Obamacare which they promptly refused to do to spite him. They were all set to run their traditional script of holding him hostage to a debt limit increase when President Trump suddenly flipped the script as he so brilliantly does by agreeing to work with Democrats Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in enacting a three-month increase to the astonishment of the congressional GOP leadership. Attempts by the establishment GOP congressional leadership to embarrass President Trump with the loss on Obamacare repeal have been rewarded by President Trump with the dumping of the DACA issue into their laps to increase their workload and crowd their schedule, and now this shot across the bow of working with Democrats to advance legislation in an upending of the old order which fed on increased hostility and decreased civility between parties. Astonished establishment congressional leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell had to quickly retract statements declaring the Democrat three-month debt limit increase plan dead on arrival and replace them with half-hearted statements declaring that the president was seeking to clear the decks for much needed hurricane and disaster relief efforts.

Donald Trump has been consistently underestimated by his political foes ever since his announcement declaring his candidacy for president. The media have consistently embarrassed themselves attempting to read from their outdated playbook and managed to out themselves as biased purveyors of fake news to the detriment of their stockholders. The Democrats have managed to live up to our expectations of obstruction and resistance to anything that smacks of advancing the Trump agenda. The establishment GOP leadership has completely revealed its hypocrisy for all to see by actively working against a president from their own party. The Deep State has revealed its treasonous treachery through the wholesale release of classified information designed to smear President Trump while revealing the depth of their power to astonished Americans. This might be a good time for these disparate groups to recognize their inability to deal with a man of President Trump’s ability and set about working with him rather than against him before we Americans decide they all must go. The 2018 elections are closer than they think, and President Trump just issued a clear and convincing shot across the bow of establishment Republicans looking to continue working against him.

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