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The Senate defeat of the Obamacare repeal demonstrated conclusively the collusion of Conservatism, Inc. with the regressive Democrats to continue big government expansion despite all the many promises establishment Republicans have made to voters over the years about being for limited government and constitutional principles.

Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of rolling back the pernicious government expansion pursued by Barack Obama. This platform resonated with Americans across the country who have watched the entrenched politicians sell them out to globalists and wealthy interests who seek to profit at their expense while pushing America into decline. Candidate Trump promised that repeal of Obamacare would be the first agenda on his legislative list, and President Trump has made good on that promise. Repeal of Obamacare was President Trump’s first legislative agenda item over much needed tax reform and regulatory rollback that would free up businesses to jump start economic growth.

Repeal of Obamacare as a first legislative priority fulfilled a campaign promise, but it also served to highlight the hypocrisy of the establishment GOP. President Trump has always known that the regressive Democrats would stand lockstep to fight his rollback of their agenda under Obama, but there have been few besides himself with the insight to recognize that establishment Republicans in Congress would be his greater obstacle. With the defection of establishment Republican Senators John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, Americans now see clearly the refusal of Republicans to fulfill their campaign promises and their collusion with regressive Democrats to continue big government expansion.

Barack Obama’s election in 2009 placed the Executive and Legislative Branches of government under Democrat control and allowed for an unprecedented adoption of the regressive agenda. Obama and the Democrats wasted no time ramming through Obamacare to realize a decades-old dream of having the government take over healthcare to expand middle class entitlements. Americans screamed loudly their opposition to Obamacare just as they had screamed loudly against Bill Clinton’s attempt to take over healthcare in 1993 with Hillarycare. The difference this time was that Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, a luxury they didn’t enjoy in 1993, and Obamacare was rammed through with procedural chicanery and absolutely no Republican support in a party line vote.

Americans have watched as health insurance prices have skyrocketed, insurance options have become limited, and the health insurance market has begun a death spiral just as conservatives predicted. The pernicious tax burden placed on Americans to punish them for not purchasing health insurance they could no longer afford has been a tremendous burden on working Americans which has left them less able to provide for their families on top of the poor economy wrought by Obama’s insistence on adopting the failed big government economic theories of Keynesianism. Obama adopted Keynesian economic policies which failed miserably in the 1930s and worsened the Great Depression precisely because he knew they would wreck the economy again just as he intended.

Lyndon Johnson pushed Congress to adopt his Great Society programs with the intention that poor Americans would become dependent upon government entitlements and gravitate to Democrats promising to protect and expand these entitlements. Once proud, hardworking Americans gradually became demanding, indolent wards of the government who quickly realized they could absolve themselves of all the responsibilities of citizenship and still receive government benefits. They stopped registering to vote because jury pools are drawn from voter rolls, and Democrats watched them become noisy constituents with their hands out while refusing to deliver the votes Democrats thought they would get.

Instead of realizing that they had made a tremendous mistake by missing the unintended consequences of their actions, Democrats decided to double down by expanding entitlements into the middle class. They did this through assistance with nursing homes for elderly parents of Baby Boomers, tuition assistance for the children of Baby Boomers, and other marginal entitlement expansions. Government takeover of health insurance was their attempt to really expand entitlements into the middle class by making all Americans dependent upon the government for their healthcare. Democrats realize that whoever is paying for healthcare controls healthcare and thus the middle class. Obamacare was never about healthcare, but always about controlling the health insurance market to control healthcare by stealth. A cursory study of healthcare costs can be traced back to the 1960s when government began intervening to subsidize healthcare costs through Medicare and Medicaid to expand on their market interference through the Veteran’s Administration.

It has been no secret that the Democrats have long sought to expand government control over the healthcare market to tighten the government’s grip on all aspects of Americans’ lives. The real tragedy has been watching Republicans slowly acquiesce to their desires to do so. Country club Rockefeller Republicans lacked the political will to resist Democrat overtures to expand government interference in the healthcare market. Their refusal to fully embrace conservatism left them unable to articulate a constitutionally principled argument against government expansion and interference in the marketplace, and they became appeasers of the Democrats’ regressive agenda in the mold of Neville Chamberlain appeasing Adolf Hitler, with the same predictable results.

We scratch our heads and wonder how America got so far off the path of constitutional intentions, but one must realize that America has been slowly straying for a long time in minor increments pushed by Democrats with their arguments of reasonableness and other rationalizations. Conservative warnings that we would one day wake up to find that America no longer resembled the America envisioned by the Founding Fathers have come to pass, and we seek to restore the country and ideas we once knew. That is the impetus behind Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan and why conservative Americans instantly understood exactly what Trump meant by that slogan. Candidate Trump promised to drain the swamp, and President Trump is fulfilling that promise, but he is opposed by the media, the Deep State in the form of Obama holdovers, and Congress even though it is controlled by Republicans.

Under Obama, the Republican controlled House passed multiple bills to repeal Obamacare only to watch them be ignored by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Republicans swore they would repeal Obamacare when they regained control, and they fulfilled these promises when Republicans gained control of the House in 2010, and again when they gained control of the Senate in 2014. However, these proved to be only show votes as establishment Republicans knew these legislative exercises were eventually doomed to defeat. Conservatives such as Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council worked hard to get passage of the Obamacare repeal bill in the Senate back in 2015 only to later learn that the entire exercise was a message vote.

The same Obamacare repeal bill passed by Republicans in 2015 which had no chance of becoming law while Obama was still in office went down to defeat in 2017 when it finally had a chance of becoming law under President Trump. The three Republicans voting against it this time around voted for it in 2015, but were willing to take the hit to ensure its defeat in 2017. Unapologetic and offering little in the way of explanation, these three took the hit for the establishment Republicans so those with shakier constituencies could posture for the folks back home and remain in their good graces. If four defections had been required, then four establishment Republicans would have taken the hit, but only three were required. Make no mistake that establishment Republican opposition to reducing government intrusion goes far deeper than just these three GOP defectors.

While President Trump began his legislative agenda with repeal of Obamacare to fulfill a campaign promise, I believe he also sought to reveal to Americans the hypocrisy of the establishment GOP and its refusal to embrace the conservatism that has made and kept America great for the past two centuries. Trump has always known that draining the swamp would be a monumental task opposed by powerful interest groups, but he needed the American people to realize this also. He began during the campaign highlighting the duplicity of the media and its fake news designed to smear him and bolster Hillary Clinton. Americans have since turned against the media, and the fortunes of their companies have plummeted as a result. Candidate Trump also highlighted the bankruptcy of Democrat ideas and their duplicity rigging the nomination process in favor of Hillary Clinton. Americans turned away from the Democrats in droves, and their recent attempts to focus on a message have resulted in pathetic rewrites of corporate slogans mixed with the Great Depression sloganeering of FDR to result in the lame “A Better Deal” tagline.

President Trump’s rollback agenda was met with fierce opposition from Deep State Obama holdovers lurking throughout the intelligence agencies providing a steady leak of classified information to the corrupt media which have wasted no time airing it to the astonishment of Americans. Their actions have revealed the Deep State as a powerful and corrupt segment of government that Americans recognize as exactly what President Trump meant by draining the swamp. Their existence is a threat to the privacy of Americans and reveals the need to roll back intelligence excesses violating the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Now, with the failure of Congress to repeal Obamacare as Republicans have promised for the past eight years, President Trump has managed to reveal to Americans the duplicity of establishment Republicans and the fact that Congress is a major obstacle to restoring the country and President Trump’s ability to Make America Great Again. Americans need to take note that establishment Republicans must be defeated in the upcoming primaries for President Trump to have any real chance of draining the swamp.

Establishment Republicans have managed to coast along under the Obama administration feigning conservatism and promising great things if given the majority. Now that they finally control Congress, the time for show votes is over and Americans expect the promises they’ve been given to be fulfilled. President Trump has shown himself to be a tenacious fighter dedicated to rolling back the Obama era regressive agenda, but he needs help and the establishment Republicans in Congress have shown that they do not intend to provide this help. They are more comfortable with the regressive agenda than they have previously let on, and it is up to us to retake Congress as the next step to Make America Great Again.

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