And Ye Shall Be As Gods

In the Garden of Eden, Satan did tempt Eve to disobey God and eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge with the promise that she would be as a god, and Eve did eat of the forbidden fruit and did also cause Adam to disobey God and eat of the forbidden fruit, but they became aware of their sin and hid themselves from God and covered themselves with fig leaves to hide their shame.

We are often left wondering why people choose to follow the evil paths they do certain as we are that these paths will lead to their destruction. The primary cause of our wonder is a failure to see the world through their eyes instead of our own. We apply our values of Christian morals and Biblical teaching to situations and are left confused when, to properly understand the situation, we should suspend our values and beliefs to see the situation through the eyes of those bent on the pursuit of evil. We do not undertake the exercise of understanding because we have doubts, but to more fully understand how to combat the evil that Satan spreads throughout the world. We must be careful that our suspension of personal values does not lead to an immersion in evil from which we cannot escape.

Each of us has an agenda we pursue. Most of us pursue an agenda which seeks to cooperate with others for the mutual benefit of all with minor instances of selfishness we believe to be harmless in the grand scheme of things. This attitude allows for the smooth functioning of society.

Then, there are those who pursue selfishness in the extreme to maximize their personal benefit at the exclusion of all others. These people think of only themselves with no sense of a higher purpose and no belonging to anything larger than themselves. They exhibit an intense evil with a singular focus that everything exists for their benefit and that they should take as much as possible for themselves.

People like the Clintons glide through life taking all they can get their hands on assisted by lesser minions drawn to their orb of evil functioning as facilitators and protectors. Scandal after scandal has been left in their wake, yet they effortlessly float above them with the protection of others as the rest of us watch helplessly and are left shaking our heads as to their brazenness and how they manage to get away with it all.

The Obamas are no different seeing as Barack Obama rose from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of power and wealth all achieved through government jobs that should have left him nowhere near the stratosphere of the one percent. Obama did not establish a great business or create anything or realize an epiphany that revolutionized an industry. He followed the teachings of Saul Alinsky to foment discord and sow chaos that allowed him to capitalize on the misery of others created through the discontent he and his followers stirred.

Watching the evil of men who use others so blatantly for their own ends by promoting the state as the final arbiter of all that is good and evil in the world with themselves as the leaders of the government which runs the state, we wonder why these men would pursue an agenda of such pure evil in direct contradiction to God. Oh, they use every opportunity to distract attention away from the fact that they wish to replace God with the state and thus position themselves as gods. This realization requires one to consolidate a great deal of information correlating this agenda with Biblical teaching. We see marriage undermined by removing it from control of the church and placing it under the control of the state to redefine it as the state (and, thus, them as the leaders of the state) so desires. That which God ordained is now redefined by the state as something in direct contradiction of God’s intention as if the state had the power to defy God and act as it pleased in the first place!

The prophecies of Revelations in which evil is declared to be good and good to be declared as evil signaling the end times is apparent to those who study the Bible. Only those who study the Bible to gain a greater depth of knowledge are able to clearly discern the evil around them while the ignorant blindly follow the soothing reassurances that this evil is all somehow reasonable. Why do men wish to establish the state as God? It all goes back to the original sin described in the Bible where Satan tempted Eve to disobey God so she could become the equal of God and a god herself. The great conspiracy to replace God with the state and have people worship the state instead of God is at its core nothing more than a more elaborate staging of original sin. It really is that simple.

Men either choose to admit they are creations of God existing below His authority, or they choose to believe God does not exist and that they are gods themselves. Evil men choose to believe the latter and work towards facilitating that belief. Some men are satisfied with far less and are willing to do the bidding of those seeking to become gods as rulers of tyrannical governments enslaving people.

We like to believe that evil on this scale is complex due to its enormous size, but it really is as simple as the Bible explained in describing original sin. Men who wish to redefine evil as good are simply committing the original sin of desiring to be God. Their desire can never be fulfilled, and they can never be satisfied as they will never achieve their goal of becoming gods.

We Christians who study the Bible and deepen our understanding come to realize how the little rationalizations based on the lie of reasonableness conglomerate to advance the agenda of evil at the expense of good. It can be overwhelming and discouraging at times, especially when evil appears to triumph, but we then remember that God is ultimately in charge of all and good will triumph in the end. We are also aware that God uses evil to promote His plan as we learn from the Bible.

The evil done by men in their attempt to replace God with the state and themselves as leaders of the state so they then become gods is simple to understand in the context of original sin. Ecclesiastes is correct that there is no new thing under the sun. There was the original sin of disobeying God to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge so that Adam and Eve could become gods. There was the construction of the Tower of Babel to replace God with a grand structure, and there is now the attempt to replace God with the state for people to worship.

The contortions of evil thrown at us to confuse us and undermine the institutions upon which America rests really are nothing more than complex machinations with the original sin of wishing to replace God and be as gods themselves at their core. The fact that so many are confused by these evil contortions is indicative of just how many have strayed from God’s Word and lost their ability to discern evil. This is unsurprising since the prophecies of Revelations clearly warn us that many will fall victim to Satan in the end times.

We Christians will continue to be ridiculed and persecuted just as Jesus was and warned us to also expect. Jesus also warned that those who fail to stand up for Him in this life can expect that He will fail to stand up for them in the next life.

Whether you believe we are entering the end times or not, you must admit that the current situation is beginning to look an awful lot like the situation described in Revelations. With this in mind, it is worth remembering the story of the Garden of Eden and how Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan to sin by disobeying God in the expectation that they would become equal to God and thus gods themselves. Recognizing the similarities between the world of today and the prophecies of the Bible should prompt people to explore the Bible in greater depth, but there also remain many who are willfully ignorant preferring to wallow in their own selfish pursuits of pleasure. That is fine until it becomes apparent that their pleasurable pursuit is our domination so that they may pretend to be as gods.

The Founding Fathers imbued a strong Judeo-Christian thread throughout the foundational documents of our country with the expectation that an adherence to Christianity was necessary for America to succeed. The state was never intended by the Founders to become the arbiter of good and evil. They admonished us to remain vigilant in limiting the power of the state and intended that liberty would enable us the power to direct America along a Godly path. We have failed to heed their warnings and watch as the state forces us into conflict with our Christian beliefs in antithesis to the intentions of the Founders. Left unchecked, the power of the state becomes crushing and overwhelming. It forces men to disobey God for the expediency of self-preservation. Men crushed under its weight cease to resist the evil surrounding them and acquiesce to its presence even if they don’t directly partake of it themselves.

Liberty is required to temper the power of government, and the Founders knew this implicitly. This is what is really meant by slogans such as take back our country and Make America Great Again. Restore the power of we the people so that the government serves us the citizens instead of us citizens serving the government. Not only is this liberty required in the secular sense to restore the balance of power whereby the people are served by the state, but also in the ecclesiastical sense whereby Christians are able to serve God’s purpose without fear of being forced by the state into contradictory situations that tempt us with the expediency of accepting evil. For, it is certain that evil men will come to dominate government if government is allowed to become powerful, and that has certainly been the case.

By allowing our liberty to be incrementally removed from us by those tempting us with exhortations of reasonableness, not only are we losing our ability to control the state, but we are allowing the evil of original sin to flourish. The colonists, steeped in Judeo-Christian religion, were well aware of these connections, but those who have drifted away from Christianity have lost the ability to connect these dots dependent as it is on a deeper understanding of Christianity.

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