Social Entropy

We are witnessing the decline of that great experiment in government launched by the Founding Fathers with the Constitution intended to maximize the personal liberty of Americans so that they might more readily realize their ambitions without the entanglement of excessive government intervention, and this decline is inevitable unless Americans decide to drastically alter the course upon which we find ourselves.

According to Wikipedia, “Social entropy implies the tendency of social networks and society in general to break down over time, moving from cooperation and advancement towards conflict and chaos.” Older Americans will certainly have no trouble recognizing that American society has broken down over the course of their lives and resembles nothing of the civility and cooperation of their youth. In less than a hundred years, we have gone from the Greatest Generation who sacrificed so much to win WWII in the sincere belief that America’s future depended upon their actions to a celebrity obsessed culture of selfishness riddled with hypersensitivity and microaggressions as angry splinter groups tear at the fabric of society.

Ironically, the 1960s saw the juxtaposition of perhaps America’s greatest advancement – that of putting a man on the moon through the cooperative efforts of a vast array of scientists and engineers – with the societal division created through racial strife unleashed across the country in the wake of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Nations advance through fits and starts struggling to balance tensions in a way that allows for the standard of living to increase while their leaders attempt to ensure that some are not left lagging behind. America is by no means a perfect nation and has had its share of inequalities and tensions, but it was founded upon the proposition that liberty would more fully allow for individual advancement than the coercion of tyrannical government which leaves men bitter and disillusioned.

Over the last decade, we have seen the decay in civil discourse which has polarized our politics and paralyzed our government. Chasing ratings and increased advertising revenue while pushing a biased narrative complicit with the left, the media has hastened this decline in civil discourse to the point of overt angry rants against their perceived enemies. What began as subtle bias in media reporting has morphed into full blown attacks against conservatives, Christians, and any other group critical of the left and resulted in fake news made up entirely out of whole cloth to mislead and manipulate the public.

President Trump’s election has revealed the intensity of the left’s hatred toward traditional American values and the levels to which the left is willing to descend to advance their tyrannical agenda. Americans who were generally aware of leftward media bias prior to the 2016 election are now routinely subjected to on-air rants by media personalities no longer content to hide behind subtlety. Astroturf groups funded by George Soros through multiple regressive organizations lead street riots unleashing violence and mayhem in an effort to terrorize Americans and undermine our legal system. Political correctness is thrust upon Americans in a more effectively pernicious form of censorship than any law could ever hope to achieve to stifle criticism of the regressive agenda of tyranny favored by the left.

A study of past civilizations such as Rome reveals great cooperation in the initial struggle to establish themselves as viable states able to defend themselves and expand their empires. After this initial struggle, a period of expansion is undertaken as the standard of living is increased. This increase in the standard of living increases the amount of leisure time and makes possible the creation of higher order culture that benefits the society in the form of art and public works. Eventually, leisure time is increased to the point where the citizens grow indolent and turn to debauchery and licentiousness eschewing the morals and personal responsibility necessary for continued cooperation. It is at this point where the social entropy begins to rapidly increase and lead to civilization decline.

With spoiled protesters paid to unleash chaos in our streets and violently attack us while biased media mavens spout fake news to manipulate us and politicians sell us out to line their own pockets with endless amounts of lobbyist cash, it is no wonder we Americans have become cynical and now fear the collapse of our country as we watch it being torn asunder. Those tearing down the country have no idea what forces they are unleashing as a collapse of America will mean the destruction of our standard of living and a return to the difficult work of subsistence survival. Electrical grids, grocery stores, restaurants, air conditioning, motorized transportation, and all manner of conveniences to which we have grown accustomed and upon which we have come to depend will cease to exist and be sorely missed. The leisure time provided by these modern conveniences will be a thing of the past, and protesters will be forced to spend their time working brutally just to eke out a living. Fine for the protesters and it serves them right, but all the rest of us will be forced to endure the same brutal conditions despite our reluctance to do so!

Mechanical systems begin to decline once they are put into service and require constant maintenance to remain functional and productive. The same is true of societal systems as they also require constant maintenance in the form of the strengthening of those institutions which underpin that society such as education and the law. Proper education of the young to instill shared values and an understanding of the importance of citizenship, along with equitable application of the law that demonstrates inherent fairness to all, and assimilation of outsiders demonstrating a genuine desire to become part of a better system rather than merely wishing to escape whatever hellhole in which they happen to find themselves are some of the things necessary to preserving the social entropy of a successful civilization.

We marvel at the fall of great civilizations such as Greece and Rome while deluding ourselves that America could never fall victim to the forces which brought down these failed civilizations since our study of them has revealed the causes of their demise. Knowing the cause of a failed civilization is not the same as avoiding that cause. It is the tendency of human nature to be cooperative when that cooperation is necessary for survival and to be selfish when it is believed that cooperation is no longer necessary for survival. Civilizations don’t just continue indefinitely because that’s the way it’s always been. Civilizations are composed of individuals who eventually tire of working cooperatively while under assault by selfish idiots leeching off their hard work.

It takes a great deal of hard work to create and nurture a civilization to the point of self-sustainment, and it takes just as much hard work to maintain and expand that civilization. The hard work of creating a civilization is undertaken because its benefits are more readily apparent in the form of improved standards of living. The hard work of maintaining a civilization is easily overlooked or ignored because its benefits are not so readily apparent to those who have grown accustomed to a standard of living they believe will always remain elevated to meet their needs regardless of the impact their self-indulgences have on the detriment of the civilization. Ignoring the needs of a civilization to concentrate on one’s indolent self-indulgences slowly undermines the institutions underpinning the civilization as increasing numbers of citizens begin to despair and turn to their own self-indulgences figuring that the civilization is strong enough to withstand one more dropout. Eventually, the number of takers outstrips the number of producers and their ability to provide for the entire civilization.

Donald Trump is guilty of winning the presidency over a self-indulgent candidate with a huge sense of entitlement and little in the way of accomplishments backed by an organization with a huge sense of entitlement and the arrogance to believe that they did not have to put in the extra effort required to convince Americans that their flawed candidate was worthy of election. Shattered by their harsh introduction to reality, these petulant snowflakes have recovered from their initial shock to become angrily defiant in their obstruction to President Trump and willing to latch onto any excuse to obfuscate their part in nominating a flawed candidate incapable of winning. They justify their loss with fantastic conspiracy theories involving myriad reasons impacting their loss except the fact that Hillary Clinton was a shrill shrew incapable of practicing retail politics and who alienated Middle America by ignoring white working class voters.

Those on the left, aided and abetted by Conservatism, Inc., the Deep State intelligence agencies, and millions of useful idiot snowflakes, will continue attacking President Trump throughout his term in office. Americans must be prepared to endure this onslaught by the left and ignore it until the left is destroyed by President Trump through his highlighting of their antics and lack of political substance. Democrats continue to flail around in search of a message other than not being the party of Trump, but their hatred of President Trump blinds them to the reality that Americans are interested in bread-and-butter economic issues that directly affect their lives and not irksome Russian collusion fantasies with no evidence of crimes committed.

Instead of engaging in the hard work necessary to strengthen the underpinnings of American civilization, the left is engaged in a full scale war to burn down the country despite the effect this war will have on them and their followers. President Trump is a leader more interested in Making America Great Again by rebuilding the country while the left is more interested in burning it down to soothe the hurt of their massive egos. We Americans must choose either the path of destruction offered by the left leading to the collapse of our civilization and the loss of our high standard of living, or we must choose the path offered by President Trump of rebuilding and strengthening our civilization to maintain and improve our standard of living.

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