Biting The Hand That Feeds Them

The anarchists who’ve descended upon Hamburg, Germany to protest the free enterprise system they derisively label as “capitalism” give nary a thought to the fact that the hotels in which they stay, the clothes they wear to their protest marches, and the food they eat were all made available to them through the efforts of entrepreneurs working in the free enterprise system.

Throughout history, man has struggled to improve his standard of living in an effort to improve his personal comfort level and mankind’s chances of survival. The hunter-gatherers of the Stone Age gave way to agriculture through the invention of tools for farming which stabilized the food supply. Little advances in technology here and there have gradually combined over the centuries to raise the standard of living to its highest point in history in the present, and these technology advances continue to improve our living standards. In fact, as these technology improvements have amassed, the pace of technological advancement has increased exponentially.

There have been times in history when the advancement of technology reached a plateau in which the work necessary to sustain a population has been automated to the point whereby the amount of leisure time afforded a people has allowed them to indulge in indolence which has led to the downfall of civilizations such as Greece and Rome. The accumulated wealth and widespread utilization of slaves to perform manual labor allowed Roman citizens to become indolent to the point of depending on mercenaries to defend the Roman Empire. The revolt of these mercenaries led to Rome’s downfall and the loss of all the technological advancement developed under her stewardship. As Rome was the world’s lone superpower at the time, the loss of her technological advancements led to the Dark Ages as man was forced to slowly rediscover and redevelop these technological advancements.

Today, we live in a world where lives are prolonged through the technology of modern medicine. Diseases which once claimed millions of lives are held at bay, and debilitating ailments are mitigated to improve the quality of life for millions of others. We are able to leisurely shop for food in comfortable stores without the drudgery of having to personally sow seeds and gather it from the fields. We enjoy air conditioning to banish heat and humidity to the outside of our comfortable homes. We dress in fine clothes that are affordable, and transport ourselves over vast distances in automobiles. None of these things were possible even a couple of centuries ago, yet we take them for granted with hardly a thought as we busy ourselves with leisure activities unimaginable just a couple of decades ago.

Man’s ingenuity has allowed for these technological advancements and this increase in the standard of living, but none of this would be possible without the free enterprise system which allows men to profit from their hard work and creativity. A man works to improve his situation, and once he has achieved that improvement, any extra remaining also belongs to him to either keep for himself or sell at a profit to his neighbor. This extra can be in the form of goods which the man has produced in excess of his needs, or in services made possible by an increase in his skills and the extra strength he has in excess of that needed for his sustainment. A man is only willing to make these goods and services available to others if he can realize a profit which compensates him for his efforts and benefits him exclusively. Appeals to produce for the good of others quickly fall on deaf ears as a man realizes there is no end to want of his labor with no corresponding sacrifice on the part of those who want.

Communism is based on the siren song of shared equality soothingly spoken to those who either refuse to engage in the free enterprise system or are not able to fully participate through no fault of their own. Adherents to its ideology point out the disparities between those who have much and those who have little suggesting that these discrepancies occur because of greed and avarice on the part of those who have much at the expense of those who have little. They conveniently forget to mention that those who have much often are responsible for the very technological advancements which improve the standard of living for everyone. Bill Gates became wealthy providing affordable software that allowed for the automation of office functions which increased productivity and led to an increase in the standard of living by making goods and services more affordable and opening new sectors of industry for increased employment.

Is Bill Gates evil for engaging in the free enterprise system to bring his products to market so that we the consuming public could purchase and utilize them to improve our lives? Is Apple evil for designing cool consumer tech products and making them available to the buying public for their entertainment and enjoyment? Absolutely not! In fact, most of the anarchists protesting the G20 Summit in Hamburg own the latest Apple products such as the iPod and iPhone, and utilize Microsoft’s Windows operating system on their laptop computers. The anarchists think highly of these companies, yet they denounce the very free enterprise system which allows these companies to bring their innovations to market. It is astounding how little these anarchists understand economics and the free enterprise system which they’ve been encouraged to denounce with violence and destruction.

Vladimir Lenin referred to those true believers of the propaganda promoting communism as “useful idiots.” These true believers could be directed by the communist leaders to promote the spread of communism and would not hesitate to engage in all manner of destructive behavior for the cause. The communist leaders manage to keep their hands clean while directing these useful idiots to do the dirty work required for spreading an ideology at odds with the beliefs of millions engaged in the free enterprise system to improve their lives. We see these useful idiots in Hamburg destroying property, unleashing violence, and putting themselves in harm’s way while their leaders manipulate them from behind the scenes ensconced in comfortable enclaves far from the destruction and violence.

Much of the financing for these anarchists is provided by hedge fund trader and market manipulator George Soros who engages daily in the very free enterprise system which these anarchists are busy violently denouncing in the streets of Hamburg. They have no problem taking his money to further their cause with little thought as to how that money was earned. Their hypocrisy at coveting the tech gadgets produced by multinational companies they violently denounce as “greedy capitalists” is only heightened by funding their campaigns of violence through the donations of the “greedy capitalist” George Soros. Their other great hypocrisy is to violently protest the free enterprise system responsible for improving mankind’s standard of living in favor of the communist ideology which has enslaved millions in poverty all while claiming to do so on behalf of downtrodden peoples everywhere whom these anarchists claim are being exploited by free enterprise entrepreneurs while these downtrodden peoples are desperately attempting to flee their communist hellholes in favor of free market countries to which they hope to emigrate and prosper.

While it is true that no system is perfect, that is not an excuse for elimination of the one system which is responsible for such a vast improvement in mankind’s standard of living. That is akin to allowing perfection to be the enemy of good enough. The free enterprise system manages to thrive despite the emplacement by those opposed of every imaginable obstacle through excessive regulations, taxes, and government interference while communism fails every time despite being imposed through government coercion creating conditions as perfect as possible to ensure its success. Communists always utter the familiar refrain that it wasn’t tried on a large enough scale to explain away its failures, but the truth is that there is no scale large enough to ensure its success. Communism only manages to rob people of their liberty through excessive government control and coercion while leaving them poorer for the effort.

As was so eloquently stated by James Madison in the Federalist Papers, men are not angels and thus require government, and for that same reason, government requires checks and balances in an attempt to use the avarice of competing groups with narrow interests as checks upon each other to ensure that government does not become a tyranny over the people. For the free enterprise system to thrive, liberty is necessary so that people are free to conceive and engage in profitable pursuits secure in the knowledge that they will be compensated for their labors without fear that their compensation will be arbitrarily seized by others. The Founding Fathers understood this basic truth and sought to enshrine it in the Constitution to ensure that the free enterprise system would underpin America and hasten her wealth creation so that she might more speedily take her place as an equal among nations.

The communist ideology guarantees inequality despite its propaganda as the communist leaders enjoy wealth and privilege at the expense of those laboring under the communist illusion. Under communism, there is no liberty to innovate or profit from innovation. There is no incentive to improve productivity and certainly no reward for entrepreneurship. There is only direction of the state to workers of the state for the benefit of the state. Man becomes nothing more than a cog in the communist machine of the state as humanity is erased in service to the state collective. These anarchists engaged in violence and mayhem in Hamburg protesting the free enterprise system and Western values are free to do so precisely because of Western values which protect their dignity as human beings, yet these useful idiots promote the cause of a system which robs man of his humanity and dignity and would not tolerate their protests for a second. Under communism, these anarchists would be arrested and shipped off to forced labor camps such as the Gulags of the former Soviet Union never to be heard from again.

We in America have allowed the left to infiltrate and usurp our educational system to spread the communist propaganda while simultaneously omitting the teaching of economics or the values of Western civilization, the rewriting of history to cast aspersions on Western Civilization while promoting the tyranny of communism, and the suppression of Christianity as the foundation for America’s creation. The left has dumbed down generations of students resulting in the ignorant class of anarchists and useful idiots we now see on display in the streets of Hamburg. So indoctrinated have they become in the communist ideology that it is impossible to reach them with the truth as they have made up their minds and are no longer open to dialogue.

Much like the barbarians of ages past, these anarchists merely wish to pillage and loot their way through civilization taking what they will with no thought to the destruction of technological advancement they are unleashing or how that destruction will result in the great diminishment of their standard of living or ability to plunder. Left unchecked, we will all suffer for their anarchy as they continue to bite the hand that feeds them.

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