Leftist Anarchy

The recent attack by a disgruntled radical leftist on Republican congressmen practicing for the annual congressional baseball game highlights the insanity of the left and the attitude of leftists to resort to violence when their radical agenda is rejected by the people.

When thinking of quintessential Americana, one is hard pressed to define anything more iconic than a summer baseball game with its good-natured competition, the smell of hot dogs, and the summer sun setting on the horizon as Americans enjoy a pleasant evening watching America’s pastime. Baseball, hot dogs, mom, and apple pie all evoke powerful, deep-seated notions of what America is all about. Pleasant memories of idyllic childhoods are stirred and remembered fondly as we wax nostalgic back to a time of innocence.

It is because of these pleasant memories of nostalgia that any deliberate and unwarranted disturbance to these iconic images shock and anger us so much. So it was when a disgruntled Democrat leftist from Illinois named James Hodgkinson opened fire on congressional Republicans at baseball practice in preparation for their annual charity event. Hodgkinson sprayed the field with semi-automatic gunfire as Republicans dove for cover, managing to hit Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise in the hip before members of Scalise’s Capital Police detail returned fire and ended his rampage.

Make no mistake, this was a huge event highlighting the inability of the left to accept their rejection by Americans in the last election that the left is unable to ignore or distract attention away from or spin into some narrative more favorable to the left. Republican congressmen were the victims of a political assassination attempt by a leftist with a history of Democrat support who was a fan of leftist political propaganda such as that spewed by Rachel Maddow. James Hodgkinson internalized the loathing of the left on full display since Hillary Clinton’s loss and fanned by leftist media types like Rachel Maddow until it has reached a fever pitch by lefty snowflakes unable to deal with reality. When he could stand it no longer, Hodgkinson finally lashed out in violent anger unable to accept the reality of American rejection of the leftist globalist agenda.

Hodgkinson is just the latest in a long line of lefty anarchists willing to resort to violence to achieve what they can’t achieve at the ballot box. History is littered with lefty anarchists engaging in all manner of violence for ostensibly political purposes, and a look around the current landscape provides even more examples. From the violence of Black Lives Matter astroturf groups sponsored by George Soros to images of disgraced assistant professor Melissa Click calling for “muscle” to eject student reporters from a University of Missouri leftist demonstration, there is no shortage of examples of the left resorting to violence to intimidate Americans into acceptance of their radical political agenda.

America has always been a center right country despite the radical leftist drift of her major urban centers on the coasts. The vast heartland of America consists of people who’ve had to work hard to survive, and this attitude is reflected in their conservative political outlook. Americans struggling from paycheck to paycheck can’t afford to casually throw caution to the wind to splurge, and their awareness that their neighbors are all in the same boat prevents them from relying on government assistance to make up for carefree decisions they don’t engage in anyway. Urban coastal Americans may not be bothered living for the moment secure in the knowledge that the government will bail them out for their bad decisions, but heartland Americans are and don’t tempt fate to find out.

These heartland Americans have watched the radical regressives seize control of the Democrat Party to replace the values of hard work and protection of the average American against the powerful and wealthy with such nonsense as support for homosexual marriage, open borders, globalism, transgendered rights, and a host of other issues which directly contradict their Judeo-Christian faith and either distract from their worsening economic condition or directly contribute to it. Democrats no longer protect ordinary Americans from the wealthy and powerful because the wealthy and powerful have seized control of the Democrat Party to oppress ordinary Americans and they know it! THIS is why Democrats voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, AND why pollsters were unable to accurately estimate the last election.

Democrats were lulled into thinking Hillary had the election won because Americans who supported Trump hunkered down and kept to themselves for fear of being ridiculed and attacked. The violence visited on Trump’s supporters by the left well justified these fears, and pollsters were unable to accurately forecast the disgust of Americans against the Democrat Party and its regressive candidate Hillary Clinton. The biased media contributed to this electoral confusion with fake news stories of Hillary’s supposed double-digit leads in the polls and fawning stories implying her inevitable winning of the election. So built up were leftist hopes with unreasonable expectations that Hillary’s loss stunned the left and caused leftist snowflakes to writhe in a post-election depression that has since given way to uncontrollable rage and unacceptance of the results.

Hillary Clinton has embodied this inability to accept her rejection by attempting to shift blame for her loss on myriad reasons such as Russian election interference, Republican voter suppression through voter identification laws, interference by former FBI director James Comey, and a host of other reasons equally distracting from the fact that she was a lousy candidate who ran a lousy and uninspiring campaign lacking resonance with voters. Hillary believes she lost for a variety of reasons, none of which have anything to do with her, and Americans are left secure in the knowledge that they made the right choice in selecting Donald Trump. If the election were held again, Trump’s share of the vote would actually increase as Americans took into account Hillary’s behavior since the election.

And so, snowflakes who had grown used to rapid advancement of the radical regressive agenda under the Obama administration and were looking for more of the same under a Hillary administration were suddenly jolted into reality by Hillary’s rejection and loss. Their post-election shock began to give way to anger as they followed the classic shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance trajectory of the grief cycle. Leftists tend to be an angry group, so we can expect that they will be mired in the anger portion of the cycle for some time plotting continuously for President Trump’s downfall as they refuse to accept the reality of his win. Lame statements echoed by the left that Hillary actually won because she won the popular vote indicate the unwillingness of the left to accept reality and move on.

Ironically, it is the left usually urging that we all move on, but only in response to the uncovering of some Democrat scandal they would prefer to forget. Whenever they stumble across conservative scandals, Democrats prefer to linger as if on extended vacation. Transference is a hallmark of the left in that they prefer to project their character flaws onto conservatives and muddy debate by redefining terminology to confuse understanding of the issues. The left has a history of political anarchy, yet they label conservatives as right-wing extremists. The left, and the Democrat Party in particular, has a history of oppressing blacks, yet they accuse conservatives of being racist while seeking to tear down Confederate monuments in a pathetic attempt to erase their actual culpability in that oppression. The left invents convenient terminology such as “assault weapon” and social justice” which are nothing more than nebulous concepts which they are then free to redefine to fit the situation at hand.

Calls for unity by the left in the wake of Hodgkinson’s anarchist attack quickly fell by the wayside as Democrat staffers booed President Trump’s name during the opening of the congressional baseball game and shouted obscenities aimed at Republicans. Democrats have to walk a fine line on resorting to their predictable calls for gun control in the wake of this anarchist attack due to the fact that the anarchist was unmistakably one of their supporters and he was only stopped by others carrying guns. Republicans targeted in the attack all decried the fact that they were sitting ducks on the field and were only saved because Steve Scalise had a Capital Police protection detail since he was a member of the House leadership. These Republicans have already declared their intent to begin carrying their own firearms to protect against another such attack. They realized the helplessness of depending on the state for protection, and the necessity of protecting oneself in the agonizing interval between the immediacy of attack and the arrival of help.

The attack by lefty anarchist James Hodgkinson against congressional Republicans shattered a number of myths perpetrated by the regressives and promoted by their media propagandists. It is the left who is filled with hatred and unable to accept political results without resorting to violence. Conservatives hunkered down after Obama’s election with grim determination while regressives have taken to the streets to unleash anarchy and violence in the wake of Hillary’s loss. Gun control merely enables those with criminal intent to maximize their destructive anarchy while an armed populace quickly stops these criminal killing sprees. Conservatives are law abiding citizens who don’t shoot, but shoot back whenever unhinged lefties begin shooting. Criminals inherently break the law to carry guns, and the law abiding shouldn’t be disarmed to the advantage of the criminals. And, the twenty-four hour news cycle has polarized our politics and coarsened our civility without contributing to our understanding of events as the format has devolved into infotainment that fans political passions all for the sake of ratings. This will not change despite calls for unity because the allure of profits and splintering of broadcast options naturally forces these options to devolve to the basest of human desires to broaden their audience.

If there is indeed another looming civil war in America’s future, it will be touched off by the violent antics of leftist anarchists bent on totalitarian control to force acceptance of an agenda which Americans have consistently rejected. The regressive left is deeply infected by communism, and communists are fond of the totalitarian control necessary to enslave citizens with their agenda. America’s lefty regressives have a long history of resorting to violence to get their way and are currently employ violence for political intimidation. Conservative Americans are tired of this violent intimidation and are starting to push back. Unless the left is willing to renounce political violence and punish those in its midst advocating for such, then the inevitable collision course will not be altered. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

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