Terrorism Is Now the Issue

As much as British Prime Minister Teresa May tried to make the recent snap election a referendum on her ability to favorably negotiate Brexit, the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in London crystalized the issue of terrorism as the primary concern of British voters who were not willing to turn Great Britain over to a raving socialist but were wanting to send May a message that she is ignoring the terrorism issue at her own peril.

Holding a 21-point polling advantage when she called for snap elections, May gambled that she could translate this lead into a stronger majority to bolster her position in negotiating a Brexit settlement more favorable to Great Britain. What she didn’t count on was a spate of Islamic terrorist attacks launched against women and children at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and London pedestrians. Her weak attempt to decry the violence and mayhem without specifically acknowledging that these were terrorist attacks launched by Muslims who continue to demonstrate their unwillingness to assimilate and be tolerant of their hosts condemned her chances at the polls. Even though she retained a majority of seats in Parliament, her party managed to lose seats in an election in which she expected to gain seats, and her anticipated electoral advantage has turned into a rout leaving her weaker than before.

The British people are painfully aware that they are up to their eyeballs in Muslims who are radicalized and operating in sleeper cells just waiting to attack, and they are sick of the political correctness oozing from establishment politicians who refuse to admit the obvious. Teresa May is no Margaret Thatcher, and Brits are searching for a Donald Trump to restore the law and order that feckless politicians have allowed to deteriorate. As much as lefties around the world like to denounce President Trump, Americans are glad to have a leader unwilling to roll over to the Muslims seeking to infiltrate America and do to us what they have done to Europe. Teresa May forgot that the reason behind the British voting to leave the European Union stemmed in large part to an inability to control immigration and shut off the flow of Muslims who refuse to assimilate.

In its myopic obsequiousness to the lefty ideas of open borders and unrestricted immigration, the EU has mandated that its members accept Muslim immigrants despite having no way to properly vet them. Hungary and Poland have defied the EU to close their borders to immigrants and built walls to keep them out, and are currently the only two EU members without a Muslim terrorist problem. The Manchester terrorist attack demonstrated that not even women and children are off limits to these intolerant Muslims, and Brits are tired of living in fear. Donald Trump was elected by Americans who are also tired of the Big Government globalists pushing America towards open borders and world government, but there doesn’t seem to be a suitable British equivalent standing in the wings. Dutch minister Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen appear to be the only leaders pushing back on the EU establishment narrative of “peaceful Muslims.”

Teresa May blew a golden opportunity to appear before the British people in the wake of these terrorist attacks to denounce them as the result of allowing intolerant Imams operating out of Mosques to radicalize Muslim members who then go on to attack innocent Brits and vow enthusiastically to rid Great Britain of their scourge. British voters would have rewarded such honesty and steely determination, but establishment Tory Teresa May is not made of such stern stuff. There was no Churchill moment vowing to fight them on the beaches, and Brits were left with a weak call to remain calm.

In a telling sign of President Trump’s increased respect in the Mideast, over a hundred Imams refused to conduct funeral services for the deceased Muslim terrorists who died in their attacks in London. In his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, President Trump called on the Saudis and their allies to take a much stronger stand against Islamic terrorism, and it appears to be paying off. Muslims are beginning to realize they have overplayed their hand with respect to their campaigns of civilization jihad as they have not yet reached a tipping point of strength, but they are quickly approaching a tipping point in the attitudes of their western hosts. The public attitude towards Muslims is rapidly shifting against them as terrorist attacks increase, and news filters out about ties between CAIR and the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

America is an especially dangerous place for Muslims as Americans are armed to the teeth and vastly outnumber the Muslims residing in this country. We tolerate a lot, but we don’t tolerate those who don’t assimilate and tolerate us. This is our country, and these Muslims would do well to remember that fact. Europe has allowed its leaders to throw open the borders and invite in all manner of Muslim thugs who are now busy raping and pillaging their way across Europe as these leaders attempt to bury news of their criminal behavior and continue insisting that all is well. Europeans fell victim to the siren song of gun control and now lack the ability to defend themselves from roaming gangs of Muslim thugs terrorizing them. This time, the Mongol hordes are not only once again on Europe’s doorstep, but have managed to worm their way into the house and begun making demands.

With May’s loss, Great Britain has been plunged into a political crisis that threatens the country with either a reversal of Brexit if socialist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is allowed to form a government, or the more likely prospect of punishing economic consequences from a weakly negotiated Brexit deal. The EU is seeking to punish Britain in a way that sends the message to any other country looking to dissolve ties that the exit terms are not worth the trouble of leaving. In short, The EU is looking to do to Britain what the North did to the South as punishment for their attempted secession and the resulting Civil War. The American South continues to suffer northern retribution for their stand on states’ rights, and the EU wishes to remind any other countries contemplating leaving that life going forward will be filled with retribution. Only a strongly negotiated Brexit deal will spare Britain of this possible gloomy future.

I suspect that the next Muslim terrorist attack visited on France will be the cause of much buyer’s remorse among French voters who rejected Marine Le Pen believing the establishment narrative that her insistence on immigration control and vetting of Muslims in France was nothing short of hate speech. The left goes to great lengths to confuse hatred of evil with hatred of people implying that these Muslims who refuse to assimilate while seething with intolerance towards the citizens of European host nations offering them a standard of living far higher than anything in the Mideast hellholes from which they escaped are merely sweet, innocent, and misunderstood individuals unfamiliar with western ways.

The truth is that these intolerant Muslims employ the insights of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to use the rules of host nation systems against those systems to obtain an advantage. They pretend to merely misunderstand while groping, attacking, and raping European women, then angrily denounce those who push back as intolerant racists filled with hate in the classic lefty tactic of transference. Their civilization jihad tactics begin with innocent calls to be merely left in peace when their numbers are small, but quickly morph into demands for compliance with sharia law as their numbers approach the tipping point towards a majority.

Much like the situation in America where blue collar voters in the middle of the country rallied to Donald Trump realizing that the globalist elites had sold them out with nary a care for their predicament, blue collar Brits rallied to the cause of Brexit for the same reasons. These working class Brits are now facing the very real possibility that their political achievement of sending a message that they are sick of globalism and the globalist elite may be unwound by these globalists simply because Teresa May could not shake her establishment roots to boldly denounce the evil of these Islamic terrorist attacks in honest terms that acknowledge what the average Brit already knows to be true.

Teresa May lost seats because she preferred to focus on the Brexit issue while attempting to gloss over the terrorist issue foremost in the minds of British voters. A savvier politician would have instantly recognized the need to refocus on the terrorism issue in the wake of these very public attacks and turn an emerging issue into a political advantage. More than one politician has been blindsided by events that distracted from their campaign message and unable to quickly adapt to changing political circumstances. With his savvy grasp of fluid circumstances, Donald Trump would have quickly seized upon these terrorist attacks and turned them into a political advantage, but the establishment mindset of Teresa May left her unable to nimbly refocus on the fly.

Establishment political thinking requires long study with carefully formulated talking points derived from political focus groups. As such, it is unable to rapidly adjust to fluid events in real time. Politicians like May who become dependent upon establishment thinking lose the ability to think on their feet and are often tripped up by the simplest of questions or the unfolding of unanticipated events. It is precisely his disruptive approach to politics that has served President Trump so well. He may come off a little unpolished at times, but Trump has an uncanny knack for tapping into the feelings of average Americans which is appreciated by voters tired of poll-tested establishment mushiness meant to be as un-offensive as possible.

Muslim terrorists unleashed attacks across Britain catching Teresa May off guard as she focused on her Brexit issue. May was unable to articulate an emotional response to these attacks that left British voters feeling that she was on top of the situation and put their minds at ease. For this, May paid the price at the polls. To paraphrase James Carville, it’s the terrorism, stupid!

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