Rise of the Populists

With the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, and the shock of two outsiders headed into the final round of the French presidential election, only those who persist in keeping their heads buried in the sand continue to deny that populism is destroying the elitist dream of globalism.

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has been constantly excoriated by the French press in a startlingly similar replay of American media hatred towards Donald Trump complete with fake polls, insistence that Ms. Le Pen has no chance of winning, and biased lies designed to smear her as an outlandish and unacceptable candidate. Just as American media ignored voters from the heartland they considered beneath their contempt and unworthy of attention, so too has French media ignored provincial French voters shouting their opposition to unfettered immigration of radical Muslims and the loss of their jobs through globalist policies that benefit only the wealthy elite. And, just as American media were shocked at Trump’s election over Hillary whom they had slobbered over so loquaciously, so too is French media setting itself up for a similar disappointment in the upcoming election.

The United Kingdom never really embraced the European Union with the gusto of France and Germany partially stemming from its long distrust of the continent and the independence its status as an island had allowed in the prevention of previous conquerors to establish their rule over it. Britain had refused to adopt the Euro, favoring the British Pound over the financial entanglements emanating from union with such shaky economies as Greece and Italy. Wise British politicians foresaw the need for EU members to bail out profligate countries such as Greece with shaky economies and no appetite for financial self-control in the area of entitlements. Massive EU financial crises to preserve the union by rescuing Greece proved the British correct in their reluctance to further entangle their affairs with the continent, while bureaucratic overregulation from Brussels finally convinced British voters that they would be much better off charting their own course in the world without the immigration requirements of EU membership that is plunging the continent into terrorist disarray.

Donald Trump was the unlikeliest of candidates to be embraced by blue-collar Americans, but the elitist media firestorm ignited by his immigration comments while announcing his candidacy endeared him to millions of Americans who saw themselves under attack for having the very same beliefs. Further damage to Hillary’s candidacy was done when obviously biased media pundits described Trump’s supporters as ignorant rubes too stupid to even be allowed to vote. The final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s candidacy came from Hillary herself when she was caught describing Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables,” a label which they quickly adopted with pride to show their disdain for the globalist elites supporting her candidacy. In the end, the deplorables handed Hillary and the globalist movement a stunning defeat which she and her supporters still refuse to accept and probably never will.

The globalists have set about with determination to stem the tide of populism eroding their grasp on power with a last-ditch effort to deny Marine Le Pen the French presidency. Much like Donald Trump in America, Le Pen has tapped into the anger of the French electorate tired of being dictated to by the French elite whose promises of wealth and peace most emphatically do not mesh with their reality of high unemployment and terrorist attacks. The French media can’t possibly envision the election of Le Pen as president much in the same way that American media couldn’t imagine Trump’s election. Given the political tides, this appears to be a good indicator that Le Pen has a much better chance than she is being given credit. French polls are just as susceptible to bias and error as those in America which incorrectly predicted Trump’s defeat.

Europe’s globalist leaders have thrown open their borders and welcomed millions of Mideast immigrants whose Muslim ideology is at odds with the continent’s Judeo-Christian foundations. Among these millions of immigrants are Muslim fanatics dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization and the subjugation of Europeans under Muslim rule and sharia law. Within Islam, their tactics of peaceful invasion are known as civilization jihad, and this civilization jihad is being practiced by millions. Long past was the time when just a few Muslims in an area sought to just be left alone to practice their ideology in peace. Their numbers having grown disproportionately compared to native populations, these Muslim communities now demand the adoption of sharia law and carve out enclaves known as no-go zones where European civil authority is banished in blatant disregard of the law.

European citizens now subjected to ballooning criminal activity including savage gang-raping of women in public are demanding a halt to this open border policy and the deportation of the most egregious criminal element. Stymied by gun control laws that prevent Europeans from access to suitable self-defense measures in the face of this violent criminal wave, many are acquiring pepper spray, stun guns, and whatever meager means at their disposal for self-defense and personal protection. Meanwhile, their leaders continue to ignore their pleas to halt this wave of criminal immigration while simultaneously suppressing news of violent attacks and establishing laughable campaigns to convince the Muslim immigrants not to attack and rape the nice people already living there.

Stubborn in their refusal to acknowledge the complaints of their citizens, European leaders have taken to punishing their most vocal detractors through the courts. Netherlands politician Geert Wilders was convicted of hate speech for daring to ask his constituents what they would like for him to do and promising to do so when they answered by asking for an end Muslim immigration that was overwhelming Dutch society. French politicians have attempted to suppress Le Pen through the courts by charging her with similar hate crimes laws for speaking out against Muslim immigration, but their efforts have only served to endear her with French voters desperate to be heard in their opposition to the globalist push of European political leaders.

Le Pen faces political neophyte Emmanuel Macron, a former investment banker who reeks of the political elitism French voters now hold in such disdain. Le Pen recently campaigned in Macron’s home region of Amiens outside a Whirlpool factory slated for closure, embarrassing Macron for appearing out-of-touch to French voters and unsympathetic to French workers losing their jobs. Macron’s hasty attempt to visit the same factory later that day to prevent being upstaged by the politically savvy Le Pen proved to be a monumental embarrassment to Macron as he is the current Economic Minister serving under despised French President François Hollande and promising to continue much of his socialist agenda. Macron heads the liberal socialist En Marche! political movement he founded in Amiens in 2016.

Further dooming his prospects among French voters, Macron is supported by Muslims who have been urged to vote en masse for his candidacy to prevent Ms. Le Pen’s efforts to crack down on their unrestricted immigration and criminal behavior. French President Hollande’s economic and immigration policies have been a disaster for France as evidenced by his low polling numbers, yet Macron has vowed to continue these policies if elected. Macron’s candidacy increasingly resembles that of Hillary Clinton who was resoundingly rejected by American voters for her tone deaf dismissal of voter concerns.

Marine Le Pen stands a much better chance of being elected French president than her opponents are willing to admit or the polls reflect. Donald Trump polled poorly due to the Democrat bias inherent in American polling and the reluctance of Trump supporters to identify their support of Trump given the hostile attitude of liberals prone to violent attacks. Trump’s election demonstrated the inaccuracy of polling companies and utter uselessness of overreliance on polling. It would appear that French polling companies may be in for just as rude a shock as American polling companies and for similar reasons.

Like President Trump, Ms. Le Pen enjoys the support of blue-collar unions which have watched their jobs disappear and their wages stagnate due to the same offshoring of firms and increased immigration which American workers have suffered. French voters are increasingly dismayed by the empty promises of the globalist elites which have left them worse off while enriching the politically connected elites such as Mr. Macron. Muslim terrorism is exploding in France as lone terrorists increasingly strike out in unpredictable attacks on French society with each new terrorist attack providing a boost to Ms. Le Pen’s poll numbers.

Even if Ms. Le Pen ultimately fails in being elected to the French presidency, the fact that she has reached the second round of French elections while the traditional French mainstream parties have been sidelined is evidence that populism is on the rise around the world as citizens demonstrate their disdain for the globalist system keeping them in poverty and danger while ignoring their voices. Ms. Le Pen’s election would be the latest in the series of stunning upsets such as Brexit and the election of President Trump in which voters have sought to send a clear and unmistakable message that they will be ignored no longer.

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