Manipulating the System

As president, Barack Obama ravaged the Democrat Party to retain his hold on power at the expense of losing over a thousand elected seats during his tenure, and in retirement he’s joining forces with former Attorney General Eric Holder to make up for past sins by further manipulating the electoral system to gerrymander voting districts in favor of Democrats as part of Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee initiative.

The term gerrymandering was coined by the Boston Gazette in 1812 in response to the bizarre map of state senate districts drawn up under Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry to benefit his Democratic-Republican Party. The resulting map featured a particularly contorted district resembling a salamander, and a portmanteau of the governor’s last name and the word salamander was created as a result. The two principal tactics in gerrymandering involve “cracking” where opposition power is diluted across multiple voting districts and “packing” where opposition power is concentrated in one district to reduce their power in other districts. Other tactics are “hijacking” where two districts are redrawn in a way that forces two incumbents of the same party to run against each other and “kidnapping” where areas of significant support for a candidate are moved to another district to make it harder for that candidate to win with a different electorate. Various combinations of these tactics are often employed to ensure electoral success for the party responsible for redrawing electoral districts in the respective state legislatures, and both parties have engaged in the practice over the decades, often egregiously to the point where the courts stepped in to restrain indefensible attempts.

After the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s where obstacles to black participation in the electoral process were removed and blacks began to gain greater participation in the process as elected officials, it was noticed that gerrymandering was still being employed to dilute the power of blacks as a voting bloc and steps were taken to redress the situation. Blacks complained that their communities were being spread across multiple districts to dilute their voting power and prevent the election of more black representatives. This situation was addressed in a clever manner by packing a large percentage of black communities into a “majority minority” district that guaranteed election of blacks in those districts. All seemed to go well as blacks enjoyed the ability to elect their own in these districts seemingly unaware of the insidious manipulation which had occurred to allow their electoral success. With blacks concentrated in single districts, those blacks remaining outside the majority minority districts found their power evaporated to the point of being virtually ignored. Recent years have seen blacks agitating for the elimination of majority minority districts and a return to spreading out the black vote among multiple districts, but in a way that would increase the power of blacks in those districts.

The conundrum here is that blacks make up only 12.6% of the population, and there are just not enough blacks to form both majority minority districts and leave enough blacks in other voting districts with enough power to influence legislation. Blacks are forced to choose either having a guaranteed representative from a majority minority district or increased influence in multiple districts, but they can’t have both no matter how much they desire to do so. And, to make matters worse for blacks, they are no longer the majority minority having been eclipsed by Hispanics at 16.3% of the population. The identity politics of the left have left blacks much worse off than they otherwise would have been had they been focused on the important issues of the day without the distraction of viewing everything through the distorting prism of race. Black workers left unemployed by globalization could have aligned with white workers in the same predicament to force change much sooner rather than being distracted with an unproductive focus on race.

President Obama decimated the Democrat Party with the creation of Organizing for Obama, which eventually morphed into its present incarnation of Organizing for America. OFA infiltrated deep inside the Democrat Party machinery to insinuate itself into the donor and grassroots functions where it drew resources away from the party to support Obama at the expense of every other Democrat. Left with reduced resources, many Democrats were unable to compete effectively even if they had not also been saddled with a president bent on pursuit of radical regressive policies highly detrimental to and deeply unpopular in the middle of the country. Many Democrats were unable to effectively distance themselves from President Obama and sank into electoral oblivion even as he prospered on a national scale.

With the election of President Trump, Americans have thoroughly rejected the radical regressive agenda of the left, but Democrats are bent on ignoring the popular will as usual and are doubling down on their support for Muslim integration and identity politics. The recent election of Thomas Perez as DNC Chairman, along with Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison as his deputy, demonstrates clearly that Democrats learned absolutely nothing from the past election and are intent on running the Democrat Party straight into the ground. As my friend used to say, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.” If you’re not from the South, then that one will fly right over your head.

The radical regressives have long known that their agenda was unpopular with most Americans and stood little chance of being adopted through election of those espousing its most radical elements. This is precisely why regressives focused on packing the judiciary with as many of their sympathizers as possible, and Americans are clearly seeing the effect of this strategy though the obstacles activist judges are throwing up to President Trump’s immigration orders. After an activist Seattle judge halted his first immigration order, President Trump redrew the order to specifically address objections posed by the appeals court only to have his new order halted by additional activist judges across the country. These activist judges are clearly demonstrating their application of personal biases over application of the law as the Constitution and federal laws clearly give the president the authority to regulate immigration. President Trump will eventually prevail at the Supreme Court, but only after conservative judge Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to the bench and after thousands more illegal immigrants have been funneled into the country while his executive order is held hostage by these activist judges installed by former President Obama in service to the radical regressive agenda.

President Trump campaigned on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC, yet his efforts to do so have been met with determined resistance by member of both parties. House Speaker Paul Ryan has backed away from previous GOP pledges to repeal Obamacare at the first opportunity they were given with the introduction of the AHCP to merely “fix” the portions of Obamacare closest to failing. Conservatives are rightly outraged at Ryan’s deception, and Republicans risk facing the wrath of voters committed to the destruction of the political establishment they rightly view as detrimental to their existence.

The other area Democrats have focused on in their pursuit of enacting the radical regressive agenda has been manipulation of the various processes underlying our political system. Democrats object vociferously to attempts to enact voter ID laws which threaten their ability to steal elections through massive voter fraud. Despite the reluctance of the mainstream media to report on the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud in America, reports are slowly coming out to inform Americans of the truth concerning Democrat attempts to manipulate elections through voter fraud as the evidence has become too much to hide any longer.

Democrats are infamous for railing against political manipulation practiced by Republicans only to embrace and defend its practice when they find themselves in power and able to engage in its practice. Such is the case with Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) and its stated goal of gerrymandering districts to favor Democrat candidates. The devastating losses in Democrat seats during the Obama administration leaves Democrats few chances to manipulate redistricting processes as Republicans now control an overwhelming majority of state legislatures across the country. To this end, Holder and the NDRC are now calling for the formation of “unbiased” commissions to direct redistricting efforts. Unable to elect enough Democrats to control state legislatures and influence the redistricting process in their favor, Holder and company now seek the creation of independent commissions in an effort to dilute the power of Republicans now in charge of state legislatures.

Democrats love to create commissions which they can then pack with regressive sympathizers beholden to their interests all while claiming the entire process is unbiased and fair. “Fair” is just another nebulous term employed by Democrats to disguise their blatant bias and falls right in there with other nebulous terms such as social justice and equality which are equally difficult to define so as to allow Democrats to continually move the goalposts of their achievement. You can be sure that “fair” is the last thing Democrats intend with these redistricting commissions. They seek to gain from these commissions what they can’t get through the election process – the power to influence future elections in their favor.

The Founders knew exactly what they were doing when they drafted the Constitution to form the federal government and establish the United States as a bastion of freedom for her citizens. That freedom has allowed Americans to engage in the free enterprise system satisfying the needs of other Americans while being rewarded for their sweat equity in a free market system that has seen America rise from discovery to the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years. During that time, those on the left have worked tirelessly diluting the Constitution and eroding our liberty to amass power and enact their radical agenda of destruction. It is a testament to the free enterprise system that it continues to thrive under the harshest conditions imposed upon it by the left while communist systems fail under the most favorable and controlled conditions its sponsors can devise.

Once again, unable to achieve through the electoral process their goal of enacting the radical regressive agenda, the leftists controlling the Democrat Party turn to the courts and manipulation of the electoral system to realize their agenda. Holder and the NDRC now favor creation of redistricting commissions because they have lost the legislative power to influence the redistricting process and seek to shift the process in a direction they can more easily control. The election of President Trump was merely the first battle in a long war the political establishment will conduct tenaciously to defend their grasp on power, and Americans must remain vigilant and engaged in the fight.

Former President Obama has turned his attention to defending his legacy by undermining President Trump’s efforts to negate his policies. Obama is a determined and tenacious fighter with a vindictive streak he is willing to unleash on those who wound his narcissistic ego. Obama cares nothing about rebuilding the Democrat Party, only the protection of his legacy. In this case, party rebuilding is merely the mechanism he has chosen to defend his legacy. We can expect Obama to employ the same covert duplicitousness and passive aggressiveness he used as president, and the media has left no doubt that it will continue in service to the left as they continue attacking President Trump. The left is in retreat as it has gone from controlling the process to now being forced to manipulate the process. President Trump’s election has made Americans much savvier to the media, Obama’s duplicity, and the true intentions of the regressive agenda.

Eric Holder and Barack Obama are pushing the NDRC as a way to manipulate the electoral process in an attempt to regain the power Obama squandered while in office. Americans elected President Trump to stop Obama and roll back his regressive agenda of destruction. Establishment Republicans continue revealing themselves to be in collusion with Democrats in preventing President Trump from threatening their mutual grasp on the levers of power as he seeks to return power to the American people by draining the political swamp of establishment control and Making America Great Again.

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