Resistance is Futile

The pathetic antics of the lefty snowflakes dressed up as a resistance movement to lend an air of credibility are doomed to failure as President Trump’s agenda increasingly takes hold and Americans experience the renaissance it unleashes to Make America Great Again.

President Obama adopted the failed and discredited economic ideas of British economist John Maynard Keynes which so aggravated the economic misery of the Great Depression in an effort to destroy the American economy under his administration. That a socialist president would adopt the policies of a socialist economist is not surprising given that one of Keynes’ most famous quotes was “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.” This insight into Keynes’ thinking illustrates the left’s hatred of the free enterprise system based on their complete misunderstanding of it.

The Bible teaches us that at his heart, man is wicked and must turn to God to repent of his wickedness and pursue goodness on his path of sanctification leading to glorification. The free enterprise system is merely a mechanism for transacting the business of rewarding the hard work necessary for satisfying the needs and wants of consumers and is neither good nor evil in itself. Flawed humans practicing free enterprise can and often do corrupt the system with their human frailties, but flawed humans are at the heart of ANY economic system be it communism, socialism, or any other of the economic systems so favored by the left as a replacement for the free enterprise system. This inconvenient fact is never expounded upon by the left in their rush to denounce “capitalism” as inherently evil while trumpeting the imagined advantages of their particularly favored “-ism” as a replacement. They even denigrate the free enterprise system by labeling it “capitalism” in an effort to subtly imply that it is the capital that is responsible for success and not the hard work of entrepreneurs which they completely ignore.

When one is young, it is much easier to be seduced by the left with its message of easy living dressed up under the guise of empathy for others, social justice, and other nebulous concepts which defy definition. The young have yet to acquire assets such as property and families along with the job security which makes these things possible. Young people lack the ability to imagine that they will ever have these things and the responsibilities that come with them regardless of the experiences of older generations who started with nothing only to find themselves in possession of these things. Young people imagine themselves to be free with nothing to lose and everything to gain by participating in lefty movements to change the world. The problem with changing the world is that it is never clearly articulated just what changes these movements seek to accomplish, what the original problem was to begin with, and why existing mechanisms are not sufficient to address the supposed grievances involved. Too often, the movement exists to create change for the sake of change in a bid to amass power for the movement’s leaders.

Getting back to the free enterprise system, there is no economic system ever devised by man that has been as successful at raising the standard of living through the proper reward for the hard work involved in satisfying the needs and wants of consumers than the free enterprise system. Both communism and socialism have failed on grand scales with their proponents issuing the same refrain in the wake of each failure that the experiment wasn’t conducted on a large enough scale or that too many factors were left uncontrolled for it to succeed. By the way, those “uncontrolled factors” are our lives, and their idea of controlling them is to remove our freedom which is not a popular idea in America.

America went from discovery to the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years, and adoption of the free enterprise system paired with personal liberty was the primary reason. The Founders recognized the importance of pairing personal liberty tempered by personal responsibility with the free enterprise system to channel American productivity into the building of a great nation. America achieved this distinction not at the expense of other nations, but solely through the efforts of her citizens. The example set forth by the success of America was free for any other nation to adopt, but few have chosen to take advantage of her blueprint for success. These third-world nations instead adopt the self-pity of the left with baseless complaints of unfairness and charges of exploitation leveled at the United States to mask their pillage by ruthless totalitarian despots.

The leaders of the left comfortably ensconce themselves in wealthy enclaves and operate from power bases in the Democrat Party to exploit the gullible who willingly serves as “useful idiots” to borrow a phrase from Vladimir Lenin. They rail at poverty and complain of carbon footprints while jetting across the globe to participate in self-serving conferences whose only goal is to promote the fiction of inequality leveled at others. Never are they willing to admit that it is they themselves who are primarily responsible for generating this inequality in the first place through adoption of failed economic policies they know full well do nothing but harm. It is a testament to the resilience of the free enterprise system that it is able to survive and even thrive under the most arduous conditions imposed upon it by the left while communism and socialism fail miserably under the most carefully controlled conditions.

Donald Trump campaigned on the promise that he would Make America Great Again while the establishment opposition derided him by demanding that he define this phrase. Trump’s supporters had absolutely no problem defining this phrase, and he wisely refused to take the bait of the corrupt media sirens wishing to entrap him in the usual web of establishment GOP stammering defensiveness. President Trump has embarked upon his agenda of restoring America to economic and military greatness, and his efforts are bearing fruit as the mood of the country has turned upbeat and positive despite the greatly amplified squawking of the left. Their resistance to President Trump and his agenda is futile as Americans experience the revival of economic prosperity his policies are starting to unleash. Americans who have suffered the loss of jobs, purchasing power, and, ultimately, the loss of hope over the last eight years through the intentional efforts of the Obama administration and its leftist supporters are savoring the heady feelings of expectation surrounding the buoyant mood of an America on the upswing for the first time in a long time.

As Americans benefit from the renewal of the country under President Trump, his legion of supporters will grow to include those initially skeptical of his agenda and even a great many of those who initially resisted only to later find themselves eventually prospering under his policies. Prosperity attracts supporters because prosperity is infinitely more pleasant than poverty, even to a committed leftist.

The leadership of the Democrat Party and other leftist organizations ignored the undercurrents of the 2016 election and continue to ignore the obvious message screamed at them by Americans who voted for Donald Trump and the change he represented to the political status quo. Devoid as they are of political ideas and unable to imagine any political tactics other than the failed identity politics to which they have so heavily invested their movement, Democrats are destined to decline into political obscurity. The more pragmatic on the left are already planning for a future without the Democrat Party as a political force mired as it is in the throes of radical regressive leadership beholden to the Islamization of America and other policies abhorrent to the majority of Americans. As their numbers grow smaller, so too will their resistance until they resemble the bitter old gray-haired protesters of the Vietnam War era who persist in looking out of touch with the reality of a world which long ago passed them by.

Young people who initially bought into the hype surrounding Obama’s 2008 candidacy promoting a nebulous “change” as if change was necessary slowly awakened to the fact that President Obama had no intention of delivering the change they had imagined and they began deserting the Democrat Party in droves. If not for the intervention of the establishment GOP promoting the lunatic candidacy of Arizona Senator John McCain whose primary political concern has been to act as irrationally as possible to distract voters from remembering his disgraceful intervention on behalf of Charles Keating of the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal, President Obama might not have been elected in the first place. Their miscalculation of selecting what they thought would be an easily controllable running mate in the form of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin almost upset their plans to collude with the Democrats to elect Obama, and Obama most certainly would not have been reelected to a second term if not for their additional effort to select Mitt Romney who lacked the will to aggressively fight Obama despite the depressed economy and other political headwinds Obama faced.

While President Obama’s much-hyped “change” was willfully misconstrued to mean positive change for Americans as opposed to the actual meaning of positive change for Obama and the regressive movement, President Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again is yielding the positive dividends his supporters came to expect and his detractors swore would never happen. Americans were able to easily distinguish between the failure of the regressive agenda and its globalist aspirations to improve their lives and the agenda of opposition presented by a political upstart maligned by the entire political establishment. Americans rejected another four years mired in the same position on the political spectrum in favor of a candidate promising to instantly jump to a completely different portion of that spectrum to improve their lives and their opportunities.

President Trump will eventually get his people in place, weed out the last vestiges of the Obama administration in the form of holdovers and closet sympathizers, and enact his positive, pro-growth agenda of tax cuts and deregulation that will dramatically improve the lives of Americans. As they experience the improvement his policies are already producing, Americans will continue to gravitate towards supporting President Trump and those leftist snowflakes who persist in their futile resistance will continue to be increasingly ostracized and ignored. The establishment will continue to decline as the increasingly radical Democrat Party leadership takes a harder turn to the left and the establishment GOP leadership is exposed for their opposition to the popularity of President Trump’s agenda. Resistance to an agenda which Americans increasingly see benefitting their lives is indeed futile as startled snowflakes, radical regressives, and RINOs will begrudgingly learn.

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