Becoming President Trump

With his address to the joint session of Congress Tuesday evening, Donald Trump impressed across the political spectrum by delivering a positive message in a sober and presidential fashion that left Democrats with their petty resistance tactics of refusing to applaud looking un-American to the point that even the most hardcore anti-Trump partisan journalists at CNN and MSNBC were moved to comment on their petulance, and one could clearly see written across Democrats’ faces the realization that they had once again seriously underestimated President Trump and that they now expect him to be president for the next eight years.

Tuesday evening, Democrats came to the sudden realization that their game plan of obstinate resistance to Donald Trump to paint him as an illegitimate president was no match for President Trump’s ability to outmaneuver them on the political stage. Democrats came off looking petty and mean-spirited with their refusal to participate in the standing ovation given to the widow of recently deceased Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens. President Trump’s recognition of Mrs. Owens was a signature political moment which cemented his ability to unite Americans around a common theme of patriotism.

So powerful was this moment in President Trump’s speech that even hyperpartisan regressives such as Van Jones were moved to recognize it as a watershed event in President Trump’s new administration. Democrats were left pouting in their seats as Americans watched their childish antics on live television. So much for their stunt of wearing white to demonstrate solidarity for women’s issues as they refused to honor a woman whose husband lost his life defending their freedom to protest. Americans saw once again the hypocrisy of the left as they continued their awkward struggle to align their various identity groups into some sort of political hierarchy forced as they are often to admit that some groups are more deserving of special rights than others.

Democrats have reached the end of their ability to use identity politics to divide Americans and play interest groups against one another. Americans have caught on to their game, and many in their interest groups have also come to the realization that they too are being played by the Democrats. Americans such as Rust Belt blue-collar workers who were once traditionally solid bedrock Democrat interest groups have opted for a new political direction after years of unemployment and grinding poverty listening to the empty promises of Democrats pushing globalization and finally seeing that globalization was meant to benefit the wealthy party elitists and not them.

Democrats have incessantly pushed the fake news that President Trump was against women ever since partisan network NBC released the tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush engaging in locker room talk. Women are vital to the electoral success of the Democrat Party, and women were beginning to be turned off by the revelations of abortion industry horrors such as selling baby parts and watching husbands and sons struggle to find work while being accused of all manner of horrors just for being men. The NBC leak was pursued for all its worth by Democrats to no avail as women continued to abandon Democrats in favor of Donald Trump.

President Trump’s recognition of Mrs. Owens Tuesday evening justified their decision to stick by candidate Trump and ignore the caterwauling of the left during the campaign. President Trump recognized the sacrifice this young widow had suffered in the loss of her husband defending America. In a moment tailor made for the emotive left, Americans teared up watching this young widow handle the attention a grateful nation showered upon her with tears in her eyes as she seemed to speak up at her husband, but the left spitefully refused to acknowledge what every other American couldn’t help but see. They were too busy kicking themselves because President Trump had stolen their tactic of emotional appeal and used it against them. Hyperpartisan politicians to the end, they could not bring themselves to put their political differences aside even for a moment to acknowledge the suffering of this young widow on behalf of a grateful nation.

President Trump continued to hammer away with a positive, uplifting message that celebrated America with visions of greatness restored and boundless possibilities that made us all proud to be Americans. This was in stark contrast to eight years of Obama running down whites for some nebulous phony privilege and implying that the third world suffered because America was wealthy. Americans had grown sick and tired of Obama’s finger-pointing lecturing that all the world’s ills were our fault, and President Trump’s address was a much appreciated breath of fresh air after eight years of Obama stagnation.

The petulant resistance from the left to any initiative launched by President Trump is doomed to fail as even the partisan pundits of the media were quick to acknowledge. Nancy Pelosi sat with a pained expression on her face realizing that Donald Trump had once again outmaneuvered her tired political playbook with his disruptive politics. And, to top it all off, Democrats turned to former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, a man at the end of his political career, to deliver their response. Really? The Democrats had not one political up and comer to boost they could turn to with a response that indicated their lessons learned from the campaign and willingness to champion the concern of Americans displaced and voiceless who had turned to Donald Trump? Sadly, the reality is that they have not heard, have no one waiting in the wings for political ascendancy, and have no intentions of turning away from their radical regressive agenda to promote the interests of blue-collar Americans.

Identity politics is as dead as a doornail having been displaced by Donald Trump’s disruptive approach to politics. Trump made his fortune by shaking up the staid New York real estate market with disruptive technology, and he has brought the same approach to politics to become president. Democrats and establishment Republican Never Trumpers look exactly like the tired old businesses displaced within an industry by newer rivals employing disruptive technology as they lamely complain that “we’ve never done business like that before,” and “that’s just not the way it’s done in this industry.” Only this time, it’s the media and the tired old political establishments that are doing the complaining. Americans have been demanding change for a long time, and Donald Trump was shrewd enough to capture that dynamic to displace the established political order which refused to hear our cries in the political wilderness.

President Trump once again confounded his critics by delivering an impressive presidential address which demonstrated his statesmanship as the leader of the free world. It was a positive, uplifting message that highlighted his resolve to accomplish the goals he set out in his campaign and which Americans fully expect given their choice of him as president. Democrats looked like the tired old hacks they are, ready to be put out to pasture in retirement, bereft of ideas and morally bankrupt.

Disruptive technology applied to an industry often leads to the elimination of industry leaders as their space is freed up either because they are acquired by their more nimble and adept rivals or because they cease to exist altogether. It could very well be that we are witnessing the end of the Democrat Party as President Trump’s disruptive political approach and their refusal to adapt to the disruption leads them into political oblivion. Having been decisively rejected by the majority of Americans as demonstrated by a map of the election, it is unlikely that Democrats will be viewed as a potential takeover target given that their agenda is so unpopular with American consumers. It is more likely that they will fade away as their product is increasingly rejected by mainstream Americans and they are relegated to niche status in the marketplace of ideas.

President Trump continues to exceed the expectations of his detractors to the delight of his supporters, and Tuesday’s address was another fine example of this notion in action. Democrats are no doubt left scratching their heads attempting to conjure up some type of effective strategy to counter President Trump’s momentum and popularity. Americans saw Donald Trump as their president Tuesday evening, and they liked what they saw. President Trump now has additional momentum from Americans to accomplish his agenda while Democrats are left whining in the dust. Expect Democrats to amp up their ferocity as they tenaciously attempt to cling to their power in the face of overwhelming opposition from Americans. At every turn, President Trump continues to demonstrate that he is prepared for a long hard slugfest to Make America Great Again.

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