Organizing for Anarchy

As many of us have warned, former president Barack Obama never had any intention of going quietly into the night after his term in office, and he has returned to his community organizer roots as head of Organizing for Action with its 30,000-plus collection of anarchists controlled from some 250 field offices scattered across the country working to sow chaos as they attempt to thwart President Trump’s efforts to roll back Obama’s radical regressive policies with full-scale riots, resistance, and even bureaucratic subversion to undermine President Trump as head of the Executive Branch.

The details of Barack Obama’s background are sketchy at best, and a number of respected authors such as Jack Cashill have uncovered a plethora of data at odds with the carefully constructed narrative of his biography put forth by his backers through the media. His handlers have gone to great lengths to hide his birth certificate and college transcripts because these official documents contain the proof that Obama’s biographical narrative is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Obama’s first recollection of a father figure was Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian communist whom his mother had married while the pair worked as part of a CIA operation to overthrow President Sukarno as Indonesia’s leader and install General Suharto as dictator. Obama was steeped in Islamic ideology while attending Muslim schools in Indonesia. Obama eventually came to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii where Obama’s white grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, turned a young Obama over to his friend Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist and pornographer, for mentoring as a black father figure. Davis steeped Obama in communism and Marxist ideology while introducing him to deviant sexual behavior.

Obama attended Occidental University before transferring to Columbia University to earn a BA in Political Science, and worked for a year at Business International Corporation, a CIA front company tasked with gathering intelligence around the world. He then moved to Chicago and became director of the Catholic Church-based Developing Communities Project where he worked as a community organizer before entering Harvard Law School to earn his JD. While at Harvard, Obama was elected the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. Many shadowy figures helped Obama along in his formative years, and such a prestigious educational pedigree capped by such prestigious accomplishments makes one wonder why Obama sealed his records upon becoming president. It is likely that Obama’s grades were poor and one would be led to conclude Obama’s advancement was due to the influence of powerful agents and not the product of his academic achievement.

Blinded by their subservience to the radical regressive agenda of the Democrat Party, the media refused to consider any of the evidence of Obama’s past, preferring instead to bury the salacious details in their quest to see him elected as the first black president of the United States. Legitimate questions of Obama’s past posed by critics have been met with ridicule and character assassination as these critics are portrayed as fringe conspiracy theorists unable to overcome their racism at seeing a black man elected president.

Obama’s grass-roots movement originated as the much-touted information-age campaign organization Obama for America. This was later transformed into Organizing for America and inserted as a department of the Democrat Party controlled exclusively by Obama campaign staffers to perpetuate Obama’s grass-roots network of campaign volunteers and contributors in preparation for his reelection. Organizing for America was created shortly after Obama’s inauguration in 2009 to act as a community organizing arm of the Democrat Party and went far beyond mere campaign activities to mobilize support for Obama. OFA began to consume the Democrat Party as funds it raised were dedicated solely to Obama at the expense of other Democrats. OFA was all about Obama all the time. As Obama’s tenure wound down, OFA morphed into Organizing for Action in a groundbreaking move to become explicitly dedicated to policy advocacy and protection of Obama’s legacy. Organizing for Obama was OFA 1.0, while Organizing for America was OFA 2.0, and Organizing for Action is OFA 3.0.

Under the guidance of Saul Alinsky and his community organizing treatise Rules for Radicals, the left became adept at community organization to achieve power through the undermining of the system using the system’s own rules. Alinsky put his community organization theories to work organizing New Yorkers in the 1960s to flood the city welfare system applying for benefits in an effort leading eventually to the near bankruptcy of New York City in the 1970s as the city welfare system was overwhelmed. Democrats have used community organization as a powerful tool to ply its identity politics over the years making amorphous demands for social justice a powerful excuse for the lack of ambition displayed by members of its various support groups.

Unable to run for a third term and unable to convince Joe Biden to run, Obama was caught unprepared as Hillary Clinton had staffed the DNC with her supporters to ensure her nomination over socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders would have been the legitimate heir to continue Obama’s radical regressive agenda, but Hillary managed to maneuver her way to the nomination in an overt display of outright electoral fraud by the DNC. Overwhelming primary victories by Sanders ended up as delegate wins for Hillary thanks to the arcane Democrat Party rules meant to ensure party leaders controlled the nomination process. Hence, Obama was forced to support Hillary despite his utter disdain for the Clintons.

OFA 3.0 was always intended to promote Obama’s legacy and ensure his regressive policies were kept in place, but Donald Trump’s surprise win shifted its tactics dramatically from providing seamless support to a President Hillary Clinton to outright opposition, anarchy, and chaos against President Donald Trump. Trump won campaigning on the rollback and elimination of Obama’s regressive policies to the cheers of his supporters, and his actions as president so far indicate that he intends to keep his promises. Obama is now forced to defend his policies which are under attack by a hostile administration in control of the government, and his only tactic is to unleash anarchy and foment unrest to give the illusion that America is resistant to President Trump in an effort to bully Congress and the Courts into supporting his legacy.

President Trump has proven to be a much more formidable adversary than either the press or the Democrats envisioned. Tired old media intimidation tactics which bullied a complacent establishment GOP leadership met their match with media savvy celebrity Donald Trump who relishes his opportunities to savage the media and turn their entire narrative of fake news against them. In this, President Trump has managed to use their tactics against them to convince Americans that anything they hear critical of him from the media is fake news not to be trusted and intended only to undermine his presidency.

President Trump and his cabinet have eschewed the tradition of daily press briefings to deprive the media of newsworthy items their 24/7 news cycle is so dependent upon to fill airtime. The media has grown used to attending these daily briefings to pose speculative questions designed to entrap officials into delivering extemporaneous answers which can then be parsed by their pundits the rest of the day in a tiresome cycle of regurgitation until some scandal is created out of whole cloth which then takes on a life of its own and prepares journalists for their next round of questions to be asked at the next daily briefing with the cycle repeated ad nauseam. By depriving the media of the lifeblood of newsworthy items and opportunities to create fake scandals for ratings, President Trump is shifting Americans’ attention away from the boring news cycle towards other more stimulating entertainment options which allows him to work relatively unimpeded in rolling back Obama’s regressive agenda.

Realizing this, Obama’s OFA is charged with creating the news that President Trump’s lack of daily briefings has removed. By unleashing anarchy and rioting in the streets, OFA intends to force President Trump into a reactionary stance responding to Obama’s offense of provoking a response. President Trump has indicated that he does not intend to be goaded into this strategy by instructing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to aggressively prosecute OFA lawbreaking and reminding Americans of the media’s penchant for fake news. The biggest effect OFA anarchy is having at the moment is on the spineless establishment GOP leadership which is wavering on repeal of Obamacare and slow-walking tax cuts through Congress despite the overwhelming support Americans have shown for these issues.

One very serious component of OFA is the vast array of its minions spread throughout the government bureaucracy as Obama moles tasked with undermining President Trump’s administration through nefarious leaks to the press and obstruction of his policy objectives. Their presence has already been revealed in the leaks that forced Michael Flynn to resign as National Security Advisor and the refusal of the CIA to grant Flynn deputy Robin Townley a security clearance, thus forcing him off the National Security Council. Flynn was charged by President Trump to reorganize the bloated intelligence agencies in a direct threat to their turf and was undermined in his efforts to effectively manage that task.

One of Flynn’s stated intentions was to reveal details of the secret Iran deal that Obama negotiated to allow Iranians to pursue nuclear ambitions while freeing them from crippling sanctions. The Iran deal was considered by Obama to be one of his signature achievements and disclosure of its secret side deals threatens to rally Americans in opposition to allow President Trump to more easily scrap it. Aware of this insider threat, President Trump is aggressively moving to identify the leakers for prosecution for revealing classified information. President Trump is also moving to fire Obama holdovers at other agencies like the State Department before their collusion can cause more trouble for the administration.

Barack Obama has organized a collection of minions to aggressively defend his legacy and promote the radical regressive agenda while simultaneously working to undermine the Trump administration through intimidation, obstruction, internal leaks, and outright refusal to implement policy such as that displayed by Obama holdover Sally Yates as acting AG in refusing to implement President Trump’s immigration order. Obama also managed to spread his minions throughout the judiciary with numerous appointments to the federal bench. Americans are seeing the importance of the judiciary as federal judges move to block President Trump’s immigration initiatives in a clear violation of the Constitution which will eventually be overturned by the Supreme Court, but not for years as the case winds its way through the courts.

Make no mistake – Organizing for Action was created as a shadow party to the Democrat Party and as a shadow government to the Trump administration. As a shadow party, OFA has diverted resources away from the DNC to cause the loss of over a thousand seats at the local, state, and federal levels under Obama’s time in office. OFA focused exclusively on supporting Obama at the expense of the DNC, and many prominent Democrats are complaining as a result. OFA is involved in pushing radical communist Muslim Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison as the next DNC chairman in another clearly rigged DNC process that will prove to be the catalyst of the Democrat Party’s demise.

OFA intends to create as much resistance, as much chaos, and as much anarchy as it can to obstruct the Trump administration and protect Obama’s radical regressive legacy. Having been imported from communist dictatorships and third-world banana republics, their unprecedented tactics of intimidation and violence are new to American politics. OFA has signaled that nothing is beyond the pale when it comes to defending Obama’s legacy and resisting President Trump. Trump supporters are being attacked across the country by OFA thugs while lefty educators are openly referring to the election of Donald Trump as an act of terrorism. Failure to quickly bring OFA under control by law enforcement to halt their treasonous activities could eventually lead to another civil war as their violence continues to escalate against Americans who have already grown tired of their whiny refusal to accept the election results.

President Trump is working to identify and remove the OFA minions installed throughout the government bureaucracy as they out themselves to sow chaos and undermine his administration. If he has not already done so quietly, President Trump should have AG Sessions launch an investigation of Organizing for Action to identify its members for careful scrutiny to determine if they are instigating treasonous activities. OFA is not the innocent policy advocate it portrays itself to be, but a dangerous organization of anarchists intent on fundamentally undermining the Constitution as the foundation of American liberty to perpetuate their control over Americans and restart their drive toward globalization and the erasure of American sovereignty.

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