Never Trumpers Need Not Apply

During the primaries, a prominent group of establishment Republicans formed the Never Trump movement to do everything in their power to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination, then worked to undermine his candidacy against Hillary Clinton in the election, and now many of these same establishment Republicans are rushing to apply for jobs in the Trump administration only to find that President Trump has a long memory and is not tolerant of those who denounced him as unfit for office.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination, a firestorm erupted over his comments concerning illegal aliens from Mexico, but his embrace of the illegal immigration issue struck a nerve with Americans sick of watching the radical regressives of the Obama administration working tirelessly to erase America’s borders. Both wings of the Big Government Party, the regressive Democrats and the establishment Republicans, were loath to mention illegal immigration preferring instead to quietly collaborate behind the scenes for implementation of open borders in obedience to their corporatist sponsors. The regressive Democrats and their media acolytes rushed to implement their tried-and-true tactic of creating a media firestorm to force Trump into issuing a contrite apology that would see him lose face and slink off the stage into the ash heap of political irrelevancy while the establishment Republicans hung Trump out to dry and waited for the political firestorm to unfold. Much to their surprise, Trump doubled down and fought back, pointedly refusing to apologize while waiting for the firestorm to die down and attention to turn from his comments to the issue of illegal immigration, which it did in about a week.

Donald Trump is a media savvy celebrity who has paid attention to the corrupt media and learned its tactics well. By realizing that the media’s self-inflated opinions were unrepresentative of the country at large and waiting out their impotent attacks, Trump was able on the one hand to garner a great deal of sympathy from the public while positioning himself as a fearless fighter for the common man on the other hand. In was in this way that a celebrity billionaire was able to connect with the average American and demonstrate that he understood their angst to become their political champion.

Alarmed that Trump was not playing by the usual rules of politics and watching their candidate, Jeb Bush, sink in the polls as a result of Americans flocking to Donald Trump, establishment Republicans threw themselves into digging up opposition research in collaboration with the regressive Democrats to undermine Trump’s candidacy and ensure his defeat in the primaries. Of course, Trump was savvy enough to turn their attacks on him into increased political support by reminding conservative Americans that the attacks on him were actually attacks on them by the Washington establishment which had ignored them for far too long and thought of them as deplorables. Years of TEA Party supporters working tirelessly to elect Republicans only to be told to sit down and shut up after the elections came back to haunt the establishment GOP leadership in a major way in 2016.

As Trump worked his way toward the nomination by racking up win after win in the primaries, a group of hardcore establishment Republicans such as Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and political pundit George Will formed the Never Trump movement which included other establishment Republicans who had worked in the Bush administrations. Prominent among these were the Neocons of the Bush years. These Neocons were former liberals who had come over to the Republican side, but not necessarily the conservative side, and were responsible for urging George W. Bush into Mideast interventions such as Iraq which went far beyond the scope of hunting radical Islamist terrorists. These Never Trumpers signed letters stating that they would in no way support Donald Trump for president, and stating their preference for Hillary Clinton, nominee of the opposition Democrats, as the more qualified candidate for office.

The sheer audacity of their treachery is still incredible. This group of prominent Republicans publicly stated their intention to support the opposition candidate over the candidate of their own party. There was no cry of outrage from the GOP because these Never Trumpers consisted of the GOP leadership. Never was there greater proof of the collusion between the establishment Republicans and the regressive Democrats, and it was all laid out in the open for public consumption!

Donald Trump was ridiculed and underestimated by just about every political pundit, pollster, consultant, politician, and every member of the elites pushing for world government for their benefit at our expense. However, as we now know, Trump had the last laugh by pulling off what they believed was impossible by defeating Hillary Clinton whom they fawned over and believed was a shoo-in to win. Ensconced in their regressive bubbles chattering away in their regressive platitudes to one another, they had no idea that America so detested their radical regressive agenda of destruction and its embodiment in Hillary Clinton.

Stunned by her loss, they wondered how Hillary could not have won with the Democrats, the Republicans, the media, Hollywood, the wealthy elite, and all the other people they thought mattered arrayed on her side. Surely, they thought, every American with any sense should have voted for Hillary against that embarrassment of a boob Donald Trump with his weird hair and orange skin. It didn’t take long for their stunned attitude to morph into hatred and vitriol as these snowflakes refused to accept that Americans rejected their radical regressive politics despite their religious fervor in seeing it implemented. Actually, they refused to believe there were enough of these Americans whom they denigrated as deplorables to sway the election. The path to presidential victory lies through the Electoral College, not the popular vote.

The inevitable calls to abolish the Electoral College arose just as they always do whenever Democrats fail to win the presidency because of their concentration into liberal enclaves on both coasts. Lefty demonstrators have been augmented by professional anarchists funded by radical lefty George Soros to create chaos and sow discontent while Democrats in Congress have charted a path of total obstruction to the Trump agenda of Making America Great Again and their lefty acolytes embedded in the judiciary stand ready to thwart to the best of their ability any initiatives launched by the Trump administration. The recent court rulings against President Trump’s order temporarily suspending immigration from the seven nations identified by the Obama administration as the most radicalized Islamic states have exposed to Americans the depth of insidious infiltration the radical regressives have managed to accomplish to insinuate themselves into all levels of government and the danger their infiltration presents as an obstacle to restoring the country.

As President Trump’s cabinet nominees become confirmed despite the obstruction of Senate Democrats, they have set about staffing their respective agencies with like-minded conservatives fully on board with the Trump agenda of paring down the bureaucracy and restoring political power to the American people. And, despite their solemn intentions to never support Donald Trump, the Never Trumpers are rushing to present their credentials in the hopes of securing positions from which they can undermine the Trump administration. Many of these Never Trumpers have regretted ever signing their letters against Trump as they are not being called for interviews in the administration, while others are attempting to portray themselves as more amenable to Trump’s agenda or cozy up next to cabinet secretaries to worm their way into administration jobs.

Never Trumper Elliott Abrams managed to convince Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that he would be perfect for the number two job at State as Tillerson’s undersecretary. Tillerson lobbied for Abrams as his deputy but was rejected by Trump who was reminded that Abrams was disloyal to him as a Never Trumper and would prove so again in the future. President Trump realizes that the job of draining the Washington swamp will be difficult enough without having disloyal underlings undermining his progress at every step.

Mary Beth Long, another Never Trumper who Defense Secretary Mattis picked to fill the slot of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, is also being rejected by the White House for her alliance with the Never Trumpers despite her pleas that she’s had a change of heart since. Those please tend to ring hollow now that Trump is president and in charge of hiring in Washington.

The message with these and other Never Trumpers wishing to secure a spot in the Trump administration from which they can influence policy and undermine the man they previously pledged to never support is a loud and resounding don’t bother! The Never Trumpers pledged that they would never support Donald Trump for president and never work with him if he was elected, but are willing to break these pledges to gain insider administration positions. One has to wonder very little about the loyalty of individuals who have publicly stated their intention to never support President Trump and now rush to break their word on their original disloyalty pledge. President Trump’s acceptance of any Never Trumper in his administration is seen as a key test of his ability to keep his word to Americans to drain the Washington swamp. It matters not how qualified a Never Trumper happens to be or how much they position themselves as necessary to the administration, their prior disloyalty undermines any qualifications they may hold and is indicative of their future disloyalty in undermining President Trump.

President Trump apparently needs to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with his cabinet secretaries to make it clear that any Never Trumper is disqualified from holding a Trump administration position and any secretary intervening on behalf of a Never Trumper is wasting his time and depleting valuable political capital in the process. These Never Trumpers have publicly stated their intention to be disloyal to President Trump and have no place in his administration. They are an integral part of the Washington swamp and must be pushed aside in favor of others able to bring a fresh perspective on government similar to the fresh perspective Donald Trump has brought to politics with his disruptive technology approach. If these Never Trumpers had any integrity, they would stick to their original pledges not to work for the Trump administration and refuse consideration for any positions. President Trump has enough to worry about without inviting disloyal people into his administration to undermine his efforts.

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