Anarchy in the US

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, the intolerant left has gone into full obstructionist mode in a futile effort to prevent President Trump from carrying out the will of the American people by rolling back President Obama’s radical regressive agenda with their Soros-funded destruction and mayhem casting the Democrats as defenders of the elite globalists responsible for the oppression Trump’s supporters easily understood.

America was founded upon the idea of maximized personal liberty tempered by personal responsibility in opposition to the European system of monarchies whereby kings ruled with absolute authority able to oppress their subjects at their whims. The Founders were well acquainted with the inability to freely speak without fear of government retaliation or the inability to freely practice one’s religion, and they sought to redress these grievances in their plan for the government of the United States. To overcome the strident opinion of many at the Constitutional Convention that it was not enough to imply these freedoms, the Founders adopted a Bill of Rights comprising the first ten amendments to the Constitution that guaranteed these liberties.

As Americans, we are guaranteed the right to freely criticize our government and its representatives without fear of retaliation. We are free to worship in whatever manner we so choose or in no manner at all. We are free to peaceably assemble with whomever we wish to socialize. We are guaranteed freedom from government intrusion into our homes and private affairs, and the government is required to present credible evidence before it is allowed to investigate Americans for illegal acts. These and other noble ideas are enshrined into the Constitution to protect our freedom as Americans, but for far too long, the left has abused these guarantees of our liberty to reduce our freedom so that they might more easily oppress us for the benefit of their elite sponsors.

The scourge of political correctness has been nurtured by the left to deny our ability to speak freely as Americans without fear of retaliation. Its application is a passive-aggressive approach to shutting down criticism of the left and shutting off debate on important topics by implying that its target is in violation of some social code which the left has defined in opposition to the American values that have existed since the country’s founding. The left creates amorphous terminology such as offensive speech, microaggressions, and social justice which can never be properly defined with any degree of accuracy in an intentional effort to constantly shift the debate whenever conservatives manage to hoist them on their own petards of their insane ideology. The pervasiveness of this insidious scourge is proof that we Americans, especially we conservative Americans, do not enjoy freedom of speech as envisioned by the Founders and as enshrined in the Constitution. It is especially hilarious to watch the intolerant left apply political correctness to their own members who dare to stray from the leftist orthodoxy and Democrat talking points in attempts to provide much needed constructive criticism to a group determined to follow its insanity over the cliff.

This absurdity of leftist intolerance was on full display this week smack dab in the heart of that lefty bastion of Berkeley, California worshipped by lefties as the center of tolerance, peace, and freedom and an icon of past lefty demonstrations against the Vietnam War and other supposed conservative abominations abhorred by the left. As an erudite homosexual white man with a preference for black men, Milo Yiannopoulos should, by all accounts, be a poster child for the left except for one troublesome detail – he happens to be a staunch conservative who enjoys picking apart the lunacy of the left and throwing it back into their faces. Yiannopoulos serves as an editor of conservative website Breitbart, which has long been a thorn in the left’s side, and lectures frequently around the country exposing the hypocrisy of the left. For his trouble, Yiannopoulos is the constant target of death threats from the supposedly tolerant left unable as they are to mount the least bit of an effective or even coherent rebuttal.

The intolerant regressive left, funded by agitator front groups leading back to left-wing financier George Soros, took to the streets of Berkeley to riot, destroy property, smash storefronts, assault conservatives, and engage in all manner of wanton destruction and mayhem in an effort to deny Yiannopoulos the opportunity to exercise his constitutional right to free speech and those who wished to see him their constitutional right to peaceably assemble to hear his speech. The left, which arrogantly wraps itself in the flag and hides behind the Constitution to flex its perceived moral authority with righteous indignation whenever it suits its purpose, violated every freedom enshrined in the Constitution in a pathetic demonstration recognized by Americans as the embodiment of intolerance and the antithesis of American values. I’m talking about real American values as established by the Founders and enshrined in the Constitution – not those amorphous ideas of such a vague nature as to be undefinable espoused by the left in their attempt to shift the debate into territory they control.

Real American values of freedom of speech respect the right of Americans to say their piece in a civil atmosphere whereby disagreement is limited to civil discourse free from ad hominem attacks, not illegal rioting in the streets and property destruction designed to prevent the exercise of free speech just because it expresses ideas with which one disagrees. The exercise of personal responsibility is an American value which dictates that one treat others fairly and with civility just as they expect to be treated. The display of intolerance staged by the leftist mob to shut down Yiannopoulos’ right to free speech is the un-American tactic of intolerant tyrants unable to articulate a plausible rebuttal to ideas which threaten their orthodoxy.

For eight long years, Americans were exposed to the raw, unadulterated expression of the regressive agenda as embodied by lefty icons of tolerance such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama who managed to steamroll their radical agenda of destruction onto the country despite the cries of Americans to stop. This up close and personal view of the radical regressive agenda shocked Americans who had gradually fallen for the lies of the left portraying their agenda as the tolerant, inclusive embodiment of American values and the lies that electing a black man as president would finally end once and for all the racial divisions of the country. When the Republican Party continued failing to perform its duty as the opposition party Americans expected of it, they turned to a candidate who gave voice to their concerns and exposed the collusion of the two parties to railroad America into a globalist future designed to transfer its wealth to the third world while inviting the third world into America to destabilize and destroy the country.

Now that Donald Trump has taken office and is honoring the promises he made to Americans, the intolerant left has gone berserk to expose itself as the antithesis of American values and the Democrat Party as the party of obstruction to President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again. The 2018 election cycle sees a majority of Democrat Senators in Midwestern states won by Trump defending their seats and having to explain to their electorates why they are obstructing President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again, and why they are preventing the creation of jobs desperately needed by these Trump supporters. In yet another fit of hypocrisy, the elitist left derisively demands that President Trump define what it means to Make America Great Again. Americans know exactly what Make America Great Again means, which is why they voted for President Trump in the first place, while the left attempts to mock with its faux demands for definition. The left is infamous for its creation of amorphous undefinable terminology understood by its followers as double entendres meant to sow opposition confusion and recognizes the tactic when it sees it.

President Trump has only scratched the surface of rolling back the radical regressive agenda enacted with such enthusiasm by the Obama administration and the left has erupted into chaos signaling their intent to burn the country down rather than accept the rollback of a single regressive agenda achievement or the loss of an inch of the incremental advancement of their destructive agenda. Their cries of American values ring hollow to Americans witnessing their wanton destruction and infantile behavior. The left is throwing a massive temper tantrum, and shocked Americans are seeing them for what they truly are just as they saw the radical regressive agenda for what it truly was under the Obama administration. President Trump shows no indication of slowing down his assault on the radical regressive agenda as he charges forward to Make America Great Again restoring the prosperity and status of America. The viciousness of the left’s opposition will only get worse as it has always adopted a take-no-prisoners attitude with no action beyond the pale to advance its destructive agenda.

The anarchy in the streets of the 1960s protest movement laid the foundation for the anarchy in the streets today, only it has been amped up by orders of magnitude as an organized, well-funded, professional contingent of agitators applies lessons learned to maximize their sowing of chaos to shut down political debate. The election is over and the American people have spoken, but the left is unwilling to accept the result. Hillary Clinton lectured Donald Trump in the final debate about her willingness to accept the election result, and Trump was castigated by the Democrat media acolytes for his refusal to be set up by with an answer the left anticipated using against him when he pointed to election fraud in what they were certain would be a Hillary victory. Hillary lost, and the situation is reversed with Hillary hoisted on her own petard by her own answer. Her lefty supporters were looking forward to castigating Trump and ridiculing his supporters, but the tables were turned and they are furious in their indignation. The shock to their lefty religion of rejection by Americans is more than they can bear, and they lash out in fury like undisciplined children demanding to get their way.

Their lefty religion having failed them, the anarchy will grow even worse as President Trump dismantles their regressive achievements. Attempts to rein in their anarchy and chaos will be met with increased anarchy and greater chaos as the left continues its terrorist assault on America. President Obama and the left defended radical Islamic terrorism because it sought America’s destruction. The left understands terrorism as an effective tool to advance its radical regressive agenda. Political correctness is nothing more than a terrorist weapon to the left. Anarchy and chaos are other terrorist weapons to the left. Saul Alinsky documented their use in his radical lefty community organizing handbook Rules for Radicals wherein he described how to use America’s institutions and rules against it to bring about radical change. Under the community organizers of the left, freedom of speech and the right to free assembly become chaotic riots sowing anarchy for a cause and attempts to quell the violence are met with screams of racism and police brutality in a well-orchestrated terrorist act.

It’s been a long time coming and there’s unpleasant work to be done. The enemy is entrenched, determined, and vicious, and must be rooted out at all costs. Now is not the time to go wobbly and shirk our duty to America. With grim determination, we must set about the task before us ignoring the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the enemy. We must set our sights on the work to be done in anticipation of its success. We are obligated to prevent this anarchy in our streets and return to the truly American ideas of freedom as espoused by the Founders and enshrined by them in the Constitution. Those who oppose us by employing illegal and unethical means must be dealt with swiftly and harshly to restore order and return us to civility. Let us seek God’s guidance before girding our loins and getting on with the task before us.

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2 Responses to Anarchy in the US

  1. SwedishSquadleader says:

    Hi! I think you need to update your self on Europe. We’ve left the Middle Ages behind. 🙂 I’m Swedish and we have a democratic government and a Prime Minister. The kings and Queens of Europe have all submitted their power to the people. Our democracy is extended to the point that no single person can sign papers and change the country without the parliaments approval.

  2. Tom Roberson says:

    If you reread my article, I believe you will notice that I was speaking of the political situation in Europe when America was founded in the late 1700s. At that time, Europe most certainly was ruled by monarchs. It is ironic that the peoples of Europe wrested their sovereignty away from unelected monarchs only to turn around and create the European Union filled with unelected bureaucrats who ignore national sovereignty to rule as they see fit. You may very well have a democratic government and a Prime Minister, but Brussels calls the shots in Europe these days no matter how much you like to believe your parliament’s approval is needed to make drastic changes. Try lobbying against the rules handed down by the bureaucrats in Brussels and see how far that gets you. Encroachment on their national sovereignty was precisely why Britain voted to leave the EU.

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