Promise Keeper

By keeping his promise to the American people to radically roll back President Obama’s radical progressive agenda beginning on his first day in office, President Trump has stunned the Washington establishment with his whirlwind pace of Executive Orders, state visits, policy announcements, and congressional schmoozing.

President Obama narcissistically felt himself above the interaction of retail politics needed to advance an agenda surrounded as he was with sycophants extolling the fanciful heights of his intelligence. He disdained the need to engage with individual members of Congress to develop a rapport that he could call upon to advance legislation facing a tight vote. Obama surrounded himself with an inner circle into which he retreated as if he were encased in a cocoon protecting him from the harshness of the real world. Obama preferred to dictate policy to his inner circle and have them fan out to engage with those necessary for its implementation while he limited himself to those necessary appearances where his Teleprompter could serve as his guide.

President Trump is a product of the harsh Manhattan real estate world where schmoozing with an eclectic crowd was a necessity of advancing complex deals which Trump both mastered and enjoyed. As president, Trump has reached out to members of Congress, leaders of labor unions, and others who astonishingly admit they were never invited to the White House by President Obama. Their stunned reactions to President Trump’s outreach efforts stand in stark and refreshing contrast to the cloistered Obama administration and are expected to gain Trump much favor as he seeks to make inroads into groups traditionally forming the base of the Democrat Party.

With his wealth and diverse portfolio of luxurious properties, President Trump is well positioned to make the most of opportunities to impress diverse groups through opulent gatherings that also include the trappings of state. President Trump’s natural affinity of smooth interaction with diverse groups will also serve him well as he seeks to win friends and influence people as president. Trump reminds one of those most successful presidents who had the ability to make one feel as if they were the most important person in the room with his focus on them during conversation and his charming way of putting people around him at ease.

Throughout his campaign, Trump made a solemn vow to begin work on Day 1 of his presidency rolling back Obama’s radical progressive agenda and restoring America to its prominence in the world as part of his pledge to Make America Great Again. Cynical Americans used to the hollow promises of politicians applauded Trump’s sentiment, but only his true followers actually took Trump at his word. Those busy denouncing Trump and pledging to never support his candidacy failed to explore his background with sufficient diligence to recognize Trump’s tremendous work ethic, or realize that Trump often disseminates his Twitter tweets at odd hours of the night suggesting that he requires very little sleep for his relentless drive.

After his astounding upset over the establishment with their fantastic predictions of a Hillary win, Trump dispatched Vice President-elect Mike Pence to Congress where he warned members to buckle up for a busy Congress with much legislation to pass. This should have served as the first indication that Trump meant business, but the cynical Washington establishment chose to rely on its past experience with politicians forgetting that Trump was not the typical politician. Snowflakes recovering from Hillary’s devastating loss encouraged themselves with fanciful imaginings that Trump would somehow succumb to some mysterious Washington establishment condition whereby he would revert into an imitation of the typical politician exhorting hollow promises he never intended to fulfill. Their hopes of consolation were quickly dashed on Inauguration Day when Trump set to work at a dizzying pace to keep his promises to the American people.

The Washington establishment and its media acolytes are enraged that President Trump has turned out to be a man of integrity intending to keep his campaign promises of working hard to Make America Great Again. Any former hyperbole in which they engaged in regards to their fears of a Trump administration have now been eclipsed by actual experience of President Trump in action. Where they were formerly devastated and perturbed by Trump’s victory, they are now enraged and vowing to obstruct Trump at every available opportunity as they seek to extend their opposition blockade. Their efforts are destined to be futile due to the fact that President Trump enjoys majorities in both chambers of Congress and the overwhelming support of Americans delighted to see a politician keep his word and a president engaged so effectively on their behalf.

Also working to President Trump’s advantage is the fact that former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid weaponized Trump by unleashing the nuclear option of transitioning confirmation votes from sixty to a simple majority of fifty-one. Having bridged this once sacred Senate tradition for the short-term gain of advancing confirmation of radical Obama appointees, Reid has made it available for Republicans to now use against a Democrat minority that Democrats never imagined would be possible in the wake of what they believed was a certain Hillary victory. President Obama further weaponized President Trump by relying on Executive Orders to advance his radical progressive agenda in bypassing Congress where it would not pass. President Trump has busied himself issuing Executive Orders to countermand those of President Obama and to further dismantle the advancement of his radical progressive agenda.

Despite the fake news emanating from the mainstream media, President Trump’s approval ratings continue to climb as Americans relish having a president who actually keeps his word to them and does what he promised. Americans elected a man who promised to Make America Great Again, and they are elated that their choice has been vindicated as President Trump keeps his promise. Confidence is returning as evidenced by the rise in stock market indexes, and Americans are encouraged with newfound vigor as they enthusiastically explore the news each evening to see what new agenda items President Trump has accomplished that day.

With his focus on keeping his word as a man of honor, President Trump is building a huge reservoir of goodwill with the American people which will serve him well in the future as we encounter the inevitable hardships of recovering from the Obama administration’s disastrous advancement of the radical progressive agenda. Obama left us with a tremendous burden as he more than doubled the national debt in only eight years. That debt will eventually have to be repaid for it serves as a drag on our ability to revitalize our economy and hinders our ability to properly defend the country. America was able to successfully wage WWII because it possessed the credit necessary to finance the tremendous war effort we undertook to rid the world of totalitarianism under the fascists of Germany and their Japanese allies, and later the communists of the Soviet Union in the Cold War. America’s ability to finance another large scale war such as the one in which we are currently engaged against radical Islamic terrorism is severely hampered by the tremendous debt burden with which the Obama administration has saddled the country through its profligacy.

There will be other challenges to face as President Trump works to dig America out from the hole in which the Obama administration has placed the country. Each of these will require Americans to patiently consider Trump administration recovery plans and trust that President Trump has the best interests of the country at heart with their proposal. The trust and goodwill President Trump is building with his intense efforts to keep his promises in these early days of his administration will serve him well in those times as Americans hopefully give him the benefit of the doubt. It will take a tremendous effort to ignore the rantings of the Washington establishment intent on discrediting President Trump as they seek a return to the old ways of business as usual that serves to keep them entrenched in power at the expense of the American people. President Trump is successfully calling out the media for its dishonesty and demonstrating the stubbornness of Democrats intent on hindering his ability to Make America Great Again with their obstructionist tactics that serve only their interests at our expense.

As Democrats engage in the process of selecting a new leader for their party, Americans are being treated to the spectacle of their leadership candidates denigrating the members of the country’s largest voting bloc. They heap scorn upon white Americans as being privileged while they portray their mandate as being one whereby they beat down white people in favor of minorities in a doubling down of Obama’s racist identity politics which has cost them so dearly in terms of electoral power. Under his administration, President Obama narcissistically managed to cost the Democrat Party over a thousand seats at the national, state, and local levels advancing the radical progressive agenda at the expense of members of his own party. A number of prominent Democrat pundits are now pointing out the disaster Obama has been for Democrats, but they are being ignored by the party’s radical progressive establishment rushing as they are toward electoral oblivion having learned absolutely nothing from President Trump’s staggering victory.

President Trump’s victory was only an upset for those who chose to remain cloistered inside their radical progressive bubbles only interacting with other radical progressives in a radical progressive lovefest while pointedly ignoring the possibility of the existence of a differing opinion. Those Americans derided as being deplorables living in flyover country by elitists so inconsiderate of their opinions as to be bothered having to admit their existence demonstrated the abundance of their numbers by rallying to Trump on election day in proud defiance of globalism united under the Team Deplorables banner. These deplorables were assured of Trump’s victory knowing that America’s heartland far outnumbered the coastal enclaves of radical progressives in Electoral College votes.

Just as his supporters were convinced of his victory, they are also not surprised by President Trump’s dizzying pace or the fact that he is keeping his promises to the American people. It is indeed refreshing to rediscover integrity, and we are thankful its rediscovery came about at so important a juncture in American history.

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